Dear Senator Weah:

With reverence to a resounding democracy, I humbly submit greetings.

Hon. Senator, the defining moment in the upcoming elections rests solely in the preparedness of individuals and institutions to thoroughly screen their holistic processes (Primaries) and then flag those emerged-elements as their true identities, not by altering the course of a process through the endorsement of conflict of interest.

Neither political pundits nor forum knights would argue that ‘historical verdicts were/are not given on the basis of neutrality – a side was/is always taken.’ Those sides taken then were for legitimate motives, not in broad venerations to Faustian campaigns.

Taking sides in political processes (Primaries & Conventions) breeds corruption to an optimal margin rate. Individuals and institutions must stick to the world’s contemporary electoral creed – free, fair and transparent elections. No matter how unnecessary or necessary an election should be, the creed must be kept sacred – it should be wholly observed!

Honorable, when we consume our expectations in narrowness simply because of our positions on the poverty pyramid and we allow black hands to cross under tables while insincerity fumbles integrity, those sons and daughters who have been chastised by their consciences march doubtfully with their minds stereotyped with lies, un-patriotism, undemocratic proclamations, unfounded moral uprightness and statistical deceptions.

They (sons and daughters) are deeply rooted in the party that you so cherish. They must be totally uprooted from the party so that you are not coerced by their decision. The Third World Order definition for ‘Democracy’ has been confronted with the question: In the midst of a fraudulent primary, will CDC expose her narrow arrogance to partially dispense democracy?

Sen. Weah, kindly permit me as I submit to you ‘Exhibits’ from the most fraudulent primaries already recorded in the annals of the history of political parties. They are:

(1) Contradicting Chapter 3 Section 3.2 of the Freedom of Information Act even with your party’s deep roots in the Legislature: Prohibiting international and local observers from nearing the premise of the ballot box was enough to speak that fouls were played in all four corners of chairman McGill’s office; shouting at coordinator Wallace to leave chairman McGill’s office though everyone at the event knew it was the work of controversial Rep. Youngblood only because he had behaved uncompromisingly to her corrupt postures.

(2) Pronouncing a result of 45 delegates even when the entire public was told that 44 delegates cast ballots. Zone 27 head of CDC District #9 Montserrado, Larry Tugbeh’s assertion validates the many decries and outcries in your party’s just ended primary in District #9. Is it because of your informal mentorship as a soccer star by former Lonestar Coach Walter Pelham that has eroded the reputation and integrity of executives of the CDC Primary Committee to shamelessly feature a Legislative flunky, Rep. Youngblood, fraudulently on the CDC’s ticket?

(3)Delegates admitted to have used blue ink pads as thumbprint reflectors but frustratingly black ink reflected with folded papers as though it was a result you left expecting that they would use black to shine on white paper. The shown ballot paper in the count carried black ink, how come chief?

(4) Mr. James Fokpa, a member of the CDC Primary Steering Committee, has placed your party’s position for the primaries in concordance with your earlier plan of retaining all seated Lawmakers by illegally asking aspirants to pay him US$200 so that he could help change results in the just concluded fraudulent primaries.

Lastly, Mr. Koijee, chairman on the Primary Steering Committee, has also been linked to an exchange of money on the one issue of the fraudulent primaries. It is of greater concern! Act now Mr. Popularity, bearer of CDC!

Hon. Weah the entire world has checked brakes from its speed to closely witness your party dispense democracy. The world is so embattled with CDC’s frown on expedient processes – primaries, conventions and elections. Will your party partially dispense democracy to amass wealth for those career crooks whose positions on the poverty pyramid are defined?

Finally, we as remnants of the Third World Order have been pricked by intellect to understand that the serious contradictions that have burned down CDC’s popularity lie in the fact that unarmed elements of the forces of suppression sit at sacred positions in CDC.

With allusion to the just ended controversial primary won by Rep. Youngblood the integrity of the CDC is at stake!!!


Daniel T. Bestman

Wroto Town, District #9 Montserrado County, Contributing Writer



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