Lucretia Thomas’ Classmates




Dear Mr. Editor:

Here we go again with your wrong information regarding your family people. I have been getting calls regarding Lucretia’s obituary of May 6, 2015, which you have written. You claim that Lucretia graduated from CWA in 1940, and among her classmates were Rudolph Grimes your cousin and fellow person from Crozerville, Rochforte Weeks.

The Class of CWA 1940 had two young ladies and young men. Lucretia was one and Rudolph Grimes was one of the five young men. In the class of CWA 1940 were:

Lucretia Collins, later Mrs. Sylvester Thomas

Maude A. Morris, later Mrs. Francois Conte

Moses Ledlum Davies

Joseph Rudolph Grimes

Arthur Momolu Massaquoi

Reid Page Wiles

Richard Jones Wiles



Doris D. Grimes (Mrs. J. Rudolph Grimes)


Editor’s Note:

Thank you for your correction. Please be informed, however, that the Best, Porte and Weeks families are all fellow Croziervillians, but the Bests and Portes are NOT related to the Weekses.




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