President Barack Obama Has Acted Decisively


Dear Mr. Editor:

I write to applaud the decision of the US government to come to our rescue in this calamity. Though late in coming, President Barack Obama has acted decisively. 

But I also write to point out that all the pieces of the Ebola puzzle have yet to be assembled. The scale and magnitude of the problem are such that wisdom and political reality continue to point us directly to the UN Security Council. All major world powers — the P5 of the Security Council including Russia have already a presence in our region. The NGO community starting significantly with MSF (with us in the trenches since day one) is everywhere to be seen helping us to battle EVD.

The US promises to mount a significant effort with all the command and control capabilities of this sole superpower. But the US cannot coordinate (outside a Security Council Mandate) the activities of other sovereign states involved in our fight. A Security Council Resolution declaring Ebola a threat to international peace and security seems an unavoidable course of action.

 It is reported that the SC will meet in emergency session on Thursday, Sept. 17 and that the US Ambassador to the UN is chairperson for the month of September. How fortuitous! The Liberian government should join with the US government to propose a Resolution declaring Ebola a threat to international peace and security, and thus enable the world body to coordinate action of the many international players now on the ground in Liberia. This is the same logic that has enabled UNMIL to act as ONE with peacekeepers from many countries around the world.


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