No to Division


Let me take this time to plead with our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, nephews, nieces, of Gbi-Doru that the solution to the current problems that sadly confront the communities is not to go to River Cess County. We need to keep engaging with the Nimba County Administration and the County Legislative Caucus to help find needed solutions to the serious situations in this part of our county. I understand your frustration as I have gone to your towns and villages and slept in those communities and know what you have been going through. I am not speaking here out of imagination but reality. Your communities have got serious needs that deserve serious attention from both county and national governments. But I think just attaching yourself to River Cess and detaching yourself from Nimba is not the solution. The development challenges in Gbi-Doru that I know of are serious and need the efforts of all (private citizens in the US and Monrovia, the Administrative District Administration, the Statutory District Administration, the County Administration and the national government) to help solve them. I call on you to please stop the legislative processes in Monrovia and return to Nimba County and see what the County Administration and Caucus can be able to do to help our communities there. I do not see any package of miraculous development that River Cess offers for which we must seek division now. River Cess herself has underprivileged communities too. She has her own problems that I know of, too. Fortunately for me when working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs as Special Assistant/Assistant Minister I was able to go to ALL of our counties and know for myself the situations there. If, and I mean if, not when, it works for you to join River Cess, there will be the mentality of ‘seek ye first the development of our own children before the outside child or adopted child.’ When will you take and occupy a serious and respectable seat at the development table of that county before even development comes to your end? There is and there will be no quick fixes to the situations now. That is why I say no to division!

On the other hand, the Nimba County Administration needs to increase its engagement with the stakeholders of and development interventions in the Gbi-Doru communities. Development partners of the county need to be directed to this community for intervention in more meaningful ways. National government needs to make some serious roads, education and health interventions in this community. I trust that this current county leadership can be worked with to help our people in this part. I personally drove (serving as driver to) Superintendent Fong Zuagele, his wife and County Inspector Reginald Mehn to parts of Gbi-Doru when the Superintendent newly took over to see for himself what the situation was. I left and understand that some road works have begun there. For me, in the prioritization of priorities of the county in terms of development, Gbi-Doru should occupy a serious place.

Again, I plead with our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, nephews, nieces, of Gbi –Doru to withdraw the petition at the legislature.
Together we are better and stronger than divided!



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