Who Are These Politicians with Guinean Connection That Want to Threaten Our Peace?


One of the fundamental virtues taught both in the Holy Bible and in the Koran is HONESTY.

But it seems that some of our politicians insist on throwing out of the window this principle of honesty. Their blinding and avaricious political ambition has led them to import into Liberia Guinean nationals in order to engage in the ongoing voter registration, in violation of Liberian law.

Why? Because these politicians, with Guinean ancestry, know that their ethnic group is in the minority and there intend to force themselves on the Liberian electorate by importing “voters” passing as Liberians and attempting to register to vote.

These politicians, many with distinct Guinean names and connections, know what they are doing. They are dangerously violating Liberian law by exposing innocent Guineans—and in some cases Ivorians—to the blatantly illegal act of attempting to register to vote in Liberia. This is not only dishonest but illegal, and must stop!

It is also, for three reasons, a wicked act. It is wicked first, because it is patently wrong for a citizen of another country to pretend that he or she is a Liberian citizen. This is a threat to peace—peace not only in Liberia but peace between Liberia and the sisterly Republic of Guinea.

Second, it is an open and calculated violation of Liberian law, which amounts to fraud, which leads to jail, but not jail only, but this practice could so enrage Liberians that some of them could treat these Guinean fraudsters as armed robbers, who are sometimes beaten up and even killed. That would be a threat to peace because it could lead to a rupture of the cordial relations between Guinea and Liberia.

Thirdly, those unscrupulous politicians involved in “importing voters” from Guinea or the Ivory Coast must know they are wickedly exposing innocent people to Liberian justice for which they are totally unprepared. For when they are arrested for impersonating Liberians in the constitutional voter registration process, who will come forward and stand their bonds to assure them due process and keep them out of jail? Surely not the unscrupulous ones who “imported” them, lest they be exposed, prosecuted and disgraced. As it happened earlier this week, when several “imported voters” – including a nursing mother – were arrested, there was no one to come to their rescue with a bond. They were, therefore, remanded in jail.

We commend Immigration Commissioner Lemuel Reeves and his staff for their vigilance and effectiveness, and urge them to continue and intensify the good work.

We further call on the government of Liberia to equip the Immigration Bureau with beefed up logistical support, including motor vehicles, communication equipment and security protection to empower them to execute their critical responsibility to protect the integrity of the voter registration process.

We close this Editorial with a call on the Ministry of Justice and the Joint Security to undertake critical surveillance to find out who those unscrupulous politicians are that are engaged in this nefarious (wicked, reprehensible) practice of importing non-Liberians into Liberia to undertake dastardly interference in our voter registration process. Such politicians must be found and brought to justice in order to stop, once and for all, this dangerous and unlawful practice.


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