Electricity Is Essential, LEC


Dear Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC),

Please accept my sincere compliments and I write to respectfully inform you that we (Liberians) are running out of patience for your unsatisfactory services and continuous abuse of our rights of living a life worthy of 21st Century.

LEC, as a public utility entity, you were created in 1973, by the Government of Liberia, to mandatorily produce and supply economic and reliable electric power to the entire nation and to ensure that efficient, reliable, and affordable electric power is available not only to meet the increasing demand for electric energy in Liberia but also to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic development.

LEC, it is about 48 years now since your birth (if I’m mathematically correct); meaning for the past 48 years, you have been engaged in what you do today – Current! Current! Current! Electricity! Electricity! Electricity! etc. Everything you touch, Electricity! Everywhere you turn, it is electricity business. Even your children you send to learn and to return to help you, also study Electricity… All through your life is all about ELECTRICITY, and as a common saying goes, “Practice makes better”. If in 48 years you’re being doing this one thing….it beats our imagination that up to now, Liberians are still not feeling your impact, greatly.

LEC, at the age of 48, I am sorry to say, but it is clear that you senior a few developing and developed countries that are doing tremendously well for themselves and those they’re serving.

LEC, according to my research, you senior Germany because that country became Germany in 1990; today, Germany is one of world’s powerful economies, least to mention that Germany is among the first 10 world economies; LEC, you senior Namibia (independent: 1990) – see how that younger one of yours is doing so well for her children; LEC, you are older brother to Armenia (1991), Croatia (1991), Czech Republic (1993), Montenegro (2006), Serbia (2006), and Kosovo (2008). But these countries and you are incomparable in terms of improvement and service-delivery. Natural order is being defeated here, to see younger ones do more and better than those to be looked up to. So sad! LEC, these countries have improved themselves and service-delivery attitude, and they continue to be innovative. LEC, we, Liberians, are suffering and are living in darkness.

LEC, some Liberians including myself have visited a few countries: Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, USA, Belgium, etc. but the way you do your Current business in our Liberia is devastating, especially this attitude of ON-and-OFF or Hide-and-See; to the point that when it is about to rain, or the sun is about to get hot, or the wind starts blow, we prepare ourselves for Chinese lights, candles, or lanterns, in this age, because any minute later you will be cutting off your power..

LEC, your mandate is clear and we don’t want to overemphasize your responsibilities. In today’s world, Electricity is everything. I say EVERYTHING!! Maybe you still hold on to your year of creation, where the usage of Electricity is not as today’s. Let me remind you a little bit about how important is your Service in this time. Today, Electricity is an essential part of modern life and is used in commercial, industrial, and residential places. At the offices, Electricity is used for daily works; at the hospitals, it is very important; schools, I don’t want to mention….Homes, Jesus! Your service is everything, LEC, especially now where heat is raging due to global warming. I can proudly say that  Electricity is the epicenter of ALL now, except maybe in my VILLAGE, where firewood and moonlight dominate.

LEC, in today’s world, no country gets sustainable development and economic growth in the absence of stable electricity – which you’ve got the mandate to supply. LEC, no country can have factories and industries built, in the absence of electricity; nor can businesses expand operations, in the absence of electricity. LEC, a country barely gets investors for tangible and impacting investments in the absence of electricity; nor can technological advancement take the stage in the absence of electricity. LEC, if these things do not happen in a country, it results to a country’s facing underdevelopment and serious underemployment. And when underemployment swallows up the country, the citizens suffer and when the suffering becomes unbearable, many ugly things come alive, such as criminality, violent protests, public disturbances, which onward lead to national crisis. LEC, electricity is essential and means EVERYTHING.

Well, I don’t want to go in details about your responsibility as outlined in the Act that created you, but you are really falling short of your responsibilities.

So many press releases we have read about your services being improved… However, as Christians and Muslims, we are to be truthful to ourselves and do what is right. You’re not living up to expectation!!

LEC, at the end of 2020, in a major Press Statement, you outlined some achievements in your power supply. According to you, you hit a new milestone by reaching a peak demand of 47.45MW on New Year’s Eve and replaced almost 30 blown transformers for improved services; this we applaud, LEC, however, this is yet to be manifested physically. We are suffering!!!

We hope you will, one day, realize that LIGHT is LIFE and CURRENT is the CURRENCY of today’s living!!!

Please improve your service for us to know the distinction between living in a country’s capital and living in a village. Nowadays, we only get Current at night. It is frustrating! Even WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS, you prefer OFF to ON. In this current era, you have subjected us to only having Current at NIGHTS… This is totally sickening.

If we’re unable to live a better life in our motherland or homeland or deny of living a life in motherland because of poor services, where on Earth do you expect us to go to live this life? Must we first wait on Heaven to live a life worthy of humans?  We take God beg you, LEC, to do better. We, Liberians deserve better than what we have now and are experiencing, currently. ELECTRICITY IS LIFE, LEC! If it means you going back to the Act that created you for reminder, please do, but truly, you’re failing US. We need not to beg to pay you money for a service you’re created to provide, for better living conditions of all.



T. K. Jairus
Monrovia, Liberia


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