Musa Bility Is Undermining Media Integrity


Dear Mr. Editor,

I could not withhold the grief Musa Bility’s action by exposing the media to public ridicule is causing me.  While we all have our individual interests and biases, the ethics of Journalism and the media dictate that we suppress them for the sake of balance, truth, clarity and accuracy. Contrary to these ethical values, Mr. Bility has turned Truth FM into “Lie FM” by sacking Liberian Journalist Mamadee Diaketeh for publishing on his Facebook page statements allegedly made by George Weah. I don’t know if Mr. Bility carefully investigated the matter to know whether George Weah made the statement or not.  I believe Bility, considering all he claims to be, is aware of the heinous grammatical mistakes this self-style politician, George Weah, makes while speaking publicly. “First female women President,” My mother was a market women,” Move the children from among me,” “I done my part of part,” and many others are what Liberians,  including the very supporters of this man,  have taken note of since he came to public life. 

Is Mr. Bility telling the public that these statements, including the ones (We must go to meet with the Legislator, and the executive order is unconstitution), are false for which he sacked Mr. Diaketeh? 

Of all that Mr. Bility claims to be, is he telling Liberians that this character that has infected Liberian politics with political Ebola is the one to represent this country?

Anyway, it does not surprise me much for Musa Bility to take this action for the sake of George Weah.  Many people have used Weah’s empty skull to ascend to recognizable positions to the detriment of the ignorant youths following him. 

In like manner, I believe Mr. Bility as a businessman, has interest in George Weah’s senatorial bid for what he (Bility) can get out of him and not for the sake of Liberia.  But what I can frankly tell Bility is that he means nothing good for Liberia; rather, he just wants to be strategically placed in a position that will allow him to apply Calicle’s principle by extorting Liberia’s resources without moral thought.  Woe unto him for this decision; for we have truly known him as one of the viruses in Liberia.  The gap of inefficiency and ineffectiveness leaves with Truth FM turned Lie FM forever.

Thanks for the space.


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