African Nations: Enact Anti-Gay Laws


Mr. Editor:

I am always at a loss each time a Western leader pleads with an African colleague not to look with disdain on women who pervert the natural use of sex by unnatural acts and men who give up natural sexual relations with women and burn with passion for each other as doing so will violate their individuals’ rights (human rights).

I am confused because besides being inimical to the African values, it was the nationals of these same Western countries that taught the African man about Christianity. This was or is being done through the Holy word of God, the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible tells us that God, the Creator of the universe, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because the people of that city were engaged in such obnoxious and evil acts.

The case in point is Obama America’s imposition of sanctions, the freezing of aid and travel ban on the Republic of Uganda because the Government of that country failed to recognize the so-called rights of Ugandans and others within Uganda who practice these shameful acts.

Given the western advocacy that the rights of the doers of these acts be protected, I am inclined to believe, especially in this age of ours when the warfare between “good” and “evil” is so fierce, that America and her Western allies are acting as “agents” of the satanic world.

America is always in the constant habit of supporting immoral tendencies: abortion, divorce, homosexuality, lesbianism, and so on and so forth, in the name of respecting people’s rights. There is no such thing as modernity or reform as far as the precepts of God is concerned. God’s Laws are always static and never dynamic.

To those few African Countries that have enacted anti-gay laws: Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda; I say well done and forward march! Those that are yet to enact legislations in this respect, including my native Liberia, I say join the bandwagon and enact anti-gay laws. African nations must avoid being carried away by Western aid at the expense of eternity.

The courage as shown by the aforementioned countries reminds me of the late President Ahmed Sekou Toure of the Republic of Guinea who in 1958 opted for independence, rather than servitude and for his native Guinea as opposed to riches from Guinea’s colonial master, France,.

I hope that sooner, rather than later, African leaders will muster the courage to say a resounding “yes” to anti-gay legislations in their respective countries; and when that happens, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who has been our Providence, will continue out of His many bounties.

Kind regards

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