Madam President, officials of the Liberian government, members of the diplomatic corps and Liberia’s numerous development partners:

Please accept our compliments and this letter as a formal introduction to The End Time Train Evangelistic Ministry (ETTEM).

ETTEM is a Non-Profit, faith based organization established by Evangelist and former war general, Joshua Milton Blahyi, to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached and the reached through humanitarian projects, evangelism and crusades.

One example of our humanitarian project outreach ministry is the Journey Against Violence project (JAV). This ministry is designed to minimize crime in Liberia and transform the lives of the youth in the streets. We take ex-fighters and other vulnerable youths in from the streets and place them in a home where they are coached to become productive and contributing members of society. The project home, which was recently built as a temporary shelter for our enrollees in order to alleviate the high cost of rent, is currently located in Mount Barclay.

Our enrollees, after being taken in, are detoxified, counseled and provided any further necessary treatments. In addition, they are provided leadership, personal development and basic skills training for career development, which is intended to render them self-reliant and valuable citizens participating in the reconstruction of Liberia.

Since 2007, we have worked with 280 young men and have seen a success rate of more than 80% .

However, we have realized that implementing such a program in a densely populated area without a properly fenced-in facility has led to many challenges and difficulties. Therefore, our long term plan is to build a multi-purpose fenced-in facility in Sinoe County that will host four hundred and eighty (480) young men at a time, along with the project staff and volunteers.

By the grace of God and the kindness of the citizens of Sinoe County, the project was given sufficient land, and we have already farmed 140 acres in order to enhance the sustainability of the project. We have also started the construction of the home for our enrollees.

We wholeheartedly believe that this project is one of Liberia’s best hopes of restoring its youth from destitution. We believe that being in Sinoe provides the necessary environment that will isolate our enrollees and keep them away from the harmful substances that led to their previous state of life. The Sinoe location will also reduce our overall expenditure, given that we will be able to grow our own food, and most of the building materials are available locally.

Most importantly, farming activities will be used for growth and productivity of our young men and women after completing the program.

We have seen a high rate of reintegration, with our enrollees settling productively into the communities in which they have been placed in, as their permanent homes.

Madam President, we see a huge advantage in detracting the youth population from Monrovia. While most migrate and resettle in the capital city with high expectations of economic upward mobility, we know that one of the major factors of crime in Monrovia is over-population, brought on by unguarded urban migration.

We have worked with various partners through the project’s lifespan, and one such partner saw the need to support our farming activity that is ongoing in Sinoe. Said partner provided basic farming tools and other necessary items to ensure our farming project reaches the next level. The 40-foot container arrived at the Freeport of Monrovia on the 6th of December, while the Tundra pick-up truck arrived on the 16th. We are in the struggle of claiming them with hopes of getting duty free privilege.

However, Madam President, in the wake of these ongoing activities, an unforeseen circumstance (accident) occurred, involving one of our boys on the Sinoe-Monrovia highway. His spine was dislocated, and he has since been at the JFK Medical Hospital seeking medical attention.

Unfortunately, we were informed by the JFK Medical staff that the surgery needed to save the victim is minor but cannot be conducted in Liberia due to the lack of the necessary equipment.

To this end, we are requesting your help, Madam President, honorable members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government, members of the diplomatic corps and our development partners, as we seek to alleviate this most urgent humanitarian crisis.

We need to fly the victim to Ghana, the Ivory Coast or elsewhere to seek urgent medical attention before situation gets worse or beyond control.

Documentation regarding our ministry and various projects are available upon request.

We thank you for your kind consideration, and it is our fervent hope that our request is granted to support a worthy cause. We look forward to a prompt reply in the soonest possible time.

Best Regards,


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