Troubling Developments at the NSA Must Claim President Weah’s Attention


He had threatened on social media (Facebook) to shoot and kill anyone engaged in street protests against the government of President Weah. He further declared that anyone “messing” with his properties will run the risk of being killed. He further claimed to be a veteran of the war in Iraq, probably Operation Desert Storm in which he was wounded.

His rants on social media received such condemnation that he was forced to retract his statement, declaring instead that anyone messing with his properties will be shot. According to sources, this character hails from Brewerville where he was raised and educated.

He is said to have emigrated to the United States of America during the course of the Liberian civil war. He later joined the US military and was reportedly deployed in Iraq where he sustained serious life-threatening injuries.  He is alleged to have suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PSTD), which led to his subsequent discharge but it remains unclear whether his was an honorable or dishonorable discharge.

For his loyalty to the CDC and displayed zealotry as evidenced by his rants on social media, he was allegedly absorbed into the national security apparatus at the National Security Agency as Assistant Director for Cyber Crime, a position he currently occupies according to informed sources.

Since his absorption into the state security apparatus, this individual, who goes by the name of Jake Davies, is alleged to have become a law unto himself, operating outside the ambit and authority of the Director of the National Security Agency, J. Henrique Pearson Jr. Mr. Pearson has, according to sources served that agency for well over 20 years and is said to be a seasoned and level-headed professional.

His appointment as Assistant Director which is said to have been influenced by Minister of State Nathaniel McGill reportedly has not gone down well with professionals at that state security agency. 

Informed sources have told the Daily Observer that professionals in various state security agencies have expressed concern about the infusion of criminal like elements into their ranks since the advent of this government to power.

The deaths, recently of four (4) senior government auditors under mysterious circumstances have raised deep concerns about the activities of these unwholesome elements, many of them ex-combatants and hardened criminals parading as state security officers and a virtual law unto themselves.

In all four deaths, the public has pointed fingers of suspicion to individuals connected to state security. Although these mysterious killings have created a deep climate of fear amongst the population, they have also stoked the anger of the people as well which is potentially laden with unknown and unforeseen dangers,

A case in point is that of one Jake Brown who prides himself as an Iraq war veteran. He came to public attention due to his very caustic rants and hate speech aired on social media threatening to kill anyone engaged in street protests against this government.

Later it was revealed that this man was allegedly reared by the late Baptist Preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Walker, and was alleged to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PSTD) allegedly due to injuries suffered in combat in Iraq.

Between October 4 and 8, 2020 the said individual allegedly led a gang of armed men to the gold mines in Rivercess County where they terrorized local mines and extorted money and gold from them. This prompted victims of the ordeal to write a letter of complaint against Jake Davies to the Director of the National Security Agency.

Following an investigation into the complaint, according to informed sources, it was discovered that the armed gang had fake authorization documents bearing the forged signature of the Director of the NSA, J. Henrique Pearson, authorizing their illegal acts. When contacted, Pearson declined to comment saying that security matters are not intended for discussion in the media.

What is alarming about this development, according to well-placed security sources, is that individuals like Davies and others, who have been co-opted into the state security apparatus, operate as though they are a law unto themselves.

According to these sources, that an Assistant Director at the NSA would design his personal agenda and have agents of that agency implement his unlawful orders is deeply troubling, especially in view of the unexplained serial killings of 4 top government auditors within a very short time span.

Further, insider sources at the Ministry of Mines and Energy have told the Daily Observer that the Director of the NSA had reportedly ordered an investigation and requested Mines and Energy Minister Gessler Murray to disregard the letter and return same to the NSA.

But, according to insider sources at the Mines and Energy, Ministry Minister Murray flatly refused, insisting that he would do so only on instructions of Minister of State Nathaniel McGill. The Minister could not be reached for comments on this matter despite best efforts.

However, insider sources have confirmed that Jake Davies interrupted the investigation of the individuals who had accompanied him to Rivercess and ordered them out of the investigation room and pulled out his pistol threatening to shoot anyone daring to interfere.

Sources have told the Daily Observer that this development is causing splits within that security institution and undermining morale which is a dangerous development. A retired intelligence official has told this newspaper that every operation being undertaken by the NSA has to be approved by the Head of that agency and that has been a longstanding tradition according to him.

Further according to him, that a lower-ranked functionary would refuse to take orders from his superiors and go with impunity is instructive. He maintains that legitimate state institutions are being bastardized and transformed into instruments of personal control just as it was under Charles Taylor. President Weah is strongly advised that his interest would be best served by wheeling these individuals in line by taking charge. Lest he be mistaken, history will judge him harshly should he fail to take charge as leader of this nation.


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