“When Dictatorship Is A Fact, Revolution Becomes A Right”


The call by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah to have President Weah transform himself into a benevolent dictator is alarming and reckless.

It is for all purposes a call to arms which is a very dangerous proposition laden with grave unforeseen consequences, given this nation’s recent history of prolonged (14-yrs) violent conflict.

His remarks have drawn the ire of many in the public and, not surprisingly, has been the deluge of public criticism.

But just why would  Minister Tweah proffer such an idea is the question begging answers. After all, this is a government that was elected on a wave of popular mass support.

But sadly now it has begun sending ominous signals through highly placed Presidential confidantes that it intends to use force and intimidation to maintain its grip on power.

And the forthcoming December 8 senatorial election promises to be a litmus test of how far the CDC leadership is prepared and resolved to go to establish a permanent grip on power through the use and exercise of brute force and other equally coercive methods.

The upcoming election also promises to be a litmus test of how resolved the Liberian people are to oppose the reemergence of dictatorship and arbitrary rule in Liberia, given the glaring and rising tension being reflected in the current national discourse on various radio talk-shows.

But Minister Tweah’s apparent and reckless disregard for history, as can be determined from his remarks calling for the establishment of a dictatorship, cannot and should not be taken lightly.

This is in view of the rash of politically motivated violence the nation has borne witness to in recent times. Noteworthy is the fact that perpetrators of such violence have all gone with impunity.

Thus, Samuel Tweah’s call for the reemergence of dictatorship in Liberia appears to be inspired, apparently, by assurances of support he may have probably received from the phalanx of ex-rebel generals, amongst them, the notorious self-styled General Power (Augustine Nagbe).

Others include an array of criminal gang leaders including the notorious criminal, wanted but hiding in plain sight, the self-styled “Man Devil”. But such efforts can best be described as one pushing his luck too far.

According to residents of the Fiamah area, Man Devil’s home base, officials of this government have been seen visiting and holding lengthy discussions with Man Devil at his home in the Fiamah area.

But what Minister Tweah appears to forget is the fact that within a relatively short period, the Liberian people have overthrown two (2) of the most bloody dictators, Presidents Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor, who lorded over this country as though it was their personal fiefdom.

They paid the price of their folly but the nation suffered most and paid the steepest price. But in all this, the Liberian people have learnt some very hard lessons from the struggle against dictatorship in the land.

In the opinion of the Daily Observer, there appears to be a general national distaste amongst most Liberians for a return to those dark days of war and absolute chaos.

They know from history, especially recent history that bloody dictators in other parts of the world, especially in West Africa, have been deposed by mass peoples’ action with Burkina Faso and Mali being the most recent examples.

And the root cause of their removals from office have been grievances of the people arising mainly from harsh economic conditions and pervasive corruption by state officials.

Popular street protests drawing the involvement of thousands of people and remaining persistent in their demands for leaders to step down is proving to be a far better option than assembling a guerilla army to shoot its way into power.

And the political leadership of this country cannot pretend to be unaware of such developments and the implications for their own domestic situation here at home as they contemplate the establishment of a dictatorship.

We stress that these observations are not empirical postulations belonging to the realm of scientific verification; rather, they come from those living in the daily familiarity of the experience of homelessness, joblessness, trauma, substance abuse etc. It also comes from common sense and common wisdom.

What Minister Tweah fails to realize is that people are not imprisoned within a permanent today or even yesterday when support for the CDC and George Weah was overwhelming and unquestionable.

That reality has changed and the people have become temporalized, meaning they have become concerned with the present.

Now the people appear to be integrated into the reality that this government has so far proved incapable of providing better conditions of life for them. It seems that Liberians are gradually developing a critical capacity to make independent choices that are no longer subject to the choices of their “carry the monkey, carry the tail” leadership.

As Brazilian educator and liberation theologian Paulo Freire rightly observes, officials of this government appear to be reeling from the shock between a yesterday, which is losing relevance but still seeking to survive, and a tomorrow without the CDC at the helm, which is rapidly gaining traction amongst Liberians.

And this is what Samuel Tweah and those supporting his call for the transformation of President Weah into a benevolent dictator appear incapable of accepting and may very well be prepared to take the entire nation down with them if they cannot maintain their hold on power by free, fair and transparent means through the ballot box.

Above all, the fact remains that there is rising public anger and mass discontent as the living standards of Liberians continue to fall with inflation gradually rising through the roof and, as the Liberian dollar continues to lose value against the US dollar.

As one political philosopher and former US Vice President once put it, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”.

And, as French poet, dramatist and novelist Victor Hugo puts it “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right”.


  1. Mr. Editor, when the age, era, government, or dinosaur generation of MALEVOLENT DICTATORSHIPS have been wiped out and incinerated By THE PEOPLE´S REVOLUTION through a young and dynamic young generation of patriots (as has been and is the reality since the MIGHTY CDC entered the Liberian political arena), THE PEOPLE are never interested in any other revolution!

    This has been made evidently empirical under Lee Huan Hew of Singapore, Jerry Rawlings of Ghana, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, etc.etc. and of course under Nelson Mandela and George Manneh Weah of the rainbow nations of South Africa and the Republic of Liberia respectively!

    Accordingly, let the word go forth from this time and place that:

    For a news outlet which is still suffering its frustration of a democratically elected popular government defeating its ELITIST OLD GENERATION POLITICIANS, and notorious for distortions, inaccuracies, falsehood, etc. MISCONSTRUING a given hypothesis or assumption of a senior official of the very MASSES YOUNG GENERATION POPULAR GOVERNMENT is actually the modus vivendi and modus operandi of such a news out let or its editor or reporter in order to ooze out its misleading, or not fully truthful and of course, untrue propaganda as with its usual disinformation.

    By the way, Mr. Editor and Mr. Reporter, before feeding your bunch of zombies who swallow line hook and sinker to every disinformation you emit out here, you should probe your conscience if not even your intellect; and you will see that what we have had in Liberia from 1847 to 2017 have been absolute MALEVOLENT DICTATORSHIPS which only focused on their MINORITY ELITIST SUPER WEALTHY OLIGARCHIES without any concern for the poor the majority, or even the development of the country – DEMOCRATIC AND PROGRESSIVE CONCERNS which are the kingpins of the agenda and policies of this government of the Coalition of Democratic Change excellently steered by the transformational young and dynamic President Dr. George Manneh Weah!!!



  2. This is a nice price of literature – I’ll recommend my friends to read fresh editorials from the Observer. So far this is the only opposition to the contemplated malevolent and benevolent dictatorship.

  3. Benevolent dictator is a wrong term for the circumstances Finance Minister Samuel Tweah outlined in his attempt at galvanizing CDC supporters. That the event was public and videotaped indicates nothing sinister. Therefore, a credible and impartial journalist, or critical reader, should’ve spotted the mistake as a misnomer. Put another way, Victor Hugo’s quote has no relevance in this issue since there isn’t an iota of evidence to show that GMW has any intention of becoming a “dictator”.

    Mind you, in Shakespeare’s tragic play “Julius Caesar”, Casca, deceptively convinces other members of the Roman Senate to kill Caesar for allegedly nursing imperial ambitions.The dastardly act provokes a civil war that consumes all the conspirators. Journalists shouldn’t obscure the truth for gotcha politics. If Samuel Tweah said something silly, say so, or, in this case, seek clarification from either him, MOI, or GMW himself. Journalism includes finding out the best version of the truth, not shrilly inciting an uprising.

    • Mr. Sylvester Baghdad Moses, you are just too darn old to be a mortician literally, for these misfits heading our country in the wrong direction. Has it occurred to you in your pandering prostration that Samuel Tweah would have corrected that “error” or so-called “misquote,” were that the case? Why this self-immolation for something so indefensible? Samuel Tweah did not just “misspeak” about what he actually meant to say, the man even gave examples to underscore his point!! Yet you squirm when called Baghdad Moses? The attributes are just too darn eerie for comfort. TWT!

  4. “Mr. Editor from the basic methods of inquiry through THE TRUTH which consists in the agreement of our thoughts with reality, your headline and editorial are deceptive, fraudulent, and fallacious. And as Matshona Dhliwayo would say or as it is written,..fallacious facts are not facts at all.

  5. It is very unfortunate that some may think that the hijacking of the CDC Party and/or the ideals and spirit of the CDC is complete and has run its full course. It is even sad and pathetic that such a statement, “benevolent dictatorship” should be coming from Minister Samuel Tweah or alluded to him! According to John Emerich Dalberg-Acton (Lord Acton), the 13th Marquess of Groppoli, who was an English Catholic historian, politician, and writer , “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This quotation seems to be coming from the Great Teacher himself, because it is so true!

    If the “dictatorship” statement alluded to Tweah is true, which I hope it is not, then I am afraid he must have been taken over by debaucheries just two years and eight months into attaining a high government position in Monrovia (we may call it Liberia)! This, to me, makes the quote of Lord Acton come to life again. Could we paraphrase Lord Acton by saying: “Liberia tends to corrupt, and Monrovia corrupts abosolutely”?


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