What Is the Truth Behind EPS Agent Melvin Earley’s Death?


Whether it has ever dawned on President George Weah that the string of suspicious and unexplained killings of government functionaries which have occurred under his watch just midway into his six (6) year term of office could haunt him long after he leaves office, is unclear.

Some of his supporters claim that President Weah is in no way connected to these killings as the public may erroneously assume. Be that as it may, this recent death of a security officer while on duty ought to claim the urgent attention of President Weah only if for once.

Initial but conflicting  accounts of the death of EPS agent Melvin Earley suggested that while undressing to take a shower, his hand mistakenly slipped down into the trigger guard of his weapon accidentally discharging it which lodged a bullet into his head.

Yet other accounts gone viral on social media say the officer was killed because, while on assignment he had taken a snapshot with his phone, of Executive Mansion Protocol officer Finda Bundoo allegedly after she emerged from the President’s quarters at late hours clad only in her underwear.

Now whether or not this is a truthful account is debatable or whether it was a contributory factor to his death remains unclear at this point. But again, there are strong doubts held by the public on the official accounts provided so far of the death of agent Melvin Early.

Sources have told this newspaper that agent Earley had prior served in the Liberia National Police (LNP) before entering service with the EPS.

He was among several officers, according to sources, who had undergone advanced training in the United States during President Sirleaf’s administration.

Considering his training and long years of experience in handling firearms, it appears highly unlikely and improbable that agent Earley would have mistakenly shot himself in the head, says a retired EPS officer.

But this account by the EPS conflicts with later accounts claiming that the officer was disarmed after it was observed that he was misbehaving

What is confusing to the public is, if the officer was indeed disarmed, then from where did he obtain the weapon to shoot himself in the head, thrice, as alleged?

Unbelievable, it appears, but this is at least one of the initial accounts provided by the EPS.

Well, granted he did shoot himself thrice in the head, as alleged, the murder/suicide weapon as well as the bullets retrieved from the body of the deceased will prove crucial to the investigation.

From the autopsy, the entry and exit wounds will be identified as well as the angle of penetration. Other important clues will be blood spatter or gun powder traces on the hand or fingers assuming the weapon was a handgun. Whether the crime scene was/is protected is another issue.

But considering the botched Police handling of the case involving the deaths of the LRA auditors, it is possible that the crime scene may have already been compromised.

It can be recalled that very recently, a senior Police officer, Alexander Saye, was shot and killed in grand Gedeh County.

Again, there were conflicting accounts, some of which attributed his death to suicide, although the public had strongly suspected that his death was the result of officially sanctioned foul-play.

And prior to these recent deaths, were the deaths of four (4) government auditors and tax professionals, including the head of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), all of which occurred under mysterious and suspicious circumstances.

Since then their suspected killers have not been apprehended and the matter has now clearly slipped below the radar.

But this by no means suggests that the issue will go away. According to a retired former diplomat, there is a gradually emerging pattern of extra-judicial killings, whose outlines are becoming clearer by the day.

And such are bound to have adverse implications for this government as well as its officials whether now or in the future, according to a retired diplomat.

Apparently, the wider implications of the sanctioning of Senator Varney Sherman by the United States Treasury have gone either unnoticed or have not dawned for a second on the minds of the leadership including President Weah himself.

Similarly also, the retired diplomat maintains, it appears the wider implications of the trial of indicted war criminal Gibril Massaquoi have not dawned sufficiently on President Weah and his officials.

Whatever the case, the public now awaits the outcome of the investigation promised by the EPS. The public expects that this investigation will be transparent and free of attempts to manipulate the truth.

Agent Earley left his home and family for work, as he has done for over twenty (20) years to earn bread for his family. All of a sudden, his life has been brutally and cruelly cut short either by his own hand as officially claimed or by others yet unknown.

At any rate the public has the right to know, to be fully informed about the facts and circumstances that led to the death of EPS Agent Melvin Early.

And it would be in the best interests of this government to ensure that the facts come out and not leave it to wild public speculation.

As it is now, rumors and speculations continue to thrive on fertile grounds created by the series of conflicting official accounts being fed to the public.

The Police have remained mum while the habitual saber-rattling Ministry of Information has stayed clear, suggesting to the public that something is indeed amiss. After all, who is man enough to hold baboon down to have it circumcised?

And not surprisingly too, the head of the Joint Security, Justice Minister Musa Dean is conspicuously silent leaving the public to wonder whether his is complicity, mere indifference, or both. Whatever the case, the public needs to know the truth however painful such may be. More importantly, the Government of Liberia has the duty and obligation to ensure that the family of the deceased is given closure on this matter by telling them the TRUTH.


  1. The most plausible account is the taking of the snapshot by the EPS Officer.
    If his people (EPS officer’s) can be given access to his mobile phone, this claim can be proven or refuted. If the phone cannot be accessed, then, bingo!

    We told Liberians this over and over. We have gone through 15 years of real pains and hell, and then you vote people who commonly express authority through violence. What then, do you expect?
    If this president had been someone morally clean, someone who upholds and cherish family life, such incident could NEVER have occurred. But you voted a president who is traveling with 2 general-purpose vehicles of young girls, what do you expect?

    Many of us are yet to die, especially during the campaign. Suppose the other people come to power tomorrow, can you imagine the consequences on our fragile peace?

    God is watching over Liberia; let’s all be still and know HE is God!

  2. Let us no more beat around the bush on a matter of existential significance. Homicide investigation, and intelligence collection & analysis capacities in the past fifteen years have been woefully wanting because of a wrongheaded reliance on UNMIL by the previous government regarding all public safety needs. Naturally, that dependency enabled some counterproductive actions including the following:

    a), Replacing qualified and tested managers with unqualified supposedly ‘loyal’ novices; b), Absence of a capable central authority to assess performance of these institutions as the security advisers themselves have had no relevant experience in the management of policing, or intelligence collection institutions; c), Failure to adequately invest in skills-training, required logistics, and personnel morale.

    Additionally, there are more questions than answers in reviewing the structure of our security sector. First, Liberia, a sovereign nation, had her national army trained by a for-profit security company DynCorp which was hired and paid by another sovereign nation. (They say since the 1848 Treaty of Westphalia, private enterprise had not reached such dizzy height). Second, a national intelligence service lacking in confidence puts itself under total control of a foreign intelligence organization. Third, a Minister of Justice overwhelmed with legal responsibilities is chairman of the security sector. Fourth, persistence in an erroneous belief that autopsy report (determining cause of death) necessarily solves murder cases absent focused and painstaking work by LNP’s homicide investigators

    I am 72 years, and not looking for employment, but as someone familiar with British and American policing methods and practices, it is fair to conclude that political leaders have wittingly and unwittingly put Liberia in permanent risk by a nonchalant pivot to public safety and homeland security. Indeed, dependency will always paralyze growth, creativity, and innovation. The behavior also has far-reaching economic consequences; it continuously exacerbate hardships, and political discontent. As for death of EPS Officer Melvin Early, without credible information about what happened, rumors will run rife, unsurprisingly: Sympathies to his confused grieving family, and may his soul rest in peace.

    • SGM, if you were in the position of the late Gyude Bryant, would you not have accepted the offered by the “Great” United States of America to restructure and trained your military, given the level of disintegration and broken down command structures, where almost man/woman, wanted to become officer without commissioned? What would have been the implication for you or Liberia, especially, a country just emerging from bitter fratricide crises? Was it bad to accept a for profit organization of ex-military/security personnel to trained our military? No. Provided they had a well-spelled/ thought out TOR.
      the other security agencies personnel were trained by UNMIL and other bilateral aid countries, after that, these agencies added personnel from the different factional security pool.
      The SSS, now the EPS was specifically trained in the United States by aid from the State Department; but after the training, personnel from the various factional security were infused back into the ranks and files of the organization.
      Remember now, education is a serious factor here: the minimum educational standard was difficult to meet and the high expectations of those who met it, were demanding more than the country could offered, so many of them left, reasons for the infusion of factional personnel.
      True, I agreed with you that the sector has been politicized, but politics is life in Liberia nowadays; if you are not aligned with the ruling party, you will not be appointed to those coveted positions, even if you were the theatrical “James Bond” and graduated from the best security schools around the world. of course continuous training, logistics and building the morale of the men/women will go a long way.
      Now to you, not wanting employment because of your age, etc. so people of your age do not eat, wear clothes and have need for money? you do not need to be employed in Government, what about setting up your consultancy/security firm that will provide some of those training and pep talks to our various agencies, I have always maintained that there is no school for experienced and multiple degrees also do not replaced experienced. Give it a thought. Ask yourself, where you are needed most, in Liberia or the US?

  3. Brother S. G. Moses,
    I am not trying to disagree with you on the line of your age. What I would like say is that your age shouldn’t matter at all. First of all, you’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience that could be used in Liberia.
    Secondly, you’re younger than president Joseph Biden and former president, Donald J. Trump. I really understand if you desire not to perform any governmental duties in Liberia, but your age shouldn’t be a factor. I think you’re a very capable guy.

  4. The Defender writes,
    “But you voted for a president who is traveling with 2-general purpose vehicles of young girls”. Really?

    The implication of the word “you” is explicit from its context. In other words, by using the word “you”, the Defender incriminates the Liberian electorate for having made a decision to overwhelmingly elect George Weah. In fact, not only is the Liberian electorate being denounced by him, the Defender also states that in Weah’s nationwide travel, “2-general purpose vehicles” accompany the president. Based on what’s been said by the Defender, I am impelled to ask the following questions:

    1. What are general-purpose vehicles? And,

    2. Where’s the evidence?

    Mr. Defender, I would like to know if you could quickly respond to the questions above.

  5. Question Number 1 – What are general purpose vehicles?
    Answer: Jeep or 4X4

    Question Number 2 – Where’s the evidence?
    Answer: AllAfrica and from friends and political allies traveling along with the president.

    I am not in any way incriminating the Liberian electorate, but CDCians who barely represent 15% of the Liberian electorate. Currently, the rate has dropped to 9% (the hardcore or diehard). I hope it can shrink to 5% before the dawn of 2023.

    Greetings, Grand Frere.
    Hope you have overcome with your accident and going about your normal business. Also hope you’ve been given a different car to move around.

    Be reminded that Mr. Moses has played his part and now resting. Unfortunately, he’s relaxing in the USA. Had it been for Cote d’Ivoire or Ghana, he could have been relaxing somewhere in his village where he can easily be consulted to make some good bucks. He’s a caliber of personality that should be consulted and paid nothing less than $20 K per week in this country.

    I hope we can change this too, come 2023!
    May Liberians learn to build in their villages where they can peacefully retire!


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