LETTER: Senator PYJ, Please Remove My Name…


Dear Senator Prince Y. Johnson:

I write to convey my compliments and want to indicate that the list that you released in Nimba County on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at a talk show on Radio Nimba (a community radio) indicative of your desire to get additional Nimbaians to benefit from presidential appointments is not a bad idea.

However, I want to plead with you, for now, to kindly delete my name from same. Among other things, Reverend Johnson, I am a Liberty Party partisan, and will remain in my party until I, Teeko Tozay Yorlay, Sr., determine when to leave, and said decision has not yet crossed my mind.

Frankly speaking, Pastor Johnson, I will not resign from the Liberty Party to join any political party in order to get any recommendation to get a presidential appointment in government.

Honestly speaking, Evangelist Johnson, to resign from my party now and join any party for job will be dishonest, pretentious and be very unfair to myself and my conscience.

Sincerely, I join a party for better reasons than just getting a job or jobs. While it is a reality that I am one of the prominent sons of Nimba County, as indicated by you in said interview, it is also true that I did not give my expressed consent for the inclusion of my name on any list whatsoever for anything for which I am being asked by you on Radio Nimba to submit my CV. The list was done without my knowledge, and without my expressed consent.

Therefore, I have seen it fit that you please remove my name from same.

Honorable Senator, if the intent of doing the list is to find competent Nimbaians jobs, I want to respectfully advise that there are many other Nimbaians who might meet your requirements and are very qualified and could be offered any job set aside for me.

I hope you succeed in ensuring that Nimba County is adequately represented in this government as we are painfully grossly underrepresented currently.

Thanks for your understanding.

Respectfully yours,

Teeko Tozay Yorlay, Sr.
Citizen of Nimba County


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