What Are We Waiting for to Prove That Liberians, Too, Have Black Power?


The world knows—and has known for a long time—that Africans have been endowed by God with superior power—mental, spiritual and physical.

Remember Chief Sao Boso, known also as Chief Boatswain, who was so powerful and ingenious that he forced the other chiefs, notably Bassa and Dei, to honor their agreement with the colonists to retain the land they had purchased from the chiefs.

Sao Boso, who died in 1937, was buried in Suehn District, Gbarpolu County, and his grave should be transformed into a national shrine, just as we have done for President Joseph Jenkins Roberts at Fort Norris on Broad Street, Snapper Hill, near the Ducor Intercontinental Hotel.

Mentally and intellectually speaking, too, remember the countless other Liberians with ingenuity. Go to the history books, especially Charles Huberich’s Legal and Legislative History of Liberia, Volumes 1 and 2, and see how intelligent, courageous, farsighted, forceful and efficient Joseph Jenkins Roberts was in organizing and supervising the 1847 Constitutional Convention that led to the creation of Africa’s first Independent Republic. That book may be found in the Daily Observer Library.

We all know the brilliant but youthful Edwin James Barclay, son of Barbadian immigrants, who at the tender age of 19 in 1901, composed the words and music of Liberia’s beloved patriotic anthem, The Lone Star Forever! Barclay, the boy genius, went on to become President and saved Liberia from being taken over by a European power following the 1930 Fernando Po Crisis.

Yes, we have through the years produced so many men and women of ingenuity. We are still producing them. It is only our failure to maintain and continue to develop our Education System embracing ALL our youth that has caused us to fall behind the other nations.

Presidential candidates of 2017, please take note. Tell us how you can fix our Education System and make it second to none in Africa.

We now turn to the main purpose of this Editorial—our physical power. You know that God has given the Black people a superior degree of physical power. Why did the white man see this and capture our ancestors and ship them to the Western world to work their farms and lay the foundation for the West’s economic and political prosperity?

Yes, it was our ancestors who, with the connivance of many of our chiefs, elders and others described as “excellent fighters and seamen,” penetrated our interior, captured and carried our ancestors to the Americas, where they worked under the most inhumane conditions to lay the foundation for the creation of the world’s first super power, the United States, and several other prosperous South American states. These include Brazil, which is now successfully hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.

See, too, how our people, the African Americans, for over a century denied a fine education in the USA, and even a place on the playing field because of segregation, still, by dint of their indomitable physique, rooted in the power and goodness of God, lifted themselves up by their own bootstraps to dominate most sports in America—basketball, football, volleyball and, yes, the most elitist of them all—golf (Tiger Woods) and tennis (Althea Gibson—Wimbledon Champ, 1956, Arthur Ashe Wimbledon-1975; and the Williams Sisters, successive Wimbledon Champs and counting!).

Remember Jesse Owens, the 22-year-old African American sprinter who, during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, astounded Adolf Hitler by defeating the Nazi German sprinter and winning the fourth gold medal of the games. Hitler, who had vowed to make Germans “the master race,” was so confused and angry that he refused to shake Owens’ hand!

Two years later on June 22, 1938, the African American boxer Joe Louis, again defeated the Nazi German boxer, Max Schmeling, whom Hitler and his ultra-racist cronies, including Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, were depending on to prove their claims of white supremacy.

See now, in this noble tradition of black power, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt last Saturday in the Rio Olympics earned his third straight Gold Medal by winning the 100 meters, beating another sprinter of African descent, James Dasaolu, representing guess who? Great Britain!

Look at our African American sister, Simone Biles, who became, during the Rio Olympics, history’s most celebrated gymnast! She is an orphan adopted by a Christian Texas family. There was yet another Simone in Rio, surnamed Manual, who took the Gold, again for USA, in the swimming pool.

Look how Ethiopians and Kenyans have for decades dominated world athletics.

It is only we Liberians who because of our shortsightedness, mean-spiritedness and greed, have failed to expose our own youth to the glory of athletic fame. We have failed to produce stars in every sports arena.

Look how our Olympic and sports officials treated Liberian sprinter Phobay Kutu Akoi, who was paying her own way to South Africa to qualify for the Olympics, but could not obtain a South African visa because our sports officials failed to make the visa arrangements. Philipbert Browne, president of our
Olympics Committee, Fred Krah, Liberia Track and Field Secretary General, and Malcom Joseph, what do you have to say about this heartrendingly painful fiasco?

We commend our two lone representatives in Rio, Mariam Kromah and Emmanuel Matadi, who came ninth and sixth, respectively on the track field in Rio. We are proud of you and thank you for representing us.


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