Eurofarmacos Group Responds to Dr. Sumo, LMHRA


Re: Article entitled “‘Liberians Won’t Be Used as Guinea Pigs’ For Ebola Trial Drugs not Approved”

Dear Editor,

We refer to the article quoting the LMHRA Managing Director, Pharmacist David Sumo and his organizations’ stance on pre-clinical trials for the treatment of Ebola.

As a highly qualified pharmacist, he is absolutely right to bring to attention the fact that pharmaceuticals need rigorous testing before introduction into any population.

As no doubt he would point out, pharmaceuticals involve the introduction of man-made chemicals into the body that alter the balance of the body’s immune system amongst other factors.

The Eurofarmacos Group applauds such an action and waits with anticipation the results from the trials of the other such pharmaceuticals currently being used within Liberia.

Dr. Sumo and the LMHRA are perhaps not aware that WHO gave the green light to any treatment that can provide help to those affected by this Ebola pandemic and that could be used humanely and without the need to undergo the complicated Biosafety and Bioethics checks.

Given the magnitude, severity and lethal potential of this virus strain, EBOFLIP – like other non-pharmaceutical products used in Africa at present – has not been required to perform clinical, pre-clinical (or in-Vitro and in-Vivo),  trials on patients with Ebola. Rather, the emphasis is on the plain fact that getting no treatment will cause up to 90% to die.

Because of its effectiveness, EBOFLIP can be used as a preventative measure and treatment, eliminating the need for pharmaceutical live vaccines and giving hope to those family members who are unfortunate enough to get in close proximity to an Ebola infection.

Eurofarmacos Group was privileged to be asked to donate its proven products to Liberia, and understood at the time that there was a sense of urgency and co-operated fully in the setting up of a trial for the product, and is ready to respond to any further requirements that the country needs.

If the LMHRA requires to stop the existing treatment trials that have already proven a resounding success, then of course the company will abide by the wishes of the LMHRA and follow the clinical trial guidelines set down for the other pharmaceuticals the LMHRA is currently testing and look forward to measuring the success of EBOFLIP against the other products on a side-by-side clinical trial.

Because of the urgency in combating the spread of the disease, Dr. Sumo and the LMHRA are most welcome to engage immediately on a one-to-one basis with the scientists, chemists, pharmacists and doctors from Europe and America who have worked with and extensively tested EBOFLIP who will answer any clinical and pharmacological concerns that they may have.

After all, our first goal as medical specialists is to help people affected by Liberia in the best way we know how and prevent more deaths, and we stand by willing to work with all international countries to offer assistance should they ask us.

Dr. Jose Manuel Frias
Eurofarmacos Group Europa
On behalf of the Board


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