George Dweh: How I Knew Him

The late George Dweh

By Christopher Z. Neyor, Former Managing Director, Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)

While in lockdown from the Coronavirus Pandemic here in the United States, my friend Roland Sombai called and sent me a text late Saturday evening (April 4, 2020) informing me that notorious Liberia war criminal George Dweh had died. In our subsequent phone conversation on Sunday, we discussed the nefarious crimes of Dweh and the accompanying pain he inflicted on his victims in their hour of death and the torments their survivals continue to endue. We felt it an indictment against Liberia that a publicly known war criminal like George Dweh would cash in his evil deeds to become speaker of an interim legislative assembly and lived an openly large life until he died of natural causes as a free man. Justice was denied the many he murdered and their still hurting families and friends.

Roland and I knew George Dweh very well; he worked with us at the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) in the late 1980’s. When I was managing director. Roland was manager of the LEC General Services Department (GSD) where George Dweh was assistant manager for administration and Johnny Nah whom he murdered with his family in cold blood was assistant manger for operations. It was from here that the hatred of George Dweh against Johnny Nah and others in and outside of the LEC began to brew in his evil soul.

In its pre-civil war prime, the LEC GSD located at the utility’s Bushrod Island yard along with other operational departments was a place filled with life and actions. With nearly 190 employees, the GSD was responsible for maintenance of the LEC fleet of vehicles, buildings, structural repairs to power plants, and substations and storage and distribution of gasoline and lubricants. Equipped with bulldozer, grader and other yellow equipment, the GSD also built and maintained LEC access roads. As assistant Manager for operations at the GSD, Johnny Nah’s team was responsible for building and road maintenance. Nah was quite a likable guy with tremendous sense of humor. His personal vehicle, a Peugeot station wagon was a known fixture around the LEC facilities. I worked with Johnny Nah at the LEC Bushrod yard in the Planning Department as distribution planning engineer few years before moving to the central office at Waterside as technical assistant to the MD (I then became deputy MD before becoming MD).

At the GSD were two of the Krahn men who helped sow the seed for the civil war that led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives including that of President Samuel K Doe along with the country’s infrastructure. One was George Dweh, the GSD assistant manager for administration, cousin to President Doe. The other was a troublemaker named Peter Fineboy, who was one of Johnny Nah’s building maintenance supervisors. Here is the story of how these two diabolical men helped stain their noble Krahn tribe and destroy a nation.

In this story are Johnny Nah, his then 12 or 13 year-old daughter, Peter Fineboy, George Dweh and the red Toyota pickup.

As GSD assistant manager for operations, Johnny Nah was assigned a pickup that was used during the workday for general services operations but remained with him nights and weekends. Sometime in 1988, Supervisor Peter Fineboy and his crew were assigned an outside maintenance job by his boss Johnny Nah. On that day Johnny Nah’s daughter couldn’t be picked up from school for whatever reason and he asked the crew to pick her up after their work and bring her to him at the office. Nah was standing at the front of the GSD office building at Bushrod when he saw the pickup drive into the yard and to his astonishment, he saw his daughter at the back of the truck while his supervisor Peter Fineboy sat only with the driver in the 3-passenger cab.

Johnny Nah was furious and went to the vehicle and asked Peter Fineboy if he was too good to allow the young girl to ride in the front with him.  In the back of that pickup were stack of materials, work tools, old items that had been replaced including lumber pieces with protruding nails and the crew, rugged workers with their safety gears. The back of this pickup was no place for a 12-year-old girl for all the safety reasons. Being a red-blood Kru man who says what’s on his chest and forgets about it, in anger he told Peter, “You Krahn people consider yourselves to be above others but I tell you that from the greatest of you to the smallest, you all are nothing.”

Peter Fineboy then went into George Dweh’s office and told him his boss had tongue-lashed him and repeated Johnny Nah’s words.  Dweh concluded that Johnny wasn’t talking to Peter Fineboy but to Doe, the president. They left the LEC compound and went to another Krahn kinsman, Armah Youlo, who was assistant director at the National Security Agency (NSA). Together, they concocted a vicious and unfounded lie that Johnny Nah had insulted President Doe. Johnny was arrested and detained at the NSA the following morning. Later that day as I was on my way for lunch, coming down the stairs, I heard a group of employees murmuring about what “they are doing to Johnny Nah is not good.” I asked what they were doing to Johnny Nah and who are the “they.”  On asking that, they were afraid, thinking I knew about the Nah’s detention but on insisting, they shared that Johnny Nah was detained at NSA on account of George Dweh and Peter Fineboy.

When I gathered the necessary information, I went over to the NSA and had a conversation with Flomo Washington, a highly respected professional man who was the agency’s director (I was delighted to attend his 80th birthday in Sacramento, California last year). I explained to Director Washington what had happened and he was appalled. After the intervention Johnny Nah was released without charge. I summoned George Dweh to a meeting in my office with the deputy managing directors and his manager and emphatically told him my displeasure, asserting that the LEC was not a political institution. I made it clear that the next time he repeated such behavior he would be dismissed.

From that day, George Dweh harbored bitterness against Johnny Nah and me. He lobbied with some of his influential Krahn relatives to have me removed from the LEC but President Doe knew better. Besides, many of Dweh’s Krahn kinsmen like Commissioner Edwin Taye, General Moses Thomas and Peter Gawo were highly respected for their integrity and goodness of heart provided relief to many non-Krahn serving in the government as well as ordinary citizens from the exploits of Dweh and other mean-spirited Krahns.

When the civil war got intense, George Dweh had taken up arms and headed a death squad that went to Johnny Nah’s house and asked for the pickup truck assigned to him. It wasn’t just the pickup Dweh wanted. He went to Nah’s house to settle score, to show his power. He was now a mad man and spilling blood was now a source of satisfaction for him. He murdered Johnny Nah, an experienced civil engineer and his family including his expecting wife who had a graduate degree from Columbia University.

That gruesome murder of Johnny Nah was not George Dweh first neither was it his last. He killed Mr. Sam Green, Liberia’s top statistician and deputy minister of planning and economic affairs and his family. Their daughter, Kim Green who also worked at LEC was the lone survival. He killed his own best friend at LEC Moses Harris, simply because he was from Nimba County and he couldn’t trust him. He and General Tailey were out every night moving from home to home, murdering Liberians they suspected or didn’t like.

As for me, it was by God’s mercy that I left Liberia because George Dweh made it clear to friends of mine that had I been in Liberia, my “coffee would have been cold”. Fast forward to 1995, I was back in Monrovia and walking into the office of the late Sam Divine, then President of now defunct LUBI Bank, George Dweh extended his hand to me for a handshake, smiling. I passed by him and that was the first time I left an extended hand to me in the air. I hope it was the last.

For justice, healing, closure and cleansing of our land, the War Crime Court as recommended by the TRC is a necessity. There are too many other George Dwehs in and out of Liberia who committed unbelievable atrocities and crimes against humanity taking the innocent lives of so many. These George Dwehs have caused much pain and suffering and have not acknowledged or shown any remorse for their evil deeds. Many of these unrepentant killers live conspicuously large and walk as if nothing ever happened, some even flaunting high profile positions while the families and friends of their victims continue to live in the anguish of their crimes.

For their sake and for the country’s sake, the War Crime Court must be established and all those George Dwehs be brought to account for their inhumanity. No more impunity. Justice delayed is justice denied.


  1. All the time you wotkedbin Madam Sirleaf government, why did you not advocate for the war crime court to tried people who committed huma rigjts abuse? did you reprimind Mr. Nah for his general statement against Krahn people or you only repriminded Mr. Dweh?(because not all krahn people behave he same way). are you advocating for the WWC or waiting for someone to die beore ypu write an artice? Why did you not go to the TRC to explain this story? why wait until a dead man cannot defend homself beore writing?

    • Mr. Czar or whatever is your name.Be a man or woman and post your real name and say why you disagree with the post. Don’t be a coward.

    • It is likely this so-called Mr. Czar is one of the many George Dwehs out there……for your information, it was difficult making such request during Ellen regime because herself was charged as key perpetrator by the TRC…….many others did call for the setting up of the War crimes court but they all fell on deaf ears!…….it was not important to have spoken with Johnny Nah on his assertion that “from the highest to the smallest, all the Krahns were nothing…..since George Dweh, Peter Fineboy and Armah Youlu had already taken revenge for the statement……and in my view, Jonny Nah comment was well in placed considering the manner in which Peter Fineboy brought his daughter to him, in the back cabin of the pickup in her school uniform! It was quite provoking!……..
      As is expected, the quest or calls for war crimes court should be profound right now, because our current President was not a perpetrator….and has no record of being a war monger…..that is why every well meaning Liberian is calling on his government to consider the establishment of the court for the likes of Aldophus Dolo, Prince Y. Johnson, George Borley, Sekou Damte Konneh, Alhaji Kromah, AB Kromah and many others to account for their atrocities against peaceful and unarmed citizens.

    • The article made it clear that not all krahns are/were devilished as it speaks of the specific instance wherein George Dweh performed acts that are despicable. Besides, is there a particular time to voice things out? That the author was part of the Sirleaf’s administration doesn’t mean he’s not supposed to voice things out on his timing. Why are you guys always viewing things one way?

    • Daily Observer should have not even used such a photograph of THIS SAVAGE GEORGE DWEH. An ass like this would go around personally carrying out massacres; and then his dirty and evil corpse would be allowed to be taken to Grand Gedeh? This ASS body should be seized by survivors of his victims, or the public, and burnt with the rest of whatever left of his dirty and devilish corpse thrown into an abandoned toilet pit!!!!!!!

    • He(Chris) called other krahns who were good people and are good, C.O Dweh as we knew him in the Matadi area was famous for lot of events and atrocities. That’s a fact.

  2. Mr. Neyor

    greetings and thanks for providing some insight into this whole George Dweh saga. I have heard a lot about Johnny Nah/George Dweh story but no one has really told me the exact account. your story makes sense since it is a first-hand account.

    But, life the previous writer asked, why did you wait until the demise of Mr. Dweh before penning this story? My thought is that it would had added more weight had you done so earlier. I am sure you had your own reason.

    Again, thank you, Sir.


  3. Elijah M. Sayeh,

    I am sorry for your loss. One can never truly people’s hatred to others simply on the basis of tribe or skin color. Man’s inhumanity to man.

    I hope that you and your family have moved past that sad chapter. Rest assured that greater punishment awaits him in the afterlife.


  4. Two stories that made the news in the 90s were Johnny Nah and the Lutheran Church massacre. The story of Johnny Nah and his family’s death, the escape of his son in the swamp and the pleading of his beautiful, educated and kindhearted pregnant wife, has been published many times. So it is no new revelation my dear for you to say the writer was waiting for him to die first. The good thing here is that be it dearh by murder or of natural cause, we all are headed the same direction and will face judgement at the end for our individual actions.

  5. Dabah Varpilah

    Some of these stories are revelation to those of us that were five years old in 1990. But you are quite correct in one thing you said, that we each will face judgment for our individual action.

    I hope you and your family remain safe from this deadly pandemic.


  6. I haven’t heard any of these stories before, though I have been hearing how a wicked killer he was, I never knew any of his victims. It’s sad that we lived through these dark chapters of our nation’s history. I am taking this time to say I am sorry to all my countrymen who suffered the blunt of this madness. May the souls of our fellow citizens murdered in cold blood at the hands of these Wicked elements in our midst rest in perfect peace.

  7. There are many heinous stories like this unheard of. Justice will be done to all; sooner or later, on earth or in hell.
    I hope most Liberians will pen their stories for generations yet unborn. In this way, we will forge a stronger nation and learn from our history.
    However, we need to forgive. To do so, these people should be voted out of public offices. If not, earthly justice will be denied.

  8. Just got through reading the story and I’m here angry. You mean this murderer later became speaker, 3rd most powerful man, and even contested for the presidency before? Our society is sick

    • Frederick Varney, I am more angry than you!! But then again, I realized that if the vain, selfish, and very wicked woman Ellen Johnson Sirleaf WHO PLANNED AND FINANCED THE WAR could be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it should not be surprising that a pagan/murderer/heathen/savage/beast like George Dweh was made Speaker by his fellow killers and those money hustling politicians.

  9. Mr man, why you sat there all these years without saying anything. Now that the man is dead, you decided to write all this and what you say you know. Just keep your mouth shut, stay in your corner and wait for the opportunity to find your way in another government.

  10. I feel so heart broken by all these sad stories coming from left to right. I and my siblings live with scars of victimization due to the senseless civil war. I lost my dear father who at no point of his life work for the Government of Liberia. He was gruesomely murdered with his penis sliced off while alive on account he was krahn. My siblings and I were chased everywhere by the NPFL to kill us because we were krahn, something we never chose to be. The story of how this whole hatred between the krahn and other tribes is just confusing and incomprehensible as it is all blame shifting depending of the person who tells the story and the side he favors. If, we as a nation will not let sleeping dog lie, I’m scared we are threading a path of continuous decadence and terror.

  11. There are too many stories of those warlock. I have my own experience with both nimbians and krahn, they both were vicious. I had personal experience with even Prince Johnson at Fendell and Caldwell during the late 80s and early 90s, including Taylor.

  12. Until those that committed crimes against humanity in Liberia is brought to justice, these perpetrators will remained free in Liberia and their victims and family feels the frustration. There are so many “George Dweh” out there and we need to do everything we can to establish our war crime court in Liberia and brings these people to justice.

    I suspect the Weah led administration will not push for such establishment because of his connection and involvement with MODEL. So I supposed most of these George Dweh like individuals will die before justice comes into play because president George Weah approached to the situation is totally frustrating and everything he said was just another campaigned promises to get him elected. We need to be very careful about this discussion because, some individuals are taking this very personal in support of Defending their tribal ethnic group which is not the way forward. We need to have positive conversations about how to move forward. Let us not open mended wounds because without justice, chances are wide open for another civil conflict.

  13. I am surprised that many are hearing about George Dweh’s killing spree doing our civil wars and the Johnny Nah story for the first time. What Chris Neyor narrated is nothing new. He only added a few details from his time at LEC. I was 6 years old when the war started. But by the time i was 11-12, I had read several newspapers articles from the Sherman family calling for justice for their daughter (Johnny Nah’s wife) and her family. By this time, I had also seen several testimonies of George Dweh’s dirty deeds. This is probably one of the most told stories of the atrocities in Liberia! It was in the midst of that that Dweh became Speaker and later contested for the Presidency! We still have a lot of these blood-thirst beasts in power today

  14. And these were the same people like George Dweh, Jackson E. Doe, Chayee Doe, Kabineh Janeh, Sekou Damate, etc.etc. to whom Ellen Johnson Sirleaf went in her thirst and greed for power, after she failed to have taken power through her 1985 military invasion, and her personally financed Charles Taylorś December 24, 1989 war.

    And for what did she have to plunge her country and its people in such massive killings and destructions? All because being AN EXTREMELY VAIN PERSON, she wanted to be President, even the cost was “LEVELING THE WHOLE COUNTRY”, and while leaving power, she appoints her son as Gov of the CBL to clandestinely print unauthorized money for their retirement.

    Cllr. Winston A. Tubman Liberiaś former Ambassador to the United Nations is right to have announced to the Liberian people and the world that “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the war criminal who created all the killings and destructions in Liberia from 1985 to 2003!

  15. Many war crimes criminals are happy to walk the streets of Liberia because they are convinced that the courts of Liberia are a complete joke. In other words, the war crimes criminals know deep down in their corrupt souls that nothing will be accomplished if charges of wrongdoing are brought against them. It’s a shame that an “ungentleman” like Dweh lived as much as he did without being charged. Complaints of wrongdoing should have been made while he was alive, not after his demise. To a greater extent, the criminal justice system is not working! Who knows? Maybe some of the people who are part and parcel of the current criminal justice system were active participants in the uncivil 14-year war. Just maybe!

    • Mr. Hney, you are making the hypothesis that: ” Maybe some of the people who are part and parcel of the current criminal justice system were active participants in the uncivil 14-year war. Just maybe!”, and this is why murderers like George Dweh were here walking around swinging their arms.

      But on a careful examination of that hypothesis, you will find out that you are disregarding the fact that it is not the judicial branch nor “people who are part and parcel of the current criminal justice system” who can make possible the prosecution of war criminals or prevent the prosecution of war criminals. That is a matter for the two other political branches of the State TO DECIDE – ESPECIALLY THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH!

  16. Kormah Jefferson Korvah, etc. etc. even if Mr. Neyor had made this revelation at the TRC, or had written it in news stories, and editorials, or had preached it in sermons in the churches and synagogues, or stadiums, would such actions on the part of Chris Neyor (or anyone) made the possibility of killer George Dweh face war crimes trial???

    Or WOULD HAVE SUCH ACTIONS established a war crimes court for Liberia, or PREVENTED George Dwehś fellow killers and those money hustling politicians from selecting their fellow killer as Speaker???

    Kormah Jefferson Korvah, if your response is in the affirmative, then why has Prince Johnson and the rest of his kind remained SENATOR to this day???

  17. My fellow compatriot Mr. True Nationalist,
    You’re right. In a normal situation, the judicial branch prosecutes criminals! Please note that I attacked the legislative branch of government deliberately. The legislators are more vocal on the national scene than the judicial branch. They sign concessions, they involve themselves in labor disputes, some of them threaten to flog people who disagree with them and they earn $15-16,000 per month. With their huge paychecks, they can afford it. Not the proletarians. They need to shut up or put up! What goes around comes around. The legislators should have been in the forefront of this fight. In my view, they should know better.

    Their latest political stunt:
    On the 13th of April, the legislators are planning to caucas amongst themselves about whether Weah’s State of Emergency was unilaterally imposed. Tomorrow, the lawmakers may reject or uphold Weah’s State of Emergency. As I said above, this is not a normal situation. The enemy is ferocious. The more time it takes for politics to run its course, the more our poor people suffer.

    My Concern:
    Comrade True Nationalist, at a time when Covid-19 is causing real pain and sorrow worldwide, in my humble view, this is not the time for legislators to do politics. The whole world is at war with Covid-19, there are no ifs and buts about that. I am not trying to give the impression that Weah should have imposed a State of Emergency without informing them. But when the situation demands an imposition of a curfew or a State of Emergency such as it is in this particular situation, I think the situation can be handled differently. That’s all I am saying.

    Something To Think About:
    The government has once again borrowed a little over 7 million bucks from the IMF. The government is brook. But the money is needed in order to buy equipment for the citizens of Liberia. Somehow, the legislators didn’t complain about the recent IMF loan. But yet all of a sudden, the legislators are crying bloody murder because they feel slighted by the president. Of course, cooperation is needed. I really understand. But, because the situation demands it, I think the lawmakers can cool off until after the enemy is defeated.

    I am unhappy. I repeated myself a few times. Understand why I did it. No politics is needed at this time in Liberia.

  18. Mr. True Nationalist,

    I would like to also say that you quoted me out of context. You have the idea, but you didn’t say exactly what I said. Take a look! The statement that I made about Dweh didn’t mention the words “swinging their arms”.

  19. Of course Comrade Hney, you have not mentioned the words, clause, or phrase,; “swinging their arms”. If I took you out of context, then sorry. I will pay the fine after we have beaten this pandemic.

    I was simply responding to this statement of yours: “To a greater extent, the criminal justice system is not working! Who knows? Maybe some of the people who are part and parcel of the current criminal justice system were active participants in the uncivil 14-year war. Just maybe!”

    Do not be unhappy. Be enthusiastic! You were simply elaborating and or illustrating and not repeating yourself. Finally as you have interjected: “No politics is needed at this time in Liberia.”

  20. Comrade True Nationalist,
    There’s no fine to be paid buddy. By God’s grace, the enemy will be soundly defeated. But before that happens, Liberians have to work together as a team. It makes no sense for the senators to act the way they are doing. Social distancing is the name of the game. The question is this…… when they sit to deliberate on the topic of the State of Emergency today, will they sit six feet apart from one another? The other question is do they know among themselves who carries the deadly virus? The lawmakers ought to know that a war is being fought. As such, too much formality in the heat of the battle is unnecessary. I conclude by saying after the war, everything will be respectfully worked out.

    Hang in there gentleman.

  21. Mr. Neyor, you have now convinced why I should support called the War Crime Tribunal. These were people passing around as “Honorable” in our society, and we are respecting and bowing down to; almost everybody who are talking about war crimes only focused on Madam EJS, as a supported of Civil crises in Liberia; who will know and experienced this scenario about a family member will not joined others for revenged? Yet only EJS is singled out.
    My regret Mr. Neyor, this explanations should have been told while he was alive. Thanks for being a first hand witness; we heard this from Mr. Nah,s son, but did not believed it, now it is clear. Others hidden in the diaspora and home should be identified and brought out.


  22. How can a Country rapidly grow when evil actors in person of people like George Dweh and others are still deciding votes in such a Country? We are bound to fail until we stand up for War and Economic Crimes Court to end impunity.

  23. There is definitely a pattern in individuals given to narcissism, egoism and vanity that leads to violence. They unconsciously deny an intolerably poor, insecure self-image, which manifests itself in exacting wrath on others. The cure is to support a reliable and equitable justice system that will bring the miscreants to bear. This is pivotal.

  24. To the reading public of the Facebook, specially to Liberians. Having read the statement made by Christopher Neyor, which I believed to represent has condolence’s greeting to the Dweh’s family and the citizens of Grand Gedeh County; I felt so disappointed in him (Christopher Neyor) for not acknowledging all that the late Honorable George S. Dweh has done for him during the 1980s. With all of his meaningful services toward you, you did give his flowers when he was alive; now he’s dead, so why you can’t give his flowers during his death? Maybe you forgot about your own life history Christopher, but I will remind him, that It was through the strong contacts and tireless efforts of Hon. George S. Dweh you was connected to be appointed as managing Director to LEC, which corridor you have enjoyed and still surviving on today. YES! these are the “SEEDS” of the civil war which Hon. George S. Dweh and his Krahn people been “SOWING.” However, knowing who Hon. George S. Dweh was to you Christopher Neyor, and connecting to how you have identified with him during his death, based on your false, misleading and unconfirmed accusation against him and we the Krahn people; it is a clear understanding that you have exposed your premeditated ungratefulness, dishonesty and wicked heart toward Hon. George S. Dweh and his people. Christopher Neyor, if you are not ungrateful, dishonest and wicked hearted person, then why you wasn’t a man enough to engage or approach Hon. George S. Dweh why he was alive to tell him that it was he and his Krahn people who “sow the seeds” of the deadly civil war?Are you foreign to the history of Liberia? Was it the Krahn people who caused or staged the rice riot during 1979?Christopher Neyor, I challenge you to come up openly to tell the people of Liberia and the world that it was not through the efforts of Hon. George S. Dweh that you was appointed to serve as LEC boss under President Samuel K. Doe’s Administration. Come up with written record or an audio recorded prove, that it was Hon. George S. Dweh and the Krahn people Who “sow the seeds” of the civil war or responsible for any troubles in Liberia. If you want to come up to deny that Hon. George S. Dweh didn’t play any major road for your appointment; or if you have prove that Krahn people are responsible for the civil war in Liberia, then let’s meet on any media institution of your choice, at which point I will put online some of those strong points of contact that Hon. George S. Dweh used for your appointment. They will expose you to the world how wicked, dishonest and ungrateful you are. If you come up to debate, then I will also provide written records that Krahn people are not responsible for any war or trouble in Liberia. Thanks to the Almighty God that some of these very people of Hon. George S. Dweh’s contact survived the civil war. Christopher Neyor, as an educated man, do you have any written record that It was Krahn people who overthrew the TWP’s lifetime planted political party leadership in Liberia? If you do have, let’s read it through any media institution of your choice and I will also provide written records of your deeds while serving as boss to LEC. I want to make it very clear to you that I know you very well and I will expose you.

  25. I don’t even know what Jerry Saylee is talking about here. To be defending the late Dweh is sickening to the core. His action is indefensible. Samuel Doe had the opportunity to develop Liberia after killing Tolbert who was already developing the country but Doe failed because of the likes of George Dweh, a very evil man. Dweh killed Johnny Nah and his family and scores of innocent and defenseless Liberians. How can you defend such a man?

    And to be attacking Christopher Neyor for speaking the truth about that monster is stupid and moronic of you. Some of you Krahn people destroyed Doe because of your ill advices and power haunting behaviors. What help did Dweh ever gave Christopher Neyor? What did he know? Besides killing and eating human flesh? What else did he do productive on this planet? Now, you have your new president in Weah—take him to the grave as you did to Doe. Advise him as you did to Doe. I don’t know why some of you were not skinned like Doe?

    When Johnson caught him (Doe) and he was there speaking his Krahn dialect asking for mercy, where were some of you people? Up to now, his main Killer—Prince Johnson— is roaming the streets of Monrovia and comfortably sitting as senator of his county. Why some of you can not go after him and kill him, or revenge for Doe? You Krahn cowards! You thought you had monopoly over violence.

    Forty years after ”your king” was slaughtered like goat, what have you (Krahns) done to the person that murdered him? So, you going after Neyor for the simple writing he did? Shame on you!

  26. Mr. Jerry Saylee! Let assumed that your story is accurate about Mr. George Dweh advocacy role that led Chrustopher Neyor appointment as LEC boss means, Mr. Neyor should support the killing of innocent Liberians by George Dweh because of loyalty or friendship? Shame on you to even be defending the actions of Mr. George Dweh because of tribal base orientation.

    Mr. Neyor did the right thing that any rational individual will do and you should be ashame of yourself. I think Mr. Jackson Neal said it better and you need to be part of the solution and condemned Mr. George Dweh actions that went unpunished, then advocate for the war crime court to be established in Liberia, that will bring the other George Dweh like still out there to be punished.

  27. Thanks to you, Mr. Neyor, for providing detailed first hand information regarding the alleged murder of Jonny Nah at the hands of George Dweh. I am using the word “alleged” because I’m being judicial but personally I believe my former neighbors who told me (when I returned from behind NPFL lines) that Jonny Nah and family were killed by George Dweh and his men. The Nahs and I were once neighbors in Gayetown Old Road, Sinkor.

    I also believe that there are similar stories of extra-judicial killing across various/all warring factions during the civil war but the big question is how do we progress/proceed as a nation? There needs to be genuine healing to allow the nation to progress.

  28. Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor a point of correction:

    Please be informed that Mr. Sam Divine, the former President of the defunct LUBI Bank is not dead. He is sick and lives with his family in Georgia.

    Back to Liberia’s atrocities during the Civil War.

    My God! Every time I read about atrocities committed by some Liberians on their fellow Liberians during Liberia’s 14 years civil war, I pray that such evil never happens again in Liberia.

    It is unimaginable how a once economically stable, and peaceful loving country I left in the 70s to study abroad all of sudden turned overnight to become one of the most destructive and dangerous place in West Africa in the 90s.

    It will take good leadership to redeem Liberia: someone who has the right economic vision; someone who has the humility of a servant; someone who can unify a broken nation, and someone who has the ability to put the welfare of the Liberian people first. A true leader puts his/her country first before political party or before his or her ethnicity.

    Will war crime be the true solution to Liberia’s current disunity and economic mess? Liberia could emulate Rwanda’s model for national unity: set up by its commissioner for national unity and reconciliation amongst former opponents of its civil war to promote national unity in Rwanda which is still being implemented today.

    On another note: It is time for the Liberian government to request YouTube or VICE (the video producer) to take down these horrifying videos showing Liberian warlords practicing cannibalism.

    1. VICE YouTube video: “The cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Jun. 13, 2012).”
    2. VICE YouTube video: “The cannibal Generals of Liberia (April 26, 2012)” are all still on YouTube for the world to see.

    These savage behaviors depicting cannibalism by Liberian warlords do not represent the good image of the peaceful and friendly people of Liberia.

    Liberia has a long way to go! Only Liberians can fix Liberia by all Liberians, those at home and those in the diaspora, working peacefully together.

    Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor, that was just too much horrifying information to digest at this time with COVID-19.

  29. My Fellow Liberians:
    I want to first express sympathy to all of us for the horrors that came to us. The etiology of our problems has not been addressed therefore healing is impossible. You cannot have a covered sore with germs inside and say the sore is healed. You have to open the wound, clean it before covering it for curative effect. Our problems are deeply rooted in our inability to vet and engage selfless, and wise leadership for genuine restorative and retributive justice to unfold in Liberia. Taylor and Ellen couldn’t deliver but we handed power to them and served them to satisfy our ego. Currently, Weah is showing his incapability to deliver. If this trend continues, coming 2023, we must openly take Liberians democracy to task by vetting, debating and selecting leaderships that are accountable to the people and our country. If this will be through a rough path, so let it be but we must together find a common solution to our numerous problems whether you are in Liberia or the diaspora.


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