Will They Measure Up When The Time Comes? Only Time Will Tell!


As the nation inches towards the December 8, 2020 senatorial elections, there are rising fears that the exercise may be fraught with violence, given the spate of politically motivated violence that this nation and people have borne witness to recently. The representative by-elections held in Districts 15 and 13 offers sufficient testimonial to the facts underlying growing fears of imminent violence during the forthcoming elections.

Additionally, are fears that the upcoming elections appear more likely than not to be characterized by fraud. Again the recent District 15 elections as well as the 2017 general and presidential elections provide ample evidence of this. The compromised Voters Roll (VR) whose clean-up was mandated by the Supreme Court was never done as the Jerome Korkoyah led National Elections Commission simply ignored the mandate of the Court.

Members of the Supreme Court Bench, perhaps stricken by fear of reprisals from the Executive, including job loss and loss of benefits, or for whatever other reasons, did absolutely nothing to bring the NEC Chairman Korkoyah to book. Public speculations and suspicions of bribery or inducement of members of the Bench were rife at the time. But such was nothing strange in a very toxic political environment where every move or action taken, good or bad, can be subject to nefarious interpretations.

But the hard fact remains that the Supreme Court did nothing to halt a process which they should have known was riddled with fraudulent acts, only served to reinforce public perceptions of a biased and cowardly Bench pandering to the dictates of the Executive. By then it was open secret on whose side incumbent President Sirleaf was leaning.

In retrospect, the Supreme Court Bench could have acted independently and, in defense of the Constitution, reprimanded the NEC for disobeying its mandate and could have halted the process until the VR had been cleaned-up as per its own mandate.

That was not done and the process was allowed to continue only for contesting parties to later run to the Court, crying foul and attributing cause for same to the compromised VR, which the Supreme Court itself had previously declared fraudulent and compromised and had therefore ordered its clean-up.

Now the haunting question is whether this Supreme Court as currently constituted can be counted on to deliver impartial judgements on cases of electoral fraud that are certain to arise from the conduct of elections based on a compromised VR, which is still in use. Additionally, given the controversial stance of the Court in the Justice Ja’neh’s impeachment case, the public was left with a distinct impression that the Court had kowtowed to presidential diktat and had illegally allowed the impeachment of their colleague.

Further is the nagging issue of Ndubusi Nwabudike’s expulsion from membership of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA), based on his fraudulent acquisition of Liberian citizenship. Despite his expulsion from the LNBA, this proven crook of a lawyer has attempted to twist the spirit and intent of the law to suit his personal convenience. Recently during the opening of Court, Nwabudike was brazen enough to attend the opening session clad in legal robes and seated himself at the platform reserved for lawyers.

And this was in the presence of members of the Supreme Court bench who uttered not a word nor walked out in protest. The issue here is the LNBA has decided, based on exhaustive investigations, that Nwabudike fraudulently obtained Liberian citizenship and that this individual, by virtue of his fraudulent acquisition of Liberian citizenship, becomes legally unfit to practice law before courts of law in this Republic. Why has the Supreme Court not respected this decision by the Bar?

According to Wikipedia, “a bar association is a professional association of lawyers as generally organized in countries following the Anglo-American types of jurisprudence. In the United States, admission to the bar is permission granted by a particular court system to a lawyer to practice law in that system. Some bar associations are responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in their jurisdiction; others are professional organizations dedicated to serving their members; in many cases, they are both”.

Going by this definition a lawyer, whether expelled or denied admission to the LNBA, which is the arm of Court, cannot practice law before any court in Liberia. As regards the fraudulent acquisition of Liberian citizenship, this is what Nwabudike had to say:

“When I had my declaration of intents, I was a minor and because of that, I was required to bring a parental consent and an adult to stand to take the oath behind me. In this jurisdiction, our law requires that if a minor wants to get married, it requires parental consent. My argument here is that the court has set a precedent that when a minor wants to make a decision or a position of an adult, parental consent is required, and it can be granted under the law when it is done in the presence of a qualified adult.”

Now even a first-year law student knows that a minor cannot apply for Liberian citizenship. This is clearly stated in the Alien and Nationality Law, Section 21.3 sub paragraph 2 titled “Age requirement”, which states the following: “No person shall file a petition for naturalization unless he shall have attained the age of twenty-one years”.

Moreover, in face of the displayed helplessness, reluctance and apparent timidity of the Court to disbar Nwabudike from legal practice in Liberia, the public is left to speculate that this could be due to the fact that Nwabudike has connections in high places and is said to enjoy the good graces of President Weah.

Further, according to informed sources, a son of Chief Justice Korkpor (name withheld), is allegedly employed as business manager in the office of President Weah, which sources suggest could be reasons for such displayed reluctance. His critics accuse him of being a YES man citing his long years of service taking orders as a prison official and cannot be counted on to deliver unbiased judgments when cases of electoral fraud reach the Supreme Court.

Whatever the case, ONLY TIME WILL TELL whether this Supreme Court Bench under his leadership can be trusted. Will they measure up when the time comes?


  1. Daily Observer STOP LYING! You guys need to go back to school and undergo courses in Law 101 and Political Science 101, while ensuring that you are well tutored in Liberian constitutional and statutory laws.

    That said, know this that: it is the irresponsible Daily Observer and dull/corrupt Tiawen Gongloe (AND NOT THE PUBLIC) who after been exposed as a disappointment, embarrassment, and a disgrace, whom have been left to very STUPIDLY speculate in “displayed helplessness” after the Supreme Court wasted no time in chastising the LNBA and you kato rascals at the Daily Observer that despite your political idiocy, ignoramus xenophobia, and criminal disinformation, the LNBA lacks authority to disbar anyone from practicing law in Liberia. And that Cllr. Nwabudike a fellow negro is a bona fide Liberian citizen who is also a very esteemed Liberian legal erudite!

  2. Some people are good at casting aspersions. Some people are mediocre at casting aspersions. The question is does it make sense to cast aspersions? Ironically, it seems as if the Daily Observer has plunged itself into the business of casting aspersions on the upcoming December elections. The Daily Observer should step aside from telling its readers what happened in the previous elections, what could happen in December or who has contact with the president and who doesn’t.

  3. Daily Observer, poor Daily Observer
    How my heart is sometimes sored when I read people attack you baselessly just because the professional press women and men at your news agency endeavor to do your job objectively as the 4th estate in our republic.
    But allow me to encourage you in your drive. Even Jesus Christ was criticized, insulted and spat on even at calvary. Some people would like to always read articles in their favor. They refuse to accept that the scales fall off their eyes to look at situations from a different angle.

    There is a pending issue with voters roll from the 2016 elections that has not been addressed. The Daily Observer is simply trying to draw attention to it, yet we have decided to present a gloomy image of the professionalism of the entire news agency,
    Réfléchissons par fois!

    An individual who should be considered a person of moral probity in our society, publicly claimed he was accompanied to obtain the Liberia citizenship, a procedure completely contrary in obtaining the Liberian citizenship. He was publicly found to be ambiguous and so his nomination to head the NEC was withdrawn.
    This same individual is still not only holding a position of sovereignty, reserved for only Liberian citizens, but also continuously and audaciously clothes himself in lawyers’ dress code and attends hearings and deliberations despite him being disbarred from our LNBA, the institution which recognizes all individuals to practice law in Liberia. Worst of all, the president of the Republic of Liberia, who swore the oath of office to defend the Constitution of Liberia, has footed the same Constitution by appointing the fraudster to defend the state in a case.
    Où allons-nous ?

    On another sad note, many people are complaining about the inactivity, biased and comprising stance of our highest court / jurisdiction in the country. Daily Observer, as a credible news agency, is drawing attention to this worrisome and delicate issue, yet we insanely and biasedly attack the news agency for doing its job professionally.

    It is time the Supreme Court of Liberia addresses some of these sensitive issues because the country doesn’t assure its citizens and the business community.
    In the same way, the NEC needs to speak out on the topic raised by the Daily Observer to curtail any eventual election standoffs.
    Its always better to prevent than to cure. Liberia is from afar, let’s learn to be accountable and address the issues of our people professionally to avoid future turmoil/s.

    Thank you, Daily Observer. Never despair in pinpointing ills and irregularities in our society. May God bless Liberia!

  4. Daily Observer, you always try your best through thick and thin. Don’t be bothered by “some people” who pretend to show sympathy by saying all the good things they say to you. Some of the people who showboat their generosity towards you are people who criticize the manner in which you conduct your business. In other words, some people say “some” things behind your back! Oh yes they do, Daily Observer. Besides, it’s in your best interest to accept the fact that “some things” that you do should be criticized. Please look at it this way. When good people criticize you, it is not meant to demean your significance neither does it mean you should take a plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. It simply means you have an area of weakness that needs improvement. Lastly, most criticisms are not destructive, but rather constructive.

    Hang in there Daily Observer. Be sporty. Continue to be democratic.

    • Oh Hney, Oh Hney, you couldn’t had said it any better this time around, if your post was actually addressed to George, instead of the Daily Observer. That is the kind of objectivity that has longed been missing from you in all your posts. Making someone like James Davis to believe in that mindset of yours as a blind loyalist of both the CDC regime and George Weah. All ways stepping aside from being objective, once it concerns George and his CDC regime. However, you must be commanded for your kind advised to the Daily Observer, and hopefully will do the same to George and his regime. As always, James Davis calling a spade a spade.

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