You Mean We Will All Sit Here and Let D. Twe High Die?


For many years now, probably since the beginning of his administration, we have watched the Atlantic Ocean slam the premises and now even the walls of D. Twe High School.

And surprisingly, none of New Kru Town’s politicians—or those like presidential candidate George Weah who ALWAYS gets ALL of New Kru Town’s votes—have said or done anything about the erosion destroying D. Twe High.

Nor have we heard anything from the powerful Kru lobby in government, including geologist and former Senate Pro-Tempore Cletus Wortorson and Senator Peter Coleman, Health Minister Bernice Dahn, and not even the Liberian government, which is headed by the granddaughter of a Sinoe Woman.

No, not even the great politicians who credit themselves for hailing from   Liberia’s southeast—Sinoe’s Dr. J. Mills Jones, Maryland’s Alex B. Cummings and Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, who has long considered himself the heir of Didwo Twe—we have heard nothing from these eminent politicians who will look to the southeast and its descendants in the local and international Diaspora to help get elected.

These politicians should all remember that D. Twe was the first southeasterner to enter the presidential race—in 1951.  That was until the incumbent, President William V.S. Tubman who, determined to brook (tolerate) no opposition, frightened Mr. Twe with harsh words, calling him “an inherent traitor to your country, a consummate liar, a senile visionary, a sophisticated bigot and an uncompromising egotist . . .”

Twe became afraid and quickly sought exile in neighboring Sierra Leone.  In 1960 he was pardoned by President Tubman and returned to Liberia and died on March 19, 1961.

But so much for history.  We are dealing in this Editorial with the matter of the moment—the death knell haunting D. Twe High.  Why, why must we let a great thing die?  That is, one of our leading high schools, built by President William R. Tolbert, Jr. in the heart of a poverty-stricken and deprived Monrovia slum, New Kru Town.

Why has the government, the nation’s most powerful single institution, not come forward with drastic measures to halt this terrible onslaught by the Atlantic against this noble beacon of hope, D. Twe High?

We call on all those who are chiefly responsible for the construction and rehabilitation in the nation—the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and the Liberia Electricity Corpration (LEC) move at once and take serious and decisive measures to halt the Atlantic onslaught and save D. Twe High.

With all the international goodwill of which this administration boasts, and indeed receives, why have we not approached some of our development partners, especially The Netherlands, for advice on how to save D. Twe High?


  1. It is a sad story.
    However, the UNFCCC through the EPA set aside couple of millions of dollars for the reclamation of some of our threatened and lost seacoast – hotel Africa, Buchanan, Cape mount, etc.. A pittance of the money was used for Buchanan and no one knows what happened to the rest of the money. Daily Observer, please get to UNDP (the custodian), Ministry of Land and mines, and the EPA to account for that money and show how it was used without any tangible result besides what was done in Buchanan. Some of that money can be used immediately to save New Kru Town High.
    If it is squandered, which I think, there should be restitution that can help towards saving D. Twe.

    Thank you.

  2. Very thoughtful,provocative, and a Call for Action to save an institution that bears the name of one of Liberia’s esteemed and forgotten patriots, Honorable Didwho Twe!

  3. You must saved the people before you saved a building and the Liberian government has failed mysteriously on both counts, all the politicians you listed are all self interested politicians…


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