We Have So Much to Be Thankful For!


Liberia is one blessed country, even if we have little to show for it except perhaps our survival.

Look at our green acreage throughout the land. The nearest place to the interior is the road to Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. On both sides of that long, coal-tarred stretch we see thousands of green acreage; and most thinking people are compelled to ask, Why is there so much bush? Where are the farms? Why aren’t these thousands of green acres being converted into agricultural produce?

And once one passes Cinta and Konola on the road to Gbarnga, on to Lofa County, and after Gbarnga, on to Nimba and after Nimba to Grand Gedeh down through the entire southeast, we see the same thing—hundreds of thousands of green vegetation on both sides of the road, with very little evidence of farming. In all too many areas, one can hardly find agricultural produce to buy on the roadside.

But ah! What one will find for sale are bags and bags of charcoal along the roadside, and taxies, pick-ups and trucks overloaded with dark, depraved commodity—charcoal. Depraved because there go our trees, unscrupulously cut down for charcoal.

But wait: charcoal effectively replaces electric power, which most Liberians are deprived of, since the warlords destroyed the Mount Coffee hydro We know how we the ordinary people feel when during our travels we survey all this green but unproductive landscape. But we wonder how do our leaders, especially our officials in the Agriculture Ministry, the Ministers in particular—what do they think? Or do they even care?

In this connection, we definitely have something give thanks for: our new Agriculture Minister, Dr. Moses Zinnah. He was appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf barely three months ago to replace Dr. Florence Chenoweth. In giving thanks for him, let us pray that he will be not just another PhD Ag
Minister, but one with a difference—who will see beyond the immense green acreage on both sides of the road everywhere, and be determined to turn them into oases of fertility and productivity.

Let Dr. Zinnah turn Liberia into what God designed it to be, just as he promised the Israelites—“a land flowing with milk and honey!” Yes, green vegetables, fruits of every kind, milk and meat-producing cattle and goats; sheep, poultry and eggs; plentiful rice that we can even export.

Yes, Dr. Zinnah! Turn these thousands of acres of green vegetation into oases of food for home consumption and export. GIVE LIBERIA SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR, BY LETTING OUR GREEN ACREAGE FEED US, OUR NEIGHBORS AND BEYOND!

We have lots more to be thankful for. Though we were the worst hit, we were the first to survive the deadly Ebola epidemic. Yes, thank God He brought us triumphantly through this catastrophic crisis. We thank Him for all the partners who came to our rescue—the Americans, Chinese, Europeans, our many

African brothers and sisters; and the Liberian people themselves, who listened, learned and lived past the tragic, unknown phenomenon.

We thank God for everything!

We thank Him, too, for the peace which, despite the man and woman-made challenges and calamities, we continue to enjoy.

Yes, our leaders have given us much to complain about. Look at the blatant misuse of our financial and other resources; look at how our Legislators lavish themselves with our money, while the rest of the people languish in poverty. When last any of these Legislators passed the Paynesville Red Light market and saw thousands of our people crawling in mud and filth just to sell and earn a living? Or Douala? Or the chair-less, benchless and rain-drenched classrooms in many parts of the country.

We yet pray for continued peace!

Despite the aching and painful challenges, we do not want another Rice Riot, nor another abrupt change of government; nor another interim government. NO! We have two more years to go. God give us the grace, patience and stamina to bear it, until we elect a new leader.

One last thing we thank God for: We know that He will give us, following the 2017 elections, a leader who will “hear his people in their hearts, love the souls that He dost love,” and “feed His lambs and tend His sheep.”

Such a leader will put his people first and himself last, and lead Liberia, at long last, to true development and prosperity.

When God does that for us, we will THANK HIM to eternity.


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