Dear Mr. Editor,

We refer to your editorial “Who Will Rebuild Fortesville” – edition of 21 April 2016, and must express deep appreciation for bringing the underdeveloped status of the St John River Community to national attention. We trust that those with parental roots to the Community will come together – not only for a social reunion – but to join the ongoing initiative being pursued by Mr. Emmanuel E. Reeves and Dr Gustav Barnard. Surely, as they need broad-based influential support from every source, we invite you to establish your presence in the Community, and are on standby to receive you for consultations in these directions.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to complement the Editor’s listing of SJR notables as shown herein. Among those who are currently alive, and who maintain contacts through a variety of channels, we are delighted to recognize:

Deacon Cornelius W. Reeves; S. Darbe Elliott; Prof Dr. Elwood Dunn; Eden Reeves, Jr; Dr. Joseph Diggs Sr; Ambassador Lafayette Diggs, Arnu Diggs; Hon Anyaa Diggs-Vohiri; Adrienne Diggs, S. L. Fleming; Shirley Reeves; Edward L. Dunn Jr; Rev Dr. Lincoln Brownell; Rhodel Reeves-Jones; C. Edward Hall; Vonyee Hall; Adelaide Harris; Joseph Davis; Elijah Barnard; Thomas Barnard; Johnny Barnard; Anna-Beck Barnard; Cephas Barnard; Christiana Franklin; Rev Dr S. B. Reeves; Caesar Reeves; Menwhe Redd; Etmonia Roberts; Christian Snyder; H. Augustus Roberts Jr; Elizabeth Reeves-Greene; Thelma Reeves-George; Myedea Reeves; Aulivelt Barnard; Mag Redd; Rechelieu Reeves; Andrew Redd; Senator Annie Diggs; Alice Lloyd-Reeves; Adeline Porte; Edith Diggs; Maxwell Diggs; Walter Greenfield; Lee Anderson; Clara Anderson; James Snyder; Oliver Snyder; Josephus Barnard; Clarence Barnard, Luvenia Barnard; Rev Eric Reeves; Della King-Reeves; Lucretia Reeves; Lady Morgan-Davis; Clarissa Reeves; Emerson Reeves; Etmonia Watson; Caesar King; Zebulun Avery; Cleophas Hodges; Adolphus Reeves; Rachael Forte; Janie Forte-Reeves; Alice Barnard; Sheraton Miller, Clarence King; Theresa Fleming; among many others.


SJR Community Leadership

William H. Reeves (Pastor, UBC – Fortesville)
Henry (HC) Reeves
Quentin Hodges
Shadrach Reeves


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