Was That the Only Reason You Came, Mr. Trudeau? Please Don’t Come Back!


Canada, one of the world’s richest and most industrialized nations, definitely has a lot to offer Liberia. We, too, though poor and still an agrarian (agricultural) country, have something to offer Canada—and we have given Canada a lot already. Remember LAMCO? LAMCO was an American, Canadian and Swedish investment that from the 1960s through to the 1980s reaped for those countries and their citizens billions of United States dollars from the world’s highest grade iron ore that the mines in Nimba produced. Alas! When in the late 1980s LAMCO left Liberia, they left the Nimba people poor and destitute. Nimba and its people, and Liberia as a whole, got nothing substantial out of the deal!

But make no mistake: Canada, on the other hand, could offer Liberia a lot, including training of all kinds, especially in Agriculture, Business, Science and Technology. Canada could also offer us financial assistance to help us in our development efforts, especially energy and farm to market roads. Whether they will is an entirely different matter.

Yet that is why some Liberians were cautiously optimistic about the brief, whirlwind and almost non-publicized (somewhat secretive visit of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Liberia last week.

The dominant theme of Trudeau’s visit, however, turned out to have nothing to do with development. It turned out to be his advocacy of homosexuality and lesbianism in Liberia! What a terrible affront to Liberians and Africans, who have repeatedly and in no uncertain terms, told the West that this continent, Africa, cannot and will not condone the spread of such a nefarious (despicable, immoral) practice that destroyed the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and is threatening to do the same to the West itself, if they are not careful.

But it is not so much the fear of destruction as the antipathy (opposition, antagonism, dislike) of African culture towards this inhumane and shameful practice among human beings. Were it not such an abnormal life style, gays would not take so long, sometimes never, to come out in the open and confess their habit.

African leaders and people have repeatedly told the West that homosexuality and lesbianism are not part of African culture and cannot and will not be accepted as a civil right in Africa. Most African Christians know that these practices are patently unbiblical. The third Book of the Bible, Leviticus chapter 18, verse 22, clearly states: “Thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.” The interpretation is that a man shall not lie with a man, or a woman with another woman.

This practice is frowned upon even in Islam.

With all the very serious problems bedeviling us in Africa, including illiteracy, poverty, poor sanitation, hunger, due to the lack of well-developed agriculture, the health and medical deficiency, due to woefully insufficient doctors, nurses and sufficient and well equipped hospitals and clinics, poor infrastructure, including the lack of roads, bridges, electricity and pipe-borne water, as well as poor housing, must Africa face this one too—the crippling, immoral and totally unnecessary foreign-imposed deviant behavior of homosexuality and lesbianism, beginning with our youth? Who needs this in Liberia?

It will spoil our young people who, for lack of jobs and other opportunities, die hustling for a way to get ahead in life. It will make them feel they do not need to go to school, so long as some women are able to pay our young girls to sleep with them and some men are able to pay our young boys to sleep with them. Why go to school? They will ask. “We already are making money.” It will demoralize our entire society and cause us to lose our focus on national development. Liberia will thus fall further behind the progressive nations of Africa. When will we ever become a developed nation if we are caught up in this distraction?

No, Mr. Trudeau, please do not give Liberians more problems and more trouble than they already have. We do not need it, we do not want it, and we will not have it. If this is all you have to offer, please do not ever come back to Liberia.


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