An Open Letter to Mama Twah River District, Nimba County


Dear Mama Twah River,
Let me commence this letter by thanking you for your efforts to develop the district. There are many development projects ongoing in your area. For that, I appreciate you, my Dear Mama.

Mama, with all the development projects that are taking place by your children, there are many serious problems that you need to resolve without wasting any time, or else things will go offhand.

Mama, I’m so confused and embarrassed by the way your area is producing so many of your children for the only seat in the House of Representatives. Why so Mama?

Mama, I’m also seriously concerned about the way you have completely forgotten (neglected) two of your communities in one of your chiefdoms. The roads leading from Beo Gbehnehlay to Beo Gbailay and from Beo Trorplay to Beo Gbailay are now inaccessible to both commuters and vehicles, thus making the living conditions of the inhabitants tough and dangerous. Why so, Mama? The road leading from Beo Yoelar to Gblahn-Teah Yeigbayplay, the last town before going to the Ivory Coast, is completely blocked, thus endangering the lives of your citizens. The situation is also causing your citizens to cross over to the Ivory Coast in search of food, too and good living. Why so, Mama? I thought you have someone in the House to represent all of us, and not only a few? Why forget and neglect us, Mama?

Mama, another serious problem that you need to tackle rapidly is education.

The continuous mass failure of our school going children in WAEC exams is my major concern, Mama; why so, Mama? Is it that you don’t have qualified and competent instructors assigned in the district?

Well Mama, having expressed my concerns to you, let me advance some recommendations for your timely consideration and implementation.

Mama, indeed you have four chiefdoms under your command, namely: Beo Chiefdom, Sloh Chiefdom, Soe Chiefdom and Lou-Zean Chiefdom. Since two of these chiefdoms have produced Representatives to represent you at the National Legislature, you must now allow only two of your children from the remaining two chiefdoms (Beo and Lou-Zean Chiefdoms) that have not produced Representatives to contest for the seat come 2017; that representation from your areas of control be rational, that is, Chiefdom to Chiefdom, so as to enable every Chiefdom under your command to be part of the decision making process. Mama, the number of people that are vying for this one representative position is plenty, and therefore becoming worrisome. Why so, Mama?

On education, Mama, I also recommend that principals and teachers should not be allowed to be assigned to their own towns or villages of origins. Mama, what I’m trying to say is no teacher should be assigned in his/her home or chiefdom; he/she concentrates more on his/her farms than the class.

To conclude, Mama, once again, many thanks for the development projects that you are undertaking in the interest of us, your children.

AFL Retired Colonel J. Zoyahkernah Duo
Beo Chiefdom 0888199894/0777709044


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