What Is Going On In Liberia Today — Where Is The Nation Headed?


What is going on in Liberia today and just where the nation is heading appears to be an overriding public concern. Over the years good and effective national governance has steadily eroded, and at times taking on the appearance of a Wild, Wild West road-show where there are actors playing by no rules. Anything goes in this environment

Whether it is dishing out public money in acts of false generosity intended to win hearts, or to the illegal imposition of taxes on each container imported into the country, which are paid not to the public treasury but to a private entity, or diverting national resources to private use or whatever; anything goes plain and simple. At least that is how it is publicly perceived.

But it has apparently not dawned on officials of this government that since their coming to power, the quality of national governance has deteriorated significantly to the point where all concerns about accountability and transparency appear to have been thrown to the wind.

How can Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, for example, explain how he got all this money he has been throwing around? Just what is the source of this instant wealth? For the record, Finance Minister Tweah does not come from a wealthy family, neither did he possess any wealth prior to his appointment as Finance Minister of Liberia.

He has long been struggling to shake off public suspicions and accusations of complicity in the case of the missing billions (L$16 billion), as well as the massively flawed US$25 million infusion exercise which was tainted with corruption.

And he has since recently launched a major PR exercise with a message that no billions went missing, along with a public pledge to have the opposition declare that no money went missing.
But here is a government still holding the case of the missing billions on its lap with an ongoing criminal trial of former CBL officials but yet, at the same time, insisting that no money went missing. How can this anomaly be explained?

Does the Minister actually expect the public to believe this story when he is at the same time being publicly seen distributing cash in the markets and other public places?

And does he really believe that his public acts of false generosity are likely curry public favor rather than fuel public resentment against this government? If he does, then it simply means the Minister is fooling himself and perhaps those who believe in him.

And he will perhaps realize this only too soon when the inflationary effects of the newly printed L$4 billion banknotes, as well as the IMF imposed Structural Adjustment policies, begin to bite. So what may now appear as pleasant moments, in time, may more likely than not turn sour in due season.

From all appearances, corruption, which President Weah in his inaugural address promised to tackle, has overwhelmed this government. And the effects are telling. For example, during the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the needs of front-liners in the fight against COVID-19 were being conveniently ignored.

The Liberia Medical and Dental Association (LMDA), in a public statement, complained of shoddy treatment by Health Ministry officials and had even threatened to stop work if their demands for Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) and hazardous duty allowances were not met.

It remains unclear at this point whether their concerns have since been addressed, especially now with the State of Emergency having come to an end.

The point being made is that good and effective national governance appears to be in a state of disarray and corrective measures need to be taken with a sense of urgency. It is clear, according to political observers, that President Weah has been taken hostage by a cabal of misfits and unsavory characters.

That he (President Weah) is in charge is undisputed but, whether he is leading, is another question. And judging from past and ongoing developments, it appears that the President is not leading although he is in charge.

The Daily Observer has consistently reminded President Weah to charge and lead or expect to be led to an unkind and untimely fate. A leader has to lead from the front and that implies being in charge as well. He cannot have it the other way.


  1. What else is expected from losers of election and their dimwitted tools and fools disguised as journalists?

    By David A. Yates

    The United States Government through its Embassy near Monrovia has released an ‘Independent Review Report’ prepared by Kroll Associates Incorporated (Kroll), an auditing firm hired to investigate regarding allegations of the disappearance of new Liberian Dollar banknotes.

    According to the Kroll report, there was no money missing, as had been reported. It however identifies systemic and procedural weaknesses at the CBL and shortcomings in Liberia’s fiscal and monetary management processes that are longstanding and continue to the present day.

    “To protect the integrity of CBL operations, we will not release this security-related information,” the report said, being careful not to get into the details of those deficiencies identified.

    This report also does not include information that contains legally restricted and/or commercially sensitive information; would identify individuals who are neither elected nor appointed; or could impinge (impose) on the security of Liberia’s banking system, including descriptions of bank security systems.

  2. This is the first time in our nationś history that the common man-the masses in toto have seen and are benefiting from GOOD GOVERNANCE.

    And this has been observed and extolled by the international community, and the grand populace in totality.

    What a given public generally “perceive” is usually always not the reality; as perceptions are generally manufactured via disinformation by the losers of elections or power-seeking hypocrites who want to be in charge of the national cake.

    Besides this Pro-Poor- Government of Dr. George Manneh Weah, NO government in Liberian history has ever paid loan debts for market women throughout the country. So, what you are disseminating here is mere disinformation.

    Even after Martin Heidegger long ripped away those undemocratic tendencies of elitist dictatorship established by Plato and solidified in the Enlightenment which so ingrained people understanding of the world, you people are still knee-deep stuck in such mental decadence.

  3. Most of knew very well that this man(GMW) CV ould not lead this nation, but many accused us of being jealous of the “Boy”, because he was a grass rooter. If one could observed the quality of leadership this p th voided to his party one would have realized that he was not up to the task; at the level of the party. it was the “three” Mickey mouse that were in control of CDC: Gray, Morlu and Koijee. They constantly harassed the UP-led government with threat of violence: called EJS to resign, parading with casket, insulting the president, etc. GMW was nowhere to be seen or heard. So it is not surprising that he is not leading.
    As for CDC executives spending millions as a means of winning back Montserrad County. their so-called strong hold; it left with the people to decide, if they want to continue suffering that is their prerogative.

  4. Gbada Flomo, keep quiet in your chronic idiocy and ignorance. With your thought been shaped, ideologically indoctrinated or psychologically controlled by these losers of elections, their disinformation agents disguised as journalists,etc, and power-seeking hypocrites, you know absolutely nothing about political economy, government, or governance,

  5. The regime collaborators are angry, and have resolved to harsh words, and praise singing. Meanwhile, the truth is quietly smiling at their misguidedness, and awaiting their day of regret.


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