Tomorrow’s Triple Benefits: Let Us Make Good Use of Them


Every now and then Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified on the cross to save humankind from sin, coincides with Fast and Prayer Day. This year is no exception.

We say Good Friday is a plus because despite the horrifying events that occurred on that day over 2000 years ago—Jesus’ brutal whipping on the orders of Pontius Pilate and subsequent crucifixion on the cross, it was a good day for humanity. For had the great Teacher and Master not been crucified the price for sin would not have been paid.

Romans 5:8 says, “…God demonstrates his own love for us in that while we were yet still sinners, Christ died for us.” First Peter 3:18 also tells us, “For Christ died for our sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit.”

That is why Good Friday is “good,” and a plus.

Another plus we receive tomorrow is Fast and Prayer Day, proclaimed a national holiday by the Legislature in 1883.

Fast and Prayer Day is a very important day on the national calendar because it is the day all Liberian and foreign residents are called to gather in their homes and places of worship to fast and pray for God’s continued protection of us as a people and nation.  There are several days on our calendar that call for high celebration—Christmas, New Year, July 26, our Independence Day, and Flag Day.  But tomorrow is the solemn one, on which people are called to fast and pray for themselves, their families and for the country, that God, our Creator, Benefactor and Redeemer will continue to protect us from all harm and danger, from the fear of our enemies from within and without, and provide our needs. Few can argue with the efficacy (usefulness, value) of such a holiday.

We therefore urge all Liberians and all others within our borders to abide by the President’s Proclamation and do what it says we should do, in honor and reverence to our Maker, Protector, Provider and Redeemer.

This is especially critical as we face the forthcoming national elections, when we are to choose our next President. We definitely need the guidance and intervention of the Almighty in this exercise. Why? Because Liberians many times in their history are known to have chosen leaders who have done little or nothing for the country, but for themselves, their women and families.  That is why though the country is rich the majority of the people live in abject poverty. The country’s vast resources have perennially percolated (penetrated, dripped into) only a few hands, leaving the masses permanently trapped in poverty and powerlessness.

This Fast and Pray Day is, therefore, very special. Let us all tomorrow, and always pray—including fasting, which intensifies prayer—that God will anoint a leader of His own choosing to lead our country, at long last, FORWARD.

The third plus that tomorrow brings us is that Good Friday is the prelude (forerunner) to Easter—the glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is the world’s most important single event, for if Christ had not been raised from the dead, the future of humankind would have been doomed. But the resurrection assured us all the opportunity for forgiveness and grace, and the promise of eternal life.

Easter – this Easter in particular – gives us hope that just as God was able to raise Jesus from the dead, so can He, the Almighty and Everlasting Father, raise Liberia from slumber, suffering, and sorrow, and give us a leader who will use our resources and mobilize our people to change forever their depraved condition and bring us on par within the comity of nations.



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