Appeal for President Sirleaf’s Intervention against Police Brutality in Ganta


Lawrence Sua
Concerned Citizen of Nimba
Ganta City, Nimba County
Republic of Liberia

October 3, 2015

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Republic of Liberia

Dear Madam President:

I know you are aware of the wave of alleged ritualistic killings which has engulfed Nimba in recent times, one of which provoked mob violence in Ganta City that led to the burning down and vandalizing of Mr. Prince Howard’s property.

I would like to use this occasion to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for promptly sending the Justice, Internal Affairs and Information Ministers to Nimba in order to probe into the matter. However Madam President, the bulk of the citizens and residents of Ganta/Nimba County are seriously disappointed in the manner and form in which the Justice Minister handled the situation. Minister Benedict Sannoh prioritized property damage over the loss of human life by his action when he visited Nimba. The minister directed his time and energy to visit the damaged properties of Mr. Howard which is understandable but he cared less to visit the family of the child who was gruesomely murdered. In my opinion and the opinion of the bulk of the people here, the Justice Minister’s action was one sided and sends a signal to the public that the investigation surrounding the murdered child and other murders associated with ritualistic killings in the county will be tampered with, perhaps because there are big names associated with those killings. You need to do something to erase this notion from the minds of the public and the best thing to do now is to expeditiously prosecute all those accused in these recent murders, including those of the child who was ritualistically killed in 2013 at the L.P.M.C. bye pass in Ganta City. The parents of that child need justice too.

Before I drop my pen, I would like to bring to your attention the hostile and inhumane manner in which some personnel of the LNP are treating individuals accused of being part of the mob violence or individuals accused of purchasing items stolen from Mr. Howard’s vandalized and burnt properties. Let me cite a particular case in point. I watched scores of LNP officers unmercifully beat a resident of Ganta called Haja Jabateh who was simply accused of purchasing a table looted from Mr. Howard’s hotel. The brutality meted on this female and other citizens being accused is totally unacceptable, especially so when such treatment is meted by the very police who should be protecting the citizenry. Finally Madam President, I visited the Police Station in Ganta and saw over sixty (60) inmates allegedly being part of the mob violence in a cell that should host at most ten (10) persons. There was an instant case where one Henry Flomo fainted in the cell owing to the congestion and was rushed outside where he was attended to by friends and later set free by the police. The treatment meted against those accused by security officers is inhumane and a total violation/abuse of their human rights and as such, I am calling on your prompt intervention.

Sincerely yours,
Lawrence Sua


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