My Take on the 75th Birthday Anniversaries of President Sirleaf and Publisher Kenneth Best and LBS Fundraising


Mr. Editor,

I am pleased by the gestures of both President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Managing Director/Publisher, Kenneth Y. Best, to have their 75th birth anniversaries dedicated to two worthwhile public causes that directly impact the lives of especially the ordinary people: that is the Omega Market Project and the West Point Town Hall Construction, respectively.

I deem it a very good leadership examples of selflessness and thoughtfulness toward society, which should encourage citizen to emulate from time to time. As the saying goes, “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Indeed it is not quite often that we see privileged individuals in the African setting forgo their own personal interests in favor of collective or public interests.

Given the potentially impactful nature of the projects on ordinary lives by the two senior citizens, I will be making modest financial contributions to the two people-centered projects (US$500—Five Hundred United States Dollars each.

I will also be making similar contributions (in the same amount) to the Liberia Broadcasting Service (LBS) development Fund project even ahead of the official launch of the donation drive by the national broadcaster. I am doing so given the constraints LBS is facing in carrying out its developmental role in the public interest.

Lamini Waritay


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