Open Letter the Minister of Justice


July 16, 2016

Hon. Cllr. Frederick Cherue
Minister, Ministry of Justice
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Minister Cherue,

I am deeply gratified on behalf of myself, several civil society organizations (CSOs), community-based groupings, the marginalized, victims of injustice, the oppressed, the suppressed and the depressed to congratulate you on your official and unconditional ascendancy as Attorney General and Minister of Justice at this crucial period in which the nation’s justice system is being criticized.

These organizations, including my candid opinion, believe that you have come with the necessary transparent, impartial and credible credentials and moral integrity to enhance the administration and the delivery of justice to the Liberian people without discrimination.

Mr. Minister, our attention has been disturbingly drawn to several societal ills in our country with emphasis on the rampant wave of corruption, impositions of injustice, bribery sagas and the disrespect for judicial officials, and decisions by the Executive Mansion, among others.

You will recall Mr. Minister that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf some time ago openly claimed responsibility over the collapse of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), with the clandestine disappearance of an alleged US$60 million and her directive to former NOCAL Board Chairman Mr. Clemenceau Urey to provide bribes for members of the National Legislature to pass NOCAL’s Oil laws in her interest, as was confessed and executed by Mr. Urey.

We have also gathered credible and reliable information that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is behind the illegal dismissal of 59 employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), in which the Supreme Court has ruled for the affected employees to be immediately reinstated with all salaries and benefits paid.

Disappointingly, LRA Commissioner-General Madam Elfreda Stewart Tamba has abused, neglected, ignored, disgraced and condemned the highest and last court’s ruling on grounds that she has been mandated by President Sirleaf to do so under her protection.

Our recent call on President Sirleaf to step aside to answer to allegations of economic sabotage, corruption and bribery, as indicated by herself and Mr. Urey, has failed to yield fruitful results.
Other efforts to also have Madam Tamba to reinstate the 59 employees of the LRA and to pay their salaries as ordered by the High Court have been dashed.

In view of these ugly and inhumane circumstances, we have orderly organized ourselves into a reasonable and considerable number to launch a series of sustained and peaceful demonstrations across Monrovia and its environs in expression of our anger and in demand of justice.

Therefore, we are humbly requesting your good officers to grant us permission and the relevant security protection to exercise our rights as guaranteed by the Liberian Constitution.

While we remain supportive, committed and contributive to the maintenance of lasting peace and stability in the country, your timely response will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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