George Weah’s Presidency: More Problems, No Plans and Possible Solutions?


By Kadiker Rex Dahn, MA, M.Ed, PhD


There is a pandemonium (unrestrained disorder) in the political camp of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC in which the struggle for relevance, power, control and leadership are factors affecting the party.

The Government of President Weah seems to be in disarray, because everyone is a law onto himself. CDC’s National Chairman, Mulbah Morlu commands his own power to enforce decision. He runs with all kinds of reckless statements like a beheaded chicken not knowing the importance of his position as the National Chairman of a ruling party.

Similarly, the likes of Jefferson Koijee, Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel McGill among others equally so, have their own power and command to enforce decisions yet, none of these folks have the constitutional authority to behave in such form and manner.

Certainly, this is the government that we the people of Liberia naively elected; is the government we have and will govern us for the next six years at which time we will take stock of the CDC’s government, and as a nation decide in 2023 whether to retain or remove George Weah and his cohorts.

With the obvious disarray in President Weah’s government, stemming from multiple leadership problems, violence in the Country and inability for the government to deliver, we wonder whether the President have concrete plans and solutions as a remedy?

We will argue that what we know thus far about President Weah, amounts to having no clue, no plans and possible solutions to the nation’s problems.


A state of lawlessness, which has the propensity to undermine the country’s peace is emerging in the Government of President Weah. Quite recently, several dailies in Monrovia, including the Daily Observer and the FrontPage Africa reported of an incident at the National Concession where its Director General, Gregory Coleman was assaulted by two of his deputies, who are die-hard CDCians.

These two deputies, according to the newspapers, invited some partisans of the CDC to help them enforce their decisions. Mr. Coleman was rushed through the back door by the entity’s security to escape. It seems had the security not taken such measure, Gregory Coleman might likely have been killed or severely harmed.

Also, on July 31, while members of the opposition collaborating parties consisting of Liberty, Unity Party, Alternative National Congress and All Liberians Party were celebrating at the Headquarters of Liberty Party for the opposition’s victories in one of the by-elections in Montserrado County, again according to a local radio station, some members of the CDC violently moved to the headquarters of the Liberty Party perhaps to subdue and end the jubilation.

On August 23, 2019, those same dailies published a headline under the caption, “Mulbah Morlu, Rep. Acarous Gray under Police Investigation in Connection to Beating of IGP for Operations.”

Of recent, during the hearings of the complaint filed by Telia Urey, a candidate in the just-ended District #15 by-election, and the four collaborating parties at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission (NEC), members of the CDC in the presence of some officers of the Liberia National Police, attacked members of the opposition where blood was shed. Another newspaper referred to this incident as a “Bloody Day.”

On August 18, the newspaper reported that Telia Urey once again came under attack by hooligans loyal to CDC where she was nearly killed. During this incident, we are told by news reports that the police once again refused to act.

George Weah’s strongman, Jefferson Koijee, an official of government and a hardliner of the CDC is on record with threats of ‘flesh and blood’ against the opposition.

Mysterious deaths of citizens, rapes against girls and women are rapidly increasing with Mr. Weah’s inability to curtail or have a national dialogue on these national emergencies.

Certainly, the nation is imperiled with President Weah’s silence, a president, whose constitutional responsibility is to safeguard the state and protect lives and properties.

One must ask, is it that the President’s constant habit of being mute in the midst of these unlawful and diabolic occurrences against peaceful citizens is an indication of his acquiescence, or simply the office of presidency is so intricate that the President has no clue of those things that are unfolding before him, or a combination of both?

If dealings with complex national and international issues are that difficult for President Weah would it not be prudent to relinquish and entrust such functions to any of the ‘capables?’

The Presidency is not a child’s play, neither is it for anyone who wants to learn on the job. This is why some of us on the other side of the political divide, decided to elect a matured and experienced politician.

Liberia has not gone two years since George Weah came to power. Within less than two years of Weah’s incumbency, what the nation is witnessing with respect to the lack of rule of law, terrorist threats by officials of government and the lackadaisical attitude of the national security to maintain peace at an impartial level is causing citizens to jitter.

We maintain that the current state of Liberia was not what was presented and turned over to Mr. Weah when former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf left office. What we are seeing under the watch of George Weah where officials of government are forced out of their offices and other vices are of President Weah and his hardliners’ making.

In addition to these vices, President George Weah has failed to pay civil servants. The Chief Justice is crying for himself and the Judicial Branch, because like civil servants, they too have not been paid for months. If the judicial system that is already tainted with reports of corruption is not paid, what does one expect, if not bribery, hijacking and twisting of justice on behalf of the haves?

Rampant corruption and reckless statements that scare investors continue to come from the political camp of the CDC.

President Weah sees and hears these ugly statements from his lieutenants and have failed to outrightly correct these wrongs. We wonder whether President Weah understands that there are some issues that a president should see necessary to address and not the Press Secretary?

President Weah almost always speaks through his Press Secretary in the midst of these daunting situations. Pointedly, in our opinion, the nation is on a downward spiral because the performances of President Weah, his cabinet and lieutenants are below standard.


The President’s reckless statement against the families of Urey and Dillon and subsequent violence against Telia Urey that under his presidency, the Ureys or Dillions will not win any election, clearly speaks to the fact that the Weah’s presidency may derail the country’s peace. We hereby urge Telia Urey, like Senator Dillon, not to sit with President Weah until an open apology is made to them.

In our opinion, sitting with President George Weah in the absence of an apology and recantation, may equally be a death warrant. Since incumbency, President Weah’s inability to publicly speak to Liberians in the midst of the political chaos speaks to the fact that the presidency is too intricate for him.

Even if President Weah steps aside, the line of succession in the present leadership of the CDC is nationally and internationally clouded with suspicion and a curse.

Vice President Taylor may have her own problems with the international community likewise Speaker Chambers. Senator Albert Chie’s actions and inaction as Pro Temp of the Senate portrays that he cannot obtain a higher office than what he currently holds.

Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor’s Judicial Branch is besieged by claims of corruption, convoluted interpretations of the Constitution, manipulations and his inability to address these vices, who is also on the line of succession, may not be a suitable candidate.

Certainly, George Weah’s presidency is engulfed with more problems, no plans and possible solutions and Liberians must therefore prepare for this long haul, uncertainty and pandemonium in the society and government.

In the Cause of the People, the Struggle Continues!!

About the author: Kadiker Rex Dahn holds a PhD in Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education, from the University of Oklahoma. He formerly served respectively as a Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Director General, National Commission on Higher Education, Republic of Liberia. He is an author of the book, Learning from the Lives of Exiled Liberians: An Oral History from 1979-2006. He is a member of the North America Scholar Consortium, membership with the Highest Honor. Contact: [email protected]


The views expressed here are solely that of the author and do not represent the views of the Daily Observer.


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