Weah, Be Careful of Endorsements


Since the conduct of the October 10 election that put George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ahead of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the Unity Party (UP), we have witnessed many politicians and organizations endorsing the CDC standard bearer as the best choice to succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The euphoria became exceedingly high when Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson, standard bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), endorsed Weah following the October poll.

Since then, many more endorsements have come forth in favor of the CDC candidate. Last week another Nimbaian, Harrison Karnwea, vice presidential candidate of the Liberty Party (LP), and two other LP stalwarts, party chairman Benjamin Sanvee and campaign manager Musa Bility, trooped to the CDC headquarters in Congo Town and pledged support for Weah. This was, surprisingly, even before LP standard bearer Charles Brumskine, who had recently traveled abroad, returned home.

What remains puzzling is that the three top LP officials printed T-shirts with images of their political leaders, Charles Brumskine and Harrison Karnwea, and George Weah on them, presenting the LP to the public as being in full support of the candidacy of George Weah and the CDC. Alas, this was totally without the knowledge or consent of their standard bearer, Brumskine.

In his swift reaction to the endorsement, shortly upon his return to the country, the LP standard bearer, shocked and bewildered by this sudden turn by his closest party officials, described their action as “Not about endorsement but to degrade and humiliate me.”

It would be interesting to conjecture (guess) who was behind all these sudden moves by these men.

What does this reaction entail in the stream of endorsements the CDC political leader continues to receive from people in the pending runoff election?

The first deceit Weah and the CDC should note is that these men have presented Brumskine as being in support of Weah, contrary to what Brumskine has said. The LP standard bearer did not even know of Weah’s endorsement by three of his (Brumskine) closest allies.

Another thing Weah needs to be warned of is that while these men have their constitutional right to choose whomever they may, they have visibly demonstrated some level of insincerity and unfairness by plotting against their political leader by taking such a major decision without his knowledge, and doing it so hurriedly that they could not even wait until he returned to the country.

The average observer would consider this nothing short of a stab in the back.

How trustworthy could these men be considered to be to any organization, if they can without remorse abandon and sideline their own political leader?

Let us also look at records of some of the people endorsing Weah today.

Harrison Karnwea served as a vice presidential candidate to Charles Brumskine with the hope that the LP would have garnered substantial support from vote-rich Nimba County. Unfortunately for LP, it only accrued 8,949 votes, while the Alternative National Congress (ANC) received 12,548.

So, what hope can you, Mr. Weah, have for votes in a man whose county refused to support him in a national election in which he was a vice presidential candidate?

Moreover, Mr. Karnwea and his group are clearly demonstrating the plot that occurred between the Roman emperor Julius Caesar and Brutus. Are you, Mr. Weah, taking note of the kind of people from the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration joining your party?

During the 2014 special senatorial election, Ben Sanvee was your main contender who is still on record for boldly stating that “Weah makes mistakes in every statement and sentence he makes.”

Today, Sanvee has, without consulting his political leader, endorsed you with this statement, “Weah has been blessed to conquer the world using his legs.”

Yes, he trusted his feet, as the emphasis indicates, but does Sanvee think Weah also trusts his head to deliver? What made Sanvee change his mind?

This editorial is meant not to cause Mr. Weah to lose confidence in the support he has received; rather to beware of people who once dismissed him as being incompetent for presidential leadership.

The CDC is remembered for vehemently criticizing the Sirleaf Administration for corruption and marginalization.

Now Weah’s popularity among the grass rooters has grown to the peak, and the officials who worked in government are flooding into the CDC.

Yes, we cannot be unmindful of the well-known fact that “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” But consider this  other age-old dictum: “A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.”


  1. This article touches what I have evoqued when talking of the presidential election and its run-off to come. The coalition with TAILOR fallows by the endorsement of JHONSON and all what fallows.It looks like a shouting star paving road to a travalling star. Yes WEAH’s prestige paving road for all the above mentionned to meet for THE LAST FINAL PLAY .Divine bliss to LIBERIA.

  2. Very rarely do I agree with Brumskine. In fact, there’s not a time that I can recall when I reasoned with Brumskine. However, the recent maneuvering by “some” members of his party has changed my position.

    While Brumskine was briefly out of Liberia, some members of his party did a political “Brutus stab” on his back. Brumskine used the word “degrade” to express his disgust. Yeah, he was darn right.

    The question is this:
    Why did some of Brumskine’s reliable partisans rush to CDC so quickly especially when Brumskine was out of the country? Or, were they actually reliable?

    There is a considerable amount of doubt that the endorsement of CDC by Brumskine’s “frienemies” (friend-enemies) will pay political dividends to CDC. Simply put, Brumskine’s friend-enemies do not have the weight and clout that Brumskine has. In actuality, the rogue operation was an act of self-interest rather than national interest.

    That said, one wonders why CDC itself agreed to embrace some of Brumskine’s disgruntled supporters so quickly. Well, I guess a heartbeat answer is that at a crucial time like this, every vote counts. But, there is a potential danger for this type of move. You see, what goes around, comes around. If Weah wins, everybody who supports him, including some of Brumskine’s distractors will not always be happy. Because of their unhappiness, they may revolt. When they revolt, there’ll be a groundshake and when the ground shakes, confusion will engulf the CDC camp. That leads to Howard-Taylor becoming the next female president of Liberia.


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