Open Letter to the Liberian Public


We the Liberian Advocacy for Change, made up of citizens of Liberia, residing in the United States, want to petition the people of the Republic of Liberia to join their voices with ours in pleading with the Legislature of Liberia to support a bill to grant us Dual Citizenship.

We are Liberians who have resided in the United States and many other countries around the world. During this period several countries due to humanitarian reasons agreed and came to our aid by resettling Liberians all over the world to rebuild their lives.

In keeping with the various policies of those countries, most Liberians obtained citizenship in those countries knowing this was an opportunity to better our lives, get quality education and skills needed to later return and contribute to the development of our devastated nation.

Our initiative is not affiliated with any political party, religion, tribal or ethnic organization. It is solely because we are Liberians who continue to support our friends and family in Liberia by sending millions of dollars every year by Money Gram and Western Union. Besides this financial contribution, we have the burning desire to help in any way we can to contribute to the development of our country.

Our desire for Dual Citizenship is not a new one as countries all around the world have passed laws for Dual Citizenship for their citizens where they have been displaced because of wars and other catastrophes such as in the case of Nigeria and Ghana.

This is the same provision that we are asking you to petition the Liberian Legislature to adopt. We want to help shape the present and the future of our country by opening businesses, bringing in organizations and friends we have made abroad who can help to make life better for all Liberians.

The Liberian Constitution of 1984 states in chapter 1, Article 2 that:
a) All persons who on the coming into force of this Constitution were lawfully citizens of Liberia shall continue to be Liberian citizens.

In view of the following constitutional provisions and all that we are doing to help our family and friends in Liberia we ask you to join your voices with our voices to support the bill in the Legislature that will make sure our rights as Liberians are protected.

Respectfully Submitted:


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