Dual Citizenship: Liberians Everywhere Take Pastor Kortu Brown to Task


The Pastor of the New Water in the Desert Assembly (NWIDA), Reverend Dr. Kortu K. Brown, in an article published on our front page yesterday and in our online edition, called on “ordinary Liberians” to stand up against dual citizenship to avoid what he called “recreating the age-old Americo-Liberian Country divide” that plunged the country into a bloody coup and a devastating civil war. But Pastor Brown received swift reactions from Liberians at home and abroad as the following Letters to the Editor from the paper’s online edition indicate. —Editor.

Moses Sandy · Top Commenter · Temple University: Mr. Editor, please tell Rev. Brown that his reference to Sierra Leone as one of the many countries in the world without dual citizenship is wrong. Sierra Leone passed its dual citizenship law in 2006. The Reverend is historically wrong.

Elijah Kollie · Works at University of Minnesota: This pastor needs to study the History of Liberia before he can make such a comment about the division of Liberia so-called Congor and Native Liberian. This has nothing to do with Native Liberians and Congor Liberians. There are native Liberians and congor Liberians who have naturalized as American citizens and will in no way impact the political and social economic situation of the Liberian government. This is the 21st century, and we have long past the treatment of native Liberian by Americo Liberian as subordinates. We will all be equal in every political and social economic activity. This has nothing to do with class system as was in the past. Therefore pastor you have nothing to fear about. Lots of Liberians will in fact gain from this dual citizenship. Liberians having children by American citizens are automatically American citizens. Liberian Americans will advocate for lots of help for Liberians through their congress men and women to assist Liberia when the need arises. There are lots of Liberians in the military in the United States and other Liberians holding elected positions in the United States and many of us are tax payers as a result, we can influence the political calculations in the United States that will benefit Liberia. Liberians need not to worry about what is in there for them. You have lots to gain than to lose.

Nyemade Wani · Top Commenter · University Of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia campus. Every now and then you get an idiot who defies common sense. This man is afraid that when Liberians come back, they will show that he is not only not a man of God, he is nothing and he wants to continue conning the Liberian people to support him since he has no skills to of anything. And Liberian Observer seems to always put some idiot on their cover. First of all, most of those who fled the war are indigenous people. So you are denying these people their birthright. Second, many of them send their hard earned cash to your parishioners so you can sit on your fat butt and do nothing but chase the women in your church and eat. Shut up because you have absolutely nothing to contribute. As a Liberian what have you done to bring your people up? Who do you think galvanized the US and send hundreds of things to Liberia during the Ebola crisis?
Nyemade Wani · Top Commenter · University Of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia campus:  countries that have dual citizenship and the world has not ended. : United States, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Australia, France, Ghana, Greece, Granada, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, Togo, Tunisia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Switzerland, Panama, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Belgium, Barbados, Chile, Egypt, Finland, Italy, Pakistan, Peru, Sweden and the list goes on. These countries are far better than Liberia so what the hell are you talking about? And for your information Zimbabwe is a dying country with more than 3 million Zimbabweans living in South Africa.

Livingstone Gongor · Pottsville, Pennsylvania: Why it is true that there are fewer countries in the world that don’t accept dual citizenship, but most of the world’s countries embarrass dual citizenship. I think pastor Brown has to take into consideration that the world we live in now is a global village. There are many developed nations that embarrass dual citizenship. Like for example the few countries he named are all developing countries. So therefore I think pastor Brown has to do more research and try to compare why many countries that have dual citizenship are in fact developed than those that opposed dual citizenship. The idea of dual citizenship is to let citizens choose where they can live freely and progress in life. I know he’s thinking that these people do not love their countries but in the flip side they do. I can challenge Pastor Brown to check the record as to how the Liberian’s economy is growing. He is benefitting from Liberian living overseas directly or indirectly. If he’s so afraid of people having divided loyalty then make sure to have a tougher law that is enforced. I mean people should respect every law regardless of which country one lives in. If he wants to only grant partial rights to people who have dual citizenship then where is the birth right? A true democratic country will grant their citizens the right to free life. If your government dies the right thing you will not have to force people to live in a country.

Nyemade Wani · Top Commenter · University Of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia campus: We cannot listen to a man who wears a dress. The church has been one of the places that has oppressed people over the years. Besides those who were born in Liberia and now live elsewhere, do you really think there is a long line forming to become Liberian citizens. South Africans can travel t the US for 90 days without a visa, Liberians cannot even go to the bathroom in Kenya without visa and they want to say that Liberian passport is so valuable. Let us hear, mehn. You think right now if you in a foreign country and something happen to you, the Liberian government will send in Special Forces to rescue you? Citizenship sonly as strong as the power of the government and Liberia has squat power. Mr. Brown, if the Liberian passport is so valuable, why the long line for DV and for people wanting to go abroad? You better fix your country and start dealing with the corruption. Calling yourself a man of God, oh please.

Charles Stevens · University of Liberia: Rev. Brown you want to tell the world that the town of the blind, the one eye man must be the chief ? Make room for other people who can move around the town .foster please stop preaching divide, telling the people the true don’t be afraid, you will still be paster, we love you bringing the world

Moses Sandy · Top Commenter · Temple University: Mr. Editor, please tell Rev. Brown that his reference to Sierra Leone as one of the many countries in the world without dual citizenship is wrong. Sierra Leone passed its dual citizenship law in 2006. The Reverend is historically wrong.

Bishop William Snorton Sr. ·Dover, Delaware: I love you Brother Brown, but you have got this wrong.

Daa Onenokay · Top Commenter · Works at State of New Jersey: Some pastors are wise and some are stupid.

Kla Allison · Cape Palmas HIgh School: I don’t understand why some Liberians will always do and say things with anger and try to disrespect other people. This pastor, as a Liberian, just stated why I he think dual citizenship is not good for Liberia and some people are insulting him. Why can’t you just articulate the important of dual citizenship in Liberia without using insulting words? Responding to someone with insult on this network shows your leave of understanding. Liberians, we can be better than this.

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