Yes, We Can Mr. President!


President Weah did not hide his shock and disbelief at what he saw when he visited some public schools around Monrovia recently. He openly chided Education Minister Ansu Sonii fpr being responsible for the abjectly poor conditions under which students are learning.

The President observed broken desks and armchairs, leaky school roofs and a host of other problems for which he must have felt convinced, Education Minister should be held responsible. Analysts say the President’s remarks contained veiled threats of dismissals, dismissals which the public believed would have followed almost immediately.

But contrary to such public perceptions and expectations, Education Minister Ansu Sonii remains steadfast in his position and there appears to be little chances that such threats would be actualized anytime soon.

But the question is whether the dismissal of Minister Sonii will provide answers to problems facing learning/education in this country. The ready answer is no although dismissals could address the problem of inept leadership at the top.

The recurring mass failure of Liberian students in WASSCE exams has long since been a matter of public concern. Such mass failures were relatively unknown in decades prior to the onset of civil war in 1990.

Admittedly the civil war had devastating impact on every sector including education. Thousands of professionals including trained teachers were either internally displaced or forced into exile as refugees.

Restoring this sector to prewar levels has been quite an uphill challenge. Most teacher training institutions that existed prior to the civil war are either in a state of wanton disrepair, closed or operating at marginal levels of existence.

Public schools where they exist, including in Monrovia are also in a state of disrepair. Most public schools lack basic materials such as wooden desks, armchairs, instructional material, etc.

Most public schools in and round Monrovia, for example, are overcrowded and lack basic learning facilities such as libraries, laboratories and internet connectivity.

Over the 12-year period of President Sirleaf’s leadership, not a single public high school was constructed in Monrovia. Rather than increase spending on public education especially the training of teachers, President Sirleaf instead embraced and championed the outsourcing of public education to private investors paid for by public money.

Despite public outcry and despite appeals to President Sirleaf from the National Teachers Association, UNESCO, UNICEF and others seeking to have government walk back on its decision to outsource public education to BRIDGE International, the deal went ahead.

The results have been dismal to say the least. President Sirleaf whose public outburst declaring that the educational system of Liberia was a “mess” is today walking back on that statement saying she only meant, at the time to draw the attention of policy makers to the problem.

Further, President Sirleaf’s full embrace of a neoliberal economic policy agenda for Liberia and her actions taken  to tailor the Liberian economy along neoliberal lines also meant strict adherence to IMF Structural Policy Adjustment Policies (SAPs)

These policies call for sharp cuts in public spending on health and education and other social spending including public sector wage cuts. As the evidence shows, those policies, continued under this government have had a devastating impact on the lives of ordinary Liberians.

With unemployment hovering at around 80 percent, according to some estimates although, the Liberian Center for Geostatistical Information Services (LISGIS) puts the figure much lower arguing that individuals engaged in petit trading even with inventories as low as five-hundred Liberian dollars are counted as employed.

Whatever the case, the issue comes down to the matter of funding for public schools according to some experienced educators who acquired their primary and secondary education from public institutions.

They pointed out that during the reign of President Tolbert, impressive results were obtained in the education sector because of funding provided by government.

Under President Tolbert, tuition was waived for elementary, junior and senior high school students while all students enrolled at the University of Liberia had tuition requirements sliced by half and the same was applied to all books purchased from the UL Bookstore.

During the 12-yr period of President Sirleaf’s rule, nearly one billion US dollars was said to have been contributed by USAID to support education in Liberia.

Most of this money is said to have been channeled through international NGOs. But the problem is neither the International NGOs nor USAID have anything to show for it.

If private education for profit is/was indeed the way to go, the question is what accounts for mass failure with most students coming from private rather than public schools?

Clearly, government has to step up to the plate and increase funding to public schools. Government cannot any longer continue to subsidize private schools which are profit seeking institutions.

Such funding the educators maintain, should instead be directed to the erection of more public schools (well equipped), teacher training salaries and benefits for teachers including housing allowance for those serving in rural areas.

If Britain, the US and other developed nations had not spent on public education where would they now be? China stands out in this regard, moving up from the sick man of Asia to the industrial giant and economic powerhouse of the world poised to overtake the US.

It was education paid for by the state that has made such achievement possible. We should not fool ourselves thinking that private entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg have the answers to Liberia’s educational problems.

Public spending, making education free to all is the way to go and, let nobody IMF/World Bank included, tell us that we are too poor and or we lack the resources to do it. Not by a long shot Mr. President, with such great natural resource endowment. Can we do it? YES ,WE CAN MR. PRESIDENT


  1. There you go again, instead of doing your proper research; you just concluded that not a single public school was built in Monrovia during the EJS tenure. She outsourced education to an organization to run it. What you failed to find out was that all of TTI’s were renovated and made functional during this period; besides that, training teachers at the U.L was tuition free and they even received stipend while in school,etc.
    The problems confronting Liberian education does not called for putting blames on an administration, but one that will required soul searching solutions with the attending tasks of finding the problems and tackling them with boldness, no matter who get hurt. So let us look for the problems now, before the solution sacking ministers is not the solutions, it will only worsen the problem. Those who are in office now, know some of the problems, dismissing them now, they go with what they know.

    • The problems confronting Liberian education does not called for putting blames on an administration…………..

      Really, brother Flomo?
      You really meant what you just wrote?
      Who should we blame for these problems?

  2. Yes Mr. President. Sonii’s dismissal will show that you mean business. I know you’ve got so much on your hands, but regardless of that, don’t hesitate to do what have to do.

    While spending some time in Liberia a year ago, I visited a public school. With the principal’s permission, I was led to a classroom. With my own eyes, I observed the following:

    1. Most of the students did not have a textbook. It’s been like that since 1847. But you can change it.

    2. I saw two students sit in one desk. Who knows what public schools look like in Tappita, Toe Town, Fish Town, etc.

    3. I counted eight students who stood up while the teacher lectured because there weren’t enough desks and

    4. The class was overcrowded, but not noisy.

    You can do it, Mr. President. There’s no doubt that after making a change at the top, you will be blamed. But so what? Don’t be so kind-hearted. You don’t have to be like Richard the lion-hearted either. Those disorganized Africans or that known African will certainly rip your name up if you reshuffle or dismiss! Who cares?

    I know it’s financially difficult. With my contact, we can get textbooks for all of our students in Liberia. There will be no need to borrow money from the banks or the IMF. If you want a viable educational system, you’ve got to make a change! Go ahead. Make my day.

    Desks For Students….
    I will not tell you a falsehood on the issue of desks. But I can honestly raise a suggestion.

    Hang in there man. Shame your enemies. Some of your competitors or political enemies are grumpy and weak……weaker than a dead Eveready battery. Don’t be distracted by their threats. Dismiss or reshuffle!

    • By the sentiments expressed above, one wish this Hney guy was truly a principled man. That way he would make not only his nephews and cheerleaders here proud of him, but all of us cursed to share the same patrimony with him.

      Why do I say that? Because Hney vacilitates on issues all the time depending on who it is that’s been scrutinized or critized. How many times, for example, this man hasn’t taken on others here for criticising any of George Weah’s policies, and simply because “The man has been in power just three years?”

      So it is safe to say it is uncharacteristic and unprincipled for Hney to be so swift and uncompromising in this instance, by asking for the outright dismissal of the education minister for his negligence and incompetence, whereas he (Hney) will defend King George at every turn, and will even wager that accorded 9 more years, before his (King George) imagination and creativity will kick in. All that while others will hit the ground running, as they say. Oh well.

  3. Debt of Gratitude

    Yes sir, Mr. Editorial, thank you so much. You are right on my lane.
    Sometimes when I write a comment, some Liberian say, ‘that pekin frisky’, ‘fullah man, carry your **s back to Guinea’ and so on. Unfortunately, I cannot stop talking about Liberia. Because I owed a debt of gratitude. Some Liberian think we can get out of poverty without quality education. That’s a pure lie. Liberia was a modern nation when China was still an ancient kingdom; India was still a Mughal Empire (part of it still under the British). The entire Sub-Saharan Africa, cannot compare itself in development, education to neither Vietnam, Malaysia or even Cambodia not alone India and China. The Chinese was once called ‘the sick man of Asia’. They are blasting rocket into space along with India. We are still here talking about dilapidated school buildings with no arm chairs and text books, when billions were poured into the country from donors.

    That 1847 mentality that has kept us in the dark should be dealt with decisively. It is a timid mindset that everything is alright when certain individuals speak of it. Some of us haven’t travel to certain developing nations in the Asian continent and see how things are moving fast. Mr. President, go ahead and reshuffle, do not relent. Your adversaries want you do it the old way (where nothing is done and false praises are heap).

    Liberia can make it Sir. We just need to change the way we do business.
    Mamadu Bah (N/P), Australia

  4. This “known African” who likes to rip Weah’s name for no reason/s, who is he? I think Grand Frere should call him the appropriate name, i.e. the “country boy” or “village boy” or “bush boy” who loves his country!

    First, let me congratulate the Webmaster Admin for boldly asserting to Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah that YES indeed, WE CAN!

    My Liberian people, you see some of the inconsistency or stupidity at its worst? Weah is blaming poor Mr. Sonii for his (Weah’s) gross failure to the Liberian people. Why is he concerned about the school system now? Because he just received a slap in the face from the midterm? I thought this guy has become so good to come down to the people to talk to them, why is he visiting schools in Monrovia now?

    Look, to call it a family (core of every society where values and characters are formed), a father must go out to work to provide shelter to the family where they can proudly call home, provide money for food for all to be bodily fed, pay the children’s school fees for them to be psychologically stable to learn to their best and make the family happy, care for the spiritual upbringing of the children, etc. Women usually accept to wed a man based on their visions (security, safety and livelihood) to which they acquiesce.
    It means a man’s vision shape the destiny of the family that such person establishes.

    But in Liberia, our dear Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah has fought and killed to become the father of the Liberian people, yet he wants his wife and children to channel the way out for him; where on earth have you seen that, Mr. President?

    In a political party (usually people with the same philosophical views), there are divergent methodologies or approaches to achieving goals; and so within a given political party, there are different wings (like the AOC, Sander’s socialist group and other liberals within the Democratic Party in the USA).
    Every wing has its agenda and so anyone from such wing who wins the nomination usually implement their well-prepared existing platform.

    Sadly, in Liberia, Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah is blaming a poor minister for implementing NO educational plans for Liberia, why?
    When it comes to the educational system, what is the CDC proposing?
    The promises we heard are the following:

    Mr. Peter GBOYO just accused my adorable Grand Frere of not being a principled person, he may be right, but I am not going to use the term “principled person”.
    Grand Frere is sometimes inconsistent, why and how? He is sometimes inconsistent because he does not want to see one man (Cummings), a good man too, become president of Liberia for some hidden reasons.
    He usually invites us to join hands with Weah to help to build the country, and that we should not wait until being president before we come in to help with development.

    Here is my adorable Grand Frere telling the Liberian people, through Daily Observer, that he can help solve the problems of textbooks and desks for public schools in Liberia. Why can’t you go ahead with such plans? Are you waiting for a public recognition? Or do you need some money? Remember, you just said the president doesn’t need to borrow from banks or the IMF to undertake such project, help the CDC government on this!

    Grand Frere, the Liberian people are waiting for you to help provide textbooks and desks!

  5. Dempster Yallah,
    I don’t know what hovers over your head or what rekindles your brain to be so vitriolic. You certainly expose yourself as being ill-natured. Just be informed that I am very, very principled. I don’t come on this circuit to insult people. On the downside, I am convinced that you are one of the most unscrupulous commenters I have encountered.

    According to you, my sentiments “expressed above” define me as being unprincipled.
    How come? I did not insult anyone! That’s because I am not a fool. My purpose for writing is not to be as vindictive as you. When I disagree with my compatriots from time to time, I do not become spiteful, but rather I state in the clearest of terms why I disagree.

    Using the nom de guerre Hilary Snyder, you were outed by a commenter as being Dempster Yallah. During that time, you denied being Dempster Yallah, but the markings of Hilary Snyder are all over you. Another nom de guerre of yours is Peter Gboyo. On the other hand, I care not about your pseudonyms. Sir Peter Gboyo, please take note. I am not your student, you’re not my moral compass. I am not here to please you.

    A few days ago, you (Peter Gboyo aka Hilary Snyder aka Dempster Yallah) disputed Cllr Jayweh’s comment, but you “agreed” with something that I wrote. But, less than 36 hours later, you discover that I do not have scruples. That’s funny!

    In my previous comment, I stipulated why it is a genius idea for changes to be made at the Ministry of Education. Once again, I will repeat…. the schools in Liberia need a change. We certainly need textbooks, a reduction of class size, competent teachers, sufficient desks and a good school environment. But I am 100% convinced that the greatest change that’s needed is at the top. I am not baleful neither am I half-baked. I keep no grudges. I want the very best for the youth of Liberia. If you ever become president of Liberia, I will support you when I feel you’re trying your best.

    The Weah Factor…..
    Weah is not a saint. He makes mistakes like you, me or any individual. But Weah certainly needs help. Weah inherited a bad economy. In a third-world country such as ours, economic issues do not boom overnight. Unfortunately, Weah is being blamed for everything from 1847 up to now. I think that’s highly unfair.

    The Problem…..
    Weah noticed recently that something is not clicking right at the schools he visited. The question is what should he do? Or shouldn’t he do something about fixing our nation’s schools?

    You have a solid education. Don’t you think that our youth should be as educated as you are? What’s your problem? Why do you always attack me? Sir Peter Gboyo, it’s enough. You always make disparaging statements about me. I don’t know what motivates you. Cool off man.

    • “Uncle Hney,” as others fond of you would call you, the reference to your unprincipality stems from such inconsistent and vacilitating stances on issues as the examples posted below. Read them again and tell us what conclusion even a machine with no heart or brain for prejudice towards you will draw from that inconsistency.

      “Uncle Hney” writes:

      “…A few days ago, you (Peter Gboyo aka Hilary Snyder aka Dempster Yallah) disputed Cllr Jayweh’s comment, but you “agreed” with something that I wrote.”

      Before the ink could dry on that, he writes again,

      “…Why do you always attack me? Sir Peter Gboyo, it’s enough. You always make disparaging statements about me. I don’t know what motivates you. Cool off man.”

      “Uncle Hney,” the above submissions just happen to be classic examples of contradiction, inconsistency, duplicity, deviousness, cunningness, slickness, foxiness, shiftiness, deceitfulness, unreliability, fickle, untrustworthy, undependable, etc., ad infinitum. You will agree, “Uncle Hney,” that none of the words listed here estimates anything “principled.” So where does that leave us? Therefore the resort to ther best possible option.

      Lastly, and your imaginary Dempster Yallah feel-good pinata aside for a second, why do you characterize my posts as “insults?” How could calling out people or posters here on the veracity or accuracy of their posts be insulting? I agree the descriptive terminologies may be harsh and unflattering at times, but far removed from the practical definition of “insult.” So I detest the categorization of my posts as “insulting,” as if eminating from some wayward imp. And, interestingly, you don’t see such unsavory categorization of my person as “insulting,” right? In all my encounters here with you, have I ever used words like, “Fuck you,” “Ass hole,” “Stupid,” etc. on you or any others here? On the other hand I have. Calling me “Dempster Yallah” along with constantly insulting the wife of that young man all the time, as if she has anything to do with anything going on here.

      But be rest assured, the color of my posts can change instantly, consistent with the content or intent of the message, the messenger or whatever the provocation. I come here I guess like everyone else, simply to catch on the happenings in Liberia. Sometimes it requires commenting where necessary, and essentially for the sake of adding to the quest to mold our motherland the way we hope it ought to be, in order to accommodate all of us as one big family. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. Hello Mon Petit Frere,
    I have partially recuperated from my accident. I also went to work a few days ago. I am in good spirits!

    Please note that I am not anti- Alexander Benedict Cummings as an individual. I don’t envision him as a demon. I do not de-legitimize him. I reject the politics of Alexander Benedict Cummings based on principle. If someone tells you that I do not have any moral principles, don’t buy it. On the upside, I sincerely apologize if you personally think and wholly convinced that I harbor malice against the ANC leader, Alexander Benedict Cummings, your demigod. Because of him, you’ve availed yourself as being a Defender and a Grand Apologist of all times. Also because of extreme weaknesses within the opposition, you try your best every day by setting the the record straight. In that regard, you’re honorable. Keep trying! But I will stick with Weah. In America, I am a registered Independent, but you consider yourself a conservative Republican. Putting aside our politics, can we work together for the common good of our motherland? I am sure we can.

    I don’t do a dumb defense of Weah. In other words, when Weah is wrong, he’s wrong. I always say that Weah is not a saint. The problem is that whenever a calamity hits, (such as the spade of killings that occurred last year) Weah got blamed without evidence. I will only blame Weah if it can be shown that he factually did this or that.

    With regard to the educational system of Liberia, I am convinced that some changes are imperative. Education should not be politicized. Education should be seen as an equal distribution issue.

    American News……
    Not Donald J. Trump, but Joseph Biden, will be sworn in office as president on January 20, 2021. Donald J Trump is so embarrassed that he plans to break away from tradition since 1869. Trump will not attend Biden’s swear in service. It’s a shame 😒 and a disgrace.

  7. If one was to make a psycho-analytical tour of Weah’s mind vis-a-vis the present educational mess, he would wonder, what is he thinking? Why like other presidents and given the urgency of the national crises in the country, he is unable to dismiss those who are not capable of doing their jobs as cabinet ministers? The answer is all too familiar: he hires people because of family ties, tribal affiliations, and partisanship, thus, disregarding the true educational experiences and training of individuals. And as the result, he is caught in a dilemma fearing what the repercussions will be if he fires any of his CDC loyalist.

    For example: Can Weah fire Dr. Sonii? Absolutely yes. He has all the constitutional authority to do that, but he cannot because he looks at this problem from this dimension: Public outcry from Liberians will be amplified as they have seen and noticed the president has played and continues to play favoritism towards certain of his appointed officials in spite of their dismal performances in government.

    The list of dysfunctional ministers is long; however, topping this list are individuals like Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel McGill, Jefferson Koijee, Bono, and so forth. Now, how can he leave these party stalwarts out and fire Dr. Sonii who is at least trying, but is hamstrung because of budgetary constraints? Well, this is a different president and so his ethics and morals might be different.

    The core of this issue tells us about the ethical dilemma which would face a president who would often design and implement his or her policies based on friendship and political associations and thus not putting the national interest of the country in the forefront.

  8. Peter Gboyo,
    With all due respect, I don’t need your patronage. I hope I am not being rude, but the truth has to be told unequivocally. Don’t refer to me as “uncle Hney”. Forget about how people who are fond of me call me. The peace-loving commenters who refer to me as such are doing so out of love and respect. Secondly, based on what I wrote, there was no contradiction on my part. The truth of the matter is If there’s someone who maligns and smears people with a bunch of marlarkey, it’s none other than you.

    Gboyo writes, “In all my encounters here with you, have I ever used words like F–k you, A–hole and stupid, etc”.

    Unbelievably in the same breath and without the use of his virtuosity, Gboyo writes, “On the other hand, I have”. (Just take a look at what you wrote)

    I do not recall whether you’ve use the vituperative words above to insult me. It’s been awhile since you’ve been hovering in my immediate space with your constant use of snide remarks. What I can say is that you don’t have to use the above “low-life street words” to insult me or anyone with whom you’ve got a difference. The word insult has a lot of meanings. In one sense, to insult means “to offend or speak with disrespect. In another sense, to insult means to defame.”

    Once again, take a look at your second quote above. Said you, “on the other hand, I have”.

    Question: What on earth do you mean? What in essence are you saying Sir? You should say what you mean and mean what you say.

    In a similar situation, take a listen to yourself once again, “by the sentiments expressed above, one wish this Hney guy was truly a principled man”.

    Mr. Peter Gboyo, do you think it’s fun to label someone as being “unprincipled”? The direct implication of being “unprincipled” translates into a blatant insult! Based on your twist and turns, you’re either a jester or a wisenheimer.

    I prefer peace and cooperation. But be warned, if I feel a slight from you, I will respond.

    • Fuck you Hney! And Fuck you again! And again! Now, KI hope that satisfies your stupid and continuous effrontery. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I too, can be pushed and waylaid just so much and no more. Awaiting your response. Frisky ass.

      • For the records, the phrase “On the other hand, I have” was an incomplete sentence. The full sentence meant was: “On the other hand, I have …had my share of insults here of the most vulgar types beyond reason.” That sentence was splintered for some reason, not meant to insult or disparage you for no no reason. That’s what that was. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • I am again saddened to read such words from another Liberian senior on a national and international blog.
        Liberians, what is wrong with us? When are we going to grow up? What do you expect from the children reading and learning from us?

        The wine is drawn on a sensitive issue plaguing our common heritage, we must drink it by creatively, coherently, methodically and politically making our points which could serve the GOL in directing its policies, yet we resort to insults or vulgar expressions in a public space of intellectualism.
        Let’s learn to be role models for a new breed of generation that can positively impact and change Liberia.

        I hope under no circumstances we should ever read such vituperations on this blog again.


        • This is the disgusting and nauseating thing about reprobate slimes like you. Where have you been with this piety for the many times some jiggerflee called “Kou Gontee” has been literally having field days with me here, using the most vulgar of expletives you could imagine? She does not just level those vulgarities at me, but my wife and mother and not one day have I ever accosted her for any reason. Whatever her beef with Ellen, I’m supposed to be a substitute for the fallout? And not once have you, or any others here ever said anything to “Kou Gontee” about those unwarranted insults. And all of a sudden you want to preach what to me, sermon about decorum? Mehn Pleeze! Too late! Besides, I am an adult, fully responsible for anything I say here, as well as prepared for the consequence thereof. Tan-q

          • Kou Gontee also gets at me all the time. You don’t have to join them in the ring.
            I have been reading you all the time and somehow feels discouraged for the new tune you have adopted.
            My mother, wife and children have been insulted here too by CDCians, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM, SIR!

  9. You ask “If private education for profit is/was indeed the way to go, the question is what accounts for mass failure with most students coming from private rather than public schools?”

    But your question is based on a black lie that “mass failure with most students comes from private rather than public schools?”. Making such claims requires evidence. Can you provide evidence that “mass failure with most students comes (coming) from private rather than public schools?” If not, you are a black liar!!! Please stop using your black lies to sabotage private schools that are successfully educating poor people children.

  10. Grand Frere,

    I am indeed happy to hear that you went to work a few days ago and are recovering from your accident. Remember Psalm 91, God is watching over your coming in and going out, be still and know that HE is God.
    Bonne guérison, Grand Frère !

    Grand Frère, remember the Liberian people are waiting for you to provide them the textbooks and desks promised.
    I hope you are not expecting Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah to appoint you as Minister of Education before you bring the textbooks and desks.
    I will always make it my duty to remind you of your promise!

    Since your guy Weah murdered the 4 auditors, you have NEVER condemned him Grand Frere. You have always come to his defense by sometimes asking me to prove it. What proof/s do you want from me to understand that the assassination of the four was politically motivated?

    It is not the first time you are telling me that you have nothing against Cummings. I may want to believe you, but sometimes your description and labeling of the future president of Liberia leaves me perplexed. As much as I believe in your sincerity, I am also convinced you have qualm/s with my demigod, Alexander B. Cummings. Whatsoever it may be, for the sake of Liberia and for my sake, forgive him and get ready to work with him; this, I beg of you!

    Let me underscore a point to all Liberians: No minister, no matter how brilliant you may be, can ever impact or transform the educational system of Liberia without a robust plan or policy of the Executive!
    Ministers implement policies crafted by the Executive branch of government, not the other way around. That’s why we need a qualified human being at the Executive Mansion. Do not think the president will be voted and then he sits in there for the ministers to think and implement things that can improve their various ministries, NO my people of Liberia. Wake up and stop voting mediocrity!

    When a government drafts a policy, it plans its execution and apportions the appropriate budget thereof. What do you expect poor Dr. Sonii to do with the meagre annual budget apportioned to a war-torn ministry of education?
    Dr. Sonii is no problem here, my people. Stop blaming him for nothing, blame the Hebrew Boys (Weah, Tweah and McGill)!

    Grand Frere, if Weah were to send for you to become the minister of education, you would failed lamentably, believe me!
    But under a Cummings’ regime, you will be a shining star even in the abyss!

    Once again, my people, Ellen is no longer the president of Liberia. Let’s stop blaming her for all our ills. We have a president who knew the ills and promised FIXES, we are yet to see those fixes.
    Bring us the FIXES you promised, Gbekugbeh!

    American News (for Grand Frere Hney)
    Since the 18th Century, have you ever witnessed such inauguration of a United States president?
    There are more troops at the Capitol than Afghanistan and Iraq combined;
    The incumbent has refused to attend the inauguration of the incoming;
    The Capitol was on fire yesterday;
    There are armed protests planned in all 50 states of the USA;
    The Congress and the US Security Apparatuses are sharply divided on innumerable issues.

    Do you, then, consider such an inauguration? It is a power grab by democrats, and so tomorrow an illegitimate president will secretly be sworn in, like in the Ivory Coast.
    Get ready to face the consequences, especially our black communities.
    But beware of one thing, Trump WILL SERVE HIS SECOND TERM, this I am convinced. Let’s watch on as things unravel.


  11. Just about 36 hours ago, the self-inflicted Peter Gboyo vociferated the following words, “in all my encounters here with you, have I ever used words like F–k you, A–hole, stupid, etc”?

    Knowing Peter Gboyo, aka Hilary Snyder, I could have responded to his question in an affirmative manner. But I didn’t because I knew he would once again expose himself as a malignant larrikin he really is.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am very sorry to do this, but it’s being done because I want you to see some of the colors of Peter Gboyo. Take a listen,

    “F–k you Hney! F–k you again! And again! Now, KI hope that satisfies your stupid and continued effrontery”.

    The Beginning:
    Without provoking Peter Gboyo in anyway, I commented on President Weah’s astonishment about the quality of schools in the Monrovia area. Not a demand neither by subterfuge, but a suggestion was raised by me. I reasonably suggested that in order for schools to be improved in Liberia, it might be a brilliant idea for changes to be made at the top, (at the MOE), possibly a termination or a reshuffle! I have no vendetta against Minister Sonii. But I am a free man. I have a right to express myself. Unfortunately, without a stint of provocation in my mind against Peter Gboyo, Peter Gboyo became agitated.

    Peter Gboyo is the guy who started this argument. Somehow, he wants to shift the blame to me. First, Peter Gboyo labeled me as an “unprincipled guy”. I understand my views parallel his. It’s a simple fact of life. There’s always going to be disagreements. I think it’s preposterously naive to insult someone because of divergent views.

    In his twist and turns, the relentless Peter Gboyo says one thing and a few hours later, he says something completely different. Example, Peter Gboyo claims that he doesn’t insult anyone. But there he is saying “F–k Hney”. Does anyone believe this guy?

    Bottom Line:
    Peter Gboyo, it’s in your best interest to ameliorate yourself. Until that’s done, you will continue to be a maggot bigot.

    • As for you, one only needs to pray that you develop some conscientious fibers in that hollow frame on you called body, so at least, your attempt at availing whatever the expertise you have garnered over the years, will be accepted by all and sundry without the least suspicion.

      You come here everyday defending George Weah’s poor performance in office, trying to convince the rest of us to “give the man a chance.” That it requires more than three years before we will see what the man is made of.

      But when minister Sonii is criticized similarly for poor performance, you are one of the first with axe at that, to begin chopping the man’s limbs for shredding. And when called out on that duplicity as “unprincipled,” then it is insult? Fuck you again about that.

  12. Correction

    Grand Frere, if Weah were to send for you to become the minister of education, you would fail (not failed) lamentably, believe me!

  13. Mon Petit Frere,
    Thanks very much for your concern. I am not out of the woods yet completely. My knee still hurts. I hope and pray that a surgery will not be needed. By His grace, I will be okay.

    Je sais que vous voules arre’ter cet argument en course. Mais ce type eat toujours sous ma. Je ne pense pas que he devrais m’en aller comme une femme.

    I don’t want to sound as if I am bragging. I am a low-level person. But I know there’s a way we can get textbooks in Liberia. Remember, I have worked with two different school systems in two different states. The contact is there.

    Mr. Defender, I would like Weah and all Liberian presidents to succeed. Somehow, there’s too much infighting amongst us. Our country is supposed to be priority number one. No one’s interest should take over the interest of our country.

    You know how high my frustration level is. The lawmakers are at the core of my argument. They make a lot of money! If their salaries can be cut by a mere 30%, money will be saved for our schools.

    American News In Brief…..
    Look man, come January 20, 2021, Joseph Biden and his VP elect will be sworn in by His grace. Conspiracy theorist, Donald J Trump will be airlifted to Andrews (the presidential retreat in Maryland) tomorrow. Because of his stupidity and arrogance, he will not attend the swear in ceremony. His demonic ghost follows him tommorow from the White House.

    As soon as he gets sworn in, Biden has promised to:

    *. Lift the ban Trump imposed on most Islamic countries from coming to America,

    *. Extend student loan payments,

    *. Put in a request for us to get a $1400 Covid-19 relief stimulus. Shhh, don’t tell my young prolific brother Jackson Neal anything about citizenship.

    *. Vaccinate one hundred million Americans in 100 days. (Not 100,000 jobs in 100 days.) That’s something Trump has been unable to achieve. Many things are in the pipeline!

    Hang in there buddy.

  14. « Je sais que vous voulez arrêter cet argument en cours. Mais ce type est toujours sur moi. Je ne pense pas que je devrais m’en aller comme une femme. »
    Je te comprends, Grand Frère !

    A better way :
    « Je sais que tu veux mettre fin à cet échange houleux en cours, mais ce type n’arrête pas à me mettre sur les nerfs. Il ne faudrait pas que je m’en aille facilement comme ça, comme une femme ! »

    I believe you can arrange for textbooks to be donated to the educational system of Liberia. I know you can equally use your contacts to get some schools donate desks to many schools in Liberia. I therefore encourage you to take up your precious time and money to procure these basic needs for Liberian schools.
    After living the experience, you will concord with me why we need a change at the Executive Mansion, and not just poor Dr. Sonii.
    I would admonish you to try and understand me or prove me wrong, Grand Frere!

    I will equally like to see anyone succeeds in our country.
    But we should not create more problems for ourselves and look up to Providence to succeed, NO! Our God is a God of principles, we should therefore not put HIM to test!
    If you want to eat, you must sow. Do not sit home all day or year long and expect HIM to send down manna from Heaven, no. Our God did it once, when HIS children were in the wilderness (EXCEPTION).
    The international community fed us when we (Liberia) were at war (EXCEPTION). Why should dodgy economic operators still be feeding our people when we have enjoyed relative peace for almost 15 years?

    With all the natural resources we have in our country, people with NO innovative skills fight to get our rulership while our immense natural resources are dashed out cheaply. How can you believe that Moldova, the poorest country in Europe that solely depends on agriculture, will have a better economy and high standard of living for its citizens than Liberia?

    Liberians, we need to come to ourselves; popularity and barbaric strength do NOT and have NEVER developed any country in the world. Africa, especially Liberia, is lagging because we use these 2 stupid parameters to gauge our rulership / leadership.

    Professor Sonii is NOT the problem to the educational system of Liberia, the Hebrew Boys (Weah, Tweah and McGill) are responsible.
    My bone of contention with Professor Sonii is affixing his signature to diplomas of students who make a pass in one subject out of nine (1/9) on the WASCE. It MUST come to an end in Liberia!

    American News
    I wish you good look with your new president, Joe Biden!

  15. Peter Gboyo,
    Your stupid blabber mouth spews volumes of filth. I suggest you buy yourself a mouth-size wire tooth brush in order to have your mouth detoxed and brushed. We have ladies on this circuit who contribute from time to time. Your use of the F-word is too excessive. It would be the right thing to do if you could employ your sixth sense (otherwise known as the the common sense). But on the other hand who knows? Fearing you, maybe the sixth sense itself will find it difficult to find a haven of rest among the rest of your cells and your damaged blood veins, you silly Gboyo.

    My defense of Weah shouldn’t bother you at all. On almost every occasion I have shown “sympathy” towards his cause, I have said over and over again that Weah is not a saint. The inference to be drawn from that phrase is that Weah makes his share of mistakes. Of course, the act of making mistakes is human! Everybody makes mistakes!

    I will leave this to your conscience. I find it difficult to deal with your psychological resilience, regardless of that, I hold my nose up in the air and read your stuff sometimes. If you stop talking silly, maybe every commenter and reader of the Daily Observer will breath a sigh of relief.

    Good night stupid. Be cool, but not a fool.

    • L
      Hney, like they say about character, it is like pregnancy, it will never remain hidden. Need I say any more about your true character thus, as exemplified above, Rev. Hney?

      On the other hand, read Petarus’ response to my unsavory comment about his interjection about my uncharacteristic demeanor in response to you. Very courteous, civil, well-mannered and respectful.

      The brother’s response left me self-conscious and embarrassed. If I should moderate the tune of any future squabble with you here, you can credit your “Petit Frere” as such, as the “mollyman” who did the trick. Hopefully you don’t use that goodwill as free pass for any wanton unprovoked indiscretion with me, moving forward. As your “Petit Frere” himself knows, there’s something called snap, tantamount to I believe Newton’s Second Law of Motion (the one about every motion and the reaction thereto). Thank you.

  16. Mr. Peter Gboyo,
    Okay. If you feel that way, I too will modify my speech. Let’s move on like two patriotic Liberians.

    I read the impassioned comment that Mon petit Frere wrote. Although you’re very sincere, I laughed to hear you say that Mon Petit Frere’s comment has had an impact.

    Frankly, I think the credit should come to me because I am the guy who’s instilling all kinds of values in that African. He started out being a regular commenter. In no time, and because of his insistence to advance his demigod’s agenda, he has acquired the following titles:

    *. Apologist,
    *. Defender of Weak Causes,
    *. Mon Petit Frere,
    *. Peta (it didn’t stick)
    * Grand Apologist and now
    *. That African
    His next title (sympathizer of dis-organizations) is coming up. But for now, Mon Petit Frere will be referred to as African. Dolo is a good guy.

    All is well.

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    What a hilarious Grand Frere!

    At least, you have made me to shake off some of my sadness.
    It has been a sad moment for me to watch a winner leaves the White House for a loser.
    A sad moment indeed to see peace leaves the White House for war.
    A sad day to see sincerity departs for hypocrisy.

    The greatest president of the world just took off from the Joint Base Andrews to Florida, why do good people go so soon, God?
    Jesus worked for only 3 years when you took him away;
    Martin Luther King Jr. fought the right fight, died at a tender age while his dream came through the wrong people;

    Trump fought against injustice and war, the world enjoyed relative peace while he occupied the White House, yet God YOU allowed men of evil intents to unfairly kick him out.

    I pray for long life for my Grand Frere to live for the next 20 years to realize how great President Trump has been.
    When Trump was announced president-elect on November 4, 2016, the stock market – DJI (a major barometer of the US economy) was reading 17,888.28.
    Upon taking the oath of office on January 20, 2017, the market climbed to 19,827.25.
    Today, January 20, 2020, the stock market reads 30,930.52.
    It means within 4 years, despite COVID-19, the market gained 13,042.24 points; unprecedented in the history of any country in the world. What a great president!

    I hope we (ANC) can achieve or near similar record for our country come 2023.
    Dear Liberians, Cummings will be your Trump on economic development in Liberia!

  18. Defender: “it’s a sad moment to see a winner leave the White House”.

    Trump was never the winner in the recent elections! Trump had one black cabinet Secretary in his administration. If my memory serves me right, Trump met with one African head of state…. the president of Nigeria. The very black people he shunned throughout his one-term presidency, returned the favor and blasted him out of the White House.

    Defender: “The greatest president of the world just took off”.
    Trump was impeached two times during his presidency. Most people (including members of his own party) voted to have him impeached. Trump’s approval rating has hit rock bottom. At less than 35% approval, no American president has had such a record. Internationally, most of the US’s closest friends think that Trump (is, was) unsophisticated and grubby.

    Defender: “Trump fought against injustice”.
    Response….. Wrong. In reality, Trump perpetuated injustice, racism and xenophobia. An in-depth ABC News research found that 54 cases of violent acts were caused by his despicable behavior.

    Ladies and gentlemen of Liberia:
    Please be extremely careful during the upcoming Liberian presidential election. The ANC and its disorganized affiliates will not represent your interest. At the present time, hot air is being blown in order to convince you. It’s all a scam.

  19. Grand Frere,

    I hope you saw the number of people lined up on the streets of Florida to receive the greatest president the world has ever known.
    Did you see that the crowd was more than 2 times the size of the people at the inauguration of the loser?
    Did you notice that he had a better press coverage than an incoming president at the White House? First time ever in the history of the United States!

    It’s not the number of African presidents Trump met that matters, but the quality of African presidents. Did you expect Trump to meet your Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah? To discuss what? About football? Come on Grand Frere! Trump plays golf.
    Or did you expect Trump to meet Yoweri Museveni of Uganda? To prove what? Or maybe Paul Biya of Cameroun? Just for the interests of a few dodgy American economic operators?

    I wish Trump could have stayed on for 10 years to moralize the world.
    You know Grand Frere, I like people who will look me in the face and tell me I don’t like the size of your nose or the way you treat your children.
    If you don’t like my nose, I will avoid you because I know I cannot change it, that’s how God created me.
    If you don’t like how I treat my children, maybe I will try to change my ways of treating them, bearing in mind I have a different cultural view and value.

    I hate people who do not like your nose or the way you treat your children and behave they like you or approve the way you treat your children, then resign in his world to mock or make a fun of you for what you are.
    That’s how the Democrats are; hypocrites who subdue us (black people) but pretend to like us. Because we (blacks) are easily manipulatable, they use us in dirty games to accomplish their selfish aims.

    How many times in your life have you seen the Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer wear African attires? But they hypocritically gowned them in Congress to pretend to show solidarity for the death of George Floyd, yet refused to sign unto the legislature that could eradicate such inhuman treatment, how can you describe this? Love or hypocrisy?
    Blacks will still be killed like chickens by cops, Grand Frere!

    They carried us to the Americas as slaves, they fought against the Republicans to maintain us as slaves while the Republicans were fighting for our freedom.
    The exception in the history of the USA was JFK, who was assassinated by them for standing up for our human dignity. Why then, do we support the very people who continue to mete the worst humiliation on our race?

    Portland is on fire, beware! Fewer blacks suffered police brutality under Trump then under the first black president.

    The ANC wants to create a conducive environment in Liberia that can provide decent jobs with better salaries to attract foreign direct investments and expertise of our brothers and sisters lingering in the Americas.
    We must explore and dominate our seas, craftily harness our natural resources to benefit future generations, we must be present in space to control our communications and protect our people from frequent intrusions and exploitations.
    Our goal and dream are deeply rooted in the new pan-Africanist vision to making our countries truly independent, this is our shared vision.

    I pray to have another Trump in the White House while the democracy in Ghana consolidates, a better governance and an equal distribution of wealth take root in Nigeria, when a Laurent GBAGBO will be presiding over Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin, and when a Patrice Lumumba shall preside over the Congos while Kagame continues his mission in Rwanda.
    This indeed, is the new destiny we envisage for Africa!

  20. Mr. Defender of the Weak,
    To start up with anything, I’d like to say good morning. In direct response to your concerns, it’s my utmost pleasure to say the following:

    No. I didn’t bother to see the people who shamefully went out to meet Trump, the impeached one-term president yesterday. Even if I were paid a million bucks, I’d stay away! (Thank you 🤪) Second, as far as I am concerned, Joe Biden’s inaugural crowd could have been 12 well-wishers (as in the 12 tribes of Israel)
    compared to Trump’s millions.

    On the 6th of January, Trump’s insurrectionists almost took the lives of American lawmakers in DC. Because of concerns that the insurrectionists would hamstrung the event, a lot of people stayed away. That’s why there weren’t too many people at the inauguration.

    (If it means anything to you, Trump’s 27-year old daughter (announced on her dad’s last day in office) her engagement to a 23-year old boy whose parents are Lebanese). On the other hand, it’s good news for you because you’re an avowed Trumpian.

    I would also like to say this…. Congressman James Clybourn, a top African American lawmaker said that the former president George Bush called to congratulate him because of his (Clybourn’s) endorsement of Joe Biden during the democratic primary. According to Clybourn, Bush said to him that because of Biden’s win, the American people are in heaven. To me (but not to you) Bush’s call is a powerful endorsement of American Democrcacy and a blatant condemnation of Trump.

    The quality of African leaders? What on earth do you mean? First of all, Trump did not have a good working relationship with America’s traditional allies. The NATO Alliance which has kept the Western nations together since the end of the second WW, was weakend by Trump. So my friend, it’s not the quality of black leaders as such. It’s Trump who brought divisiveness and poor leadership skills to the presidency. You may not want to listen to any of this lecture. I certainly understand. Unfortunately, that’s the truth and there’s no way out around the truth. Just watch. A few months from now, Trump’s butt will be in the courts.

    “I pray to have another Trump in the White House”, said you.
    Well, take this at heart. God will not answer your prayer because God does not like ugly! Trump’s presidency was marred by bigotry at the highest level. Trump’s presidency has dealt the American economy a blow. For instance, his handling of the pandemic was egregious. Trump lied to the American people about the fact that the pandemic would go away soon. But the number of Covid-19 deaths is in excess of 400,000 so far. Mon Petit Frere, don’t be misled. Not too many American people want Trump back soon, if at all.

    Some of the things you say about the ANC are questionable. Take a listen….(second to the last paragraph) ……..”The ANC wants to provide decent jobs with better salaries to attract foreign direct Investments and expertise of our brothers and sisters……”

    Really, Mon Petit Frere?
    How can “decent salaries attract direct foreign investment”? That’s unconscionable you African! I know you mean something else. Why? Because there’s no way in the world where a decent salary of Liberian employees could possibly entice foreign investors. On the other hand, your brothers and sisters who linger in the diaspora may not go home because of exorbitant salaries under the ANC. Let’s not forget that today in Liberia, the lawmakers and top class government officials earn more than $100,000 every year. Because of high salaries, the country of Liberia is financially broke. The proletarians of Liberia are earning less than US$75.00 per month. It started under madam EJS.

    The ANC Does Not Have All The Answers. Too Many Promises! Finally on the issue of Trump, we have to agree to disagree.

  21. Grand Frere,

    Leave Trump’s daughter out of politics, please! Her private life should, in no way, be connected to her father’s political life.

    What do you expect from the Bush dynasty about Trump? Don’t you know he dismantled their monarchy? Didn’t you see how he made Jebb Bush to go red during the primary debate, making him to drop out after being disgraced in the third state?
    Don’t expect any good from the Bush family about Trump, and so this should not be a news from you to me.
    In the same way, don’t mention Collin Powel and family.

    You know, Grand Frere, the Number One reason why I love Trump is his frontal attack on some monstrous organizations, like the NATO.
    This alliance, formed to defend member states against the Soviet’s “threat/s”, is obsolete. It is now used as a witchcraft coven to pillage poor and weak nations.
    Under Trump, didn’t you see them trying to put their house together? There was no room for planning vileness.
    Who was the first to happily congratulate Biden and Harris? The French president. The USA is back in the game to suffocate us.

    During the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa, the western media portrayed Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) as tourist and tourist organization. Today, he is hailed as a freedom fighter and the party, the rainbow party.
    In years to come, history will establish the truth about the real perpetrators of the Capitol mob. Did you see how Amy Klobuchar was joyfully reading the opening remarks yesterday? Because they have “won”, poor Trump!

    Trump did not bring the pandemic to the world or the USA, China did. Trump could not behave like a jungle president to restrict people of their movements.
    Thank God Biden is there, the virus will go away in the next 10 days.
    Remember, his first day is over, and so he is left with 9.

    I meant to say “a conducive environment to attract foreign direct investments that would provide better salaries to attract our sisters and brothers in the diaspora.”
    (Do not crucify me for this, please!)

    The ANC does not have all the answers, true!
    The ANC has decent and patriotic Liberians to provide answers to many of our problems.

  22. Correction:
    During the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa, the western media portrayed Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) as terrorist (not trourist) and terrorist organization.


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