Create Society DATABASE to Enable the Distribution of Goods and Services


Dear Editor,

I am a Liberian who have just returned from Germany to resettle back home and help contribute to the brain gain of Liberia.

I am very thankful to the people and leaders of Liberia who have made it possible for peace and security to return. I think it is the responsibility of all Liberians to come home with some caveat that can help build the minds of the society.

As our beloved country has bled for so many years and its people spread all around the world, it`s about time for us to come home and contribute to the new direction of thinking on how ‘to move this nation forward.’ As a society with a diversity of aims and cultures, I wish to outline some points, history and situations that, I hope, would enhance the pure and transparent governance of our country.

In a democratic institution, a responsible society can only be built by creating a society database to enable distribution of goods and services. This aspect enables businesses to operate and create jobs for all.

There are several strings attached to the creation of a database. And the processes and ways are good for our respective communities.

One of such has to do with the introduction of a National Identification Card which could help solve some of the hurdles.

A responsible database can curtail fraud in the election process and can also enable election results to be swift and candid.

In the area of security, a database is also needed to enhance a smooth and swift operational operandi.

We are today discussing a new form of government activity through decentralization. Decentralization came in most of the developed parts of the world just at the time people started seeing themselves as civilized societies.

Most African countries have, however, had a problem with the interpretation and building up of the rules and guidelines that go with decentralization. Of course, it is hard to understand those ingredients that make it a wholesome functioning catalyst that holds democratic societies together.

As we travel to places, we bring back home something that can always be adored by our community, be they education or material, it is always contributable. We go to school and come home with new ideas that can benefit our people.

For some years, we were at war with ourselves; friends of the world responded to our cries and helped us get to where we are today.

I think what is now needed is the molding of our mind to calculate and ask the question, why did we fight in the first place, and how can we come up with a molecule or the mathematics that will bring simple and common understanding? People can change themselves when they copy from others.

In many parts of the world today electing a president is easing up, and simultaneously being replaced by parliamentary rules, which give the voters the right to issue a red card to what they see as unfair leadership.

The people of Africa have seen the loss of many lives and properties just because of fighting for one seat, which does not make sense. We in Liberia witnessed what happened in 1985; that some of us could have been killed; that some had to flee. The aftermath was war that we could have averted.

To close this chapter, I would like to inform my fellow Liberians that the talk of running for president will never solve the problem that this great country has to offer its people. We should rather institute the idea of molding the minds of our children to a new direction so that working together and making this country one of the civilized places to live. There is no free ticket to success.

I think political collaboration with a principle/doctrine can even work far better than the president and his/her leadership, which can sometimes be unable to curb mismanagement.

Once a good structure of a functioning government is well explained to the electorate, and dispensing those ideas in the party platform, Liberia can be developed.

It would even be better to start teaching in schools around the country about the much talked about decentralization; it should not be the preacher that is only heard talking, but that the people actually understand the advantages and disadvantages of the subject matter.

I am still wondering if the various political parties are willing to adopt decentralization, because from what we keep hearing, it conforms to politics stepping in for decentralization.

There are lots of works that need to be done, and many teaching campaigns to get the society to clearly understand and be part of the process, so as to get their participation and contribution. As the people of Liberia have for so long been blind, this time around we need to get it right. I know that in Africa people are not patient for building a sustainable and progressive environment for the good of Africa. If we look at the birth of Liberia and consider the word development, we should be far from where we are today. Ideas matter! No matter what ethnic group or political affiliation you belong to, we all need to join words, hands in moving this country of ours forward. We need to discuss at all levels of the society.

Today’s Liberia is moving forward. However, let us not forget that there are lots of jobs to be done.

About the Author:
Jacob O. Buzzie was the general secretary of the Liberian German Association who initiated the idea that became the European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA), the umbrella organization for all Liberian associations across Europe.


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