Letter to the Editor

I read The Observer’s Editorial for today and appreciate the commendation given the National Orator.
Kindly observe the following points:
1. The Observer mentioned that the most interesting part of the Oration has to do with the “No Position” segment among the other segments of Liberia’s population, which are: a) Position referring to the government; and b) Opposition referring to the Political Parties seeking State Power.
2. The Observer mentioned that the No Position segment comprises 90% of the population without reference to any population survey or census.
3. The Opposition segment is empirically accounted for, as in the Parties recognized by the NEC; this segment criticizes the Position, but does not have relevance, because it does not exhibit any record of what it has been doing, and what it continues to do to make the lives of the people of Liberia better, given that longstanding and widespread poverty remains the main societal problem of Liberia. This means that the Opposition segment is not fundamentally different from the Position; in effect, what is referred to as the Non Position is the segment of the population that does not exhibit publicly what its views are on national problems.
Objectively, this Non Position segment that has a stance because by not acting or publicly presenting views means that it is promotive of the actions of the Position that dominates the State/Country.
There is another segment that is not mentioned in the Oration and this segment can be referred to as the people-oriented action, because, although it takes action to improve the living conditions of the people to sustain them, it does not get elected to State power due to the fact that it a) lacks the capacity to raise the level of mass consciousness to the point where the masses of voters can desist from being money-driven and take peaceful action to elect good leaders.
Leaders who have a record of working in the interest of at least the majority of Liberians and b) the unconstitutional electoral system, as seen in the Chair of the National Elections Commission (NEC) being a citizen of the USA bearing naturalization number 30628201, having taken the Oath of Allegiance on December 21, 2007, and voted as a Democrat in the 2008 and 2016 elections in the USA, recorded by the Superintendent of Elections of the State of New Jersey, USA in addition to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) giving faulty voter registration machines to NEC for the 2017 elections and the NEC Chair declaring publicly, but wrongly and illegally that only voter registration cards are needed to hold elections, a declaration opposed publicly by only one NEC Commissioner, Mr. Jonathan Weedor.
Then, of course, there is the July 29, 2019 bye-elections that have taken place with irregularities/illegalities involving discrepancies due to the divergence between the figures on the NEC voter registration role, and the roll based on the mandate of the Supreme Court of Liberia.
Very truly yours,
Togba-Nah Tipoteh


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