What Public Preferment for Mary Broh Must Teach Us All


Last week ended with public affirmation of the potential for the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Mary T. Broh, to serve as a running mate to any presidential candidate in the upcoming election.

As published in the May 19th edition of the Daily Observer, many Liberians who called on the state radio ELBC’s popular “The Bumper Show” expressed their admiration for Madam Broh not because she is the ideal woman to fill a gender equality gap; but she is believed to be one of the few government officials—some say the only one—who has performed exceptionally in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration.

Although we have heard no response from Madam Broh to this public demand, the callers evaluated her from the day she entered government up to this time when she is serving at the GSA. All callers concurred that this woman is clean both functionally and morally in her performance of public duty.

Recalling her activities in various official capacities, the callers lauded Madam Broh for heading the first presidential task force that decorated Broad Street far back in 2007.

Callers also recalled her excellent performance in the Passport Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where during her stay people would get their passports within two days instead of weeks, months (or sometimes never) amid the payment of bribes to Passport officials, often with no result. We saw identical effectiveness when the President sent Mary Broh to the Birth Certificate Division of the Ministry of Health.

Her performance at the National Port Authority (NPA) could not be felt much because she was only a special assistant to the Managing Director. Even so, Madam Broh being a highly principled woman, did not condone any fraudulent behavior on the part of those who worked under her.

The Monrovia City Hall was one area where the general public really saw Madam Broh to be a diligent, consistent and fearless woman who wants the right thing done at the right time. While at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), she transformed the City Hall into a beautiful, modern public facility, whose filthy and infected bathrooms for the first in a very long time came to be attractive to users.

Workers were well uniformed and everyone was energetic in the performance of their respective assignments. In fact, when the politically motivated removal of Madam Broh from the mayoralty took place in 2013, employees of the MCC went on strike and held protests for days to restore her, but to no avail.

A lot of people’s makeshift structures were demolished in several parts of Monrovia and they became annoyed. But views last week showed that the presence of Mary Broh at the MCC was bringing cleanliness, development and order to the city which, though painful for many, was nonetheless appreciated.

The cleaning of Monrovia became a concern for all, so much so that no one could drop dirt in the street when General Broh was Mayor of Monrovia.

Her presence at the GSA, again, has eradicated the diesel scent that once filled that place along the UN Drive and sanity has been restored.

Public views also suggested that Mary Broh might be one of the very few least corrupt officials in this government.

What can we learn from all these highly positive public views about this one woman called Mary Broh? First and foremost, public preferment for Broh needs to teach people in both public and private sectors that people are observing us all in the daily performance of our duties.

Solomon tells us in Proverbs, “Seest thou a man diligent about his business, he shall stand before kings, and not before mean men.” This helps us to understand that the work we do is not ours only, but for others who sit and watch us perform. The public’s preferment of Madam Broh to become a vice presidential candidate is not because of her connection to a higher-up. This unsolicited accolade has come as a result of what she has done.

These views can suggest to any responsible leader that will succeed this administration that there are few persons in the current administration that could be retained in the next government. Among the few is Mary T. Broh, if she is willing. Honesty, integrity, focus, punctuality, being achievement and results-oriented, comprise her work ethic. She leads and not simply follows, is fastidious to duty—these are all sterling qualities that the people have seen in Mary Broh. These are what have led them to recommend her for higher office.


  1. Sanitation only how about school enrollment, performance,businesses in the city. How about the transportation system or is the city has recreational parks tourists attractions.how about the crimes rate. Observer ,city mayor jobs aren’t only about waste management. Mary Broh is verbally and physically abusive. Um if Mary Broh is Liberia’s best civil servant according to your callers then,something is fundamentally wronged with our system.

  2. There are some people that need hard treatment because they cannot hear a soft answer. Mary Broh is the right woman for the time. Liberians need a hard hand, many of them are rude, belligerent and cannot follow instructions. The city was clean when she was a mayor. Now we do not have a mayor, we only have someone who collects a salary while the city goes to dirt, grown men peepeeing all over the streets. if we have 5 people like Mary Broh, Liberia will be straight. The GSA is clean, the restaurant there is clean and she encourages Liberian businesses. When Willard russell was in GSA and all the others, that place was filthy, now before you go in, you wash your hands or use sanitizer. We are a rude people and we need Mary Broh.

    • Patriotic,
      You are very right. It is so hard for some of us to see what is going on in Liberia. You are so right, Mary Broh will always be remember by 99% of Liberians as a truth Liberian, someone who believe in the country and did not care about the names calling. She will be miss by those that live in Monrovia, because of how she carry herself. For almost 12 years, no one in the country have ever say any negative things about this woman, except those lazy one who do not care for the country and those who have not travel to see other countries and cities outside of Liberia. Like you said, if we have five Mary Broh this outgoing government, will have a very clean record, especially with regard to corruption.

  3. Menker Casey,
    I don’t know about you, but I think Mary Broh have done a very great job. May Broh is not the Minister of Justice, or the police director. she has performed everywhere and any part of of the government she has worked. Do you know why she could not be confirmed by the Senate, because she did not want pay bride, so if you think she is the teacher, police director, Justice Minister, school register or principal of School, than your preference is very wrong. You are talking about a person who perform in every area that was assigned to her with out kick back. With regard to the verbally and physically abusive, I think we need someone like Mary Broh who do not take mess from any one, hard headed Liberian who feel that business will always be the same. Go around the city and see what is going on, fish market, trash, fly flying around food center and so on, to me I will join other Liberians and salute May for all the wonderful job she has done for the Liberian people, I hope she could be part of any future government, or even be a VP Candidate to the VP.

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