What Happened to Harry?


The shocking and mysterious death of Harry Greaves last Sunday rang alarm bells throughout the nation and probably the world.

How could so talented and resourceful a man as Harry A. Greaves Jr. be washed away so cruelly from our midst?

Yes, he was a controversial figure. But was that the reason for his horrible and untimely death? We hope and pray that was not the case, for anyone who thought he or she could pull off such a despicable atrocity against the Liberian people and humanity must beware! The Ides of March are coming, when the wrath of God may strike, and whosoever could be responsible will face the sure music of retribution.

Harry had been striving, for the benefit of ordinary Liberians, to cheapen electricity. That, everyone knew, was a noble, patriotic crusade, since the withholding of light, from the creation one of God’s first gifts to humankind, has led to the destruction of millions of trees in Liberia and risked the scorching advance of the Sahara from which, unlike many other West African nations, God has protected us by giving us these rich forests.

How so disheartening it is to see, as we travel into the Liberian interior, not loads of cassava, plantain, vegetables and rice, but taxi, pickup and truckloads of charcoal.

Oh, Liberia! When will we ever begin to appreciate the goodness of God, who has throughout our history so richly blest us? He has hoped that we would productively use these rich forests and finish poverty forever in our land and join the march of nations to prosperity and happiness.

Harry was striving to privatize electricity by ending the Liberia Electricity Corporation’s (LEC) monopoly, that actually hardly exists. For ever since the beginning of the civil war, when the Mount Coffee Hydroelectric Plant was destroyed, most people and businesses have been forced to produce our own electricity from generators. Now that Harry is gone, and there may be no one else to carry on that crusade, perhaps we could, through the initiative of another visionary, promote the building of mini-hydros using our many rivers and streams throughout the country. But who will that new crusader be? We pray that someone reading this Editorial will take up the gauntlet (challenge) and bring God’s light to our people again.

But we return to the question raised in our Monday headline — What killed Harry Greaves? What meeting did he “attend” at the RLJ Kendeja Resort last Friday? Who were the participants, if ever such a meeting was held? What was the subject of discussion? Why did Harry stay so long in the hotel, leaving his driver befuddled (perplexed), forcing him to rush to the wife and other relatives to report on Harry’s prolonged tarry in the hotel and his cell phone’s eternal “switched-off” notice? Was it Harry or someone else who switched off his own phone? What happened to his bag, laptop and phone?

The appearance of the four tainted-windowed-cars at the Thinkers Village home of Ambassador Edward Clinton at one o’clock Sunday morning, before Harry’s stark naked body was found on the Atlantic beach, makes murder even more plausible. Where did the four cars come from? Who were driving them? Who else were in the cars? Who sent them there? Why were they looking for Harry so late into the night?

Additionally, what kept Harry so long in the hotel? Had he been captured by someone?

There are rumors of the alleged existence of strapping men from a certain very powerful West African country waiting to capture “enemies” of we know not whom. There are also hints of “warnings” to “critics” who dare to speak out as did Harry Greaves.

His concerns were not only about electricity monopoly. He frequently raised concern about the financial crisis at the National Oil Company (NOCAL) and the role of its former Chairman, Robert Sirleaf. It is now clear that NOCAL became bankrupt immediately after Robert Sirleaf, President Ellen
Sirleaf’s son, resigned as Chair. The President later announced that she took “full responsibility” for what had happened at NOCAL. But who will pay back the company’s perceived squandered millions of U.S. dollars?

The President and her justice minister have pledged that GOL will undertake a forensic investigation into Mr. Greaves’ death. Minister Benedict Sannoh has also ordered an autopsy on Mr. Greaves’ body, to be conducted by the same Nigerian pathologist, Professor John Obafunwa, who did the autopsy on the body of the Guaranty Trust Bank General Manager, Dan Orogun. He drowned on Sunday, January 24, 2016, outside the boat of entrepreneur George Kailondo.

The public is eagerly awaiting the report of the autopsy on Mr. Greaves, for everyone is anxious to know what really happened to him.


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