Kudos to BCCC Administration


Mr. Editor,
I am writing to congratulate the President of Bomi County Community College (BCCC) for his good leadership that led to the restoration of the college’s school of nursing program that will now afford 140 students, who were sent home when the college’s accreditation was withdrawn in 2015, to return to get the education they have a passion for.

I cannot congratulate BCCC President Dr. Zobong Norman enough for his excellent leadership since many of us from the three counties of Bomi, Gbapolu and Cape Mount can now be able to secure the kind of education that is worth acquiring as Liberia rebuilds its educational and human capacities to move the country forward. I also want to commend the Liberia Board of Nursing and Midwifery (LBNM) for its diligent and excellent supervision that encouraged and supported the BCCC Administration to make such a remarkable achievement.

I need not remind the readers that BCCC is the first community college in Liberia, but poor administration and internal fighting in the past among those who were charged to manage the institution kept the college down till other colleges surpassed BCCC. But we are thankful that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the college’s Board of Directors made a good choice to bring in leaders whose passion is to see a new BCCC.

I want to encourage Dr. Norman and all those working with him to ensure that the positive growth that he is leading BCCC to achieve would not be undermined, and this can only be done when all those involved in BCCC, including the Bomi County Caucus, provide the needed encouragement and oversight to Dr. Norman’s team – for there is no doubt that Bomi County Community College has a visionary leader, and we are proud of him.


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