They Cannot Excuse Themselves, Neither Will The Public: Morlu And Gray!


Even top ranked members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change are embarrassed by the failure of their government to address the rapidly deteriorating economic situation evidenced by the acute shortage of Liberian dollar banknotes the country has experienced recently, increased prices of everyday commodities including rice and perhaps, more importantly, delayed civil servants salaries.

And it appears these officials have now sensed that “something is indeed rotten in the state of Denmark” and they do not want to have the stinking smell attached to them.

The phrase, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, according to Wiktionary, means that something is wrong with a certain situation. There is cause to be suspicious of people and their motives. The line first appears in Act 1, Scene 4, of the Shakespearean play, “Hamlet,” when a character describes the disturbing conditions that the country is facing.

The recent press conference held by CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu, with Montserrado District #8 Representative Acarous Gray in close attendance, was meant to convey a message to the public and in equal measure to President Weah.

But in the perception of the public, the two top officials did not say anything new that has not been publicly said or that which the public is not already aware of. The public, as well as this newspaper, is aware that corruption is rife in this government as evidenced by the overnight construction of real estate by government officials which both CDC Chairman Morlu and representative Acarous Gray have acknowledged, although much belatedly.

That both officials would call for an official probe or an investigation into how individuals appointed to positions in government by President Weah have acquired real estate overnight, suggests that something is indeed amiss. This is against insider reports of a spat gone bad between a Deputy Minister, a known real estate magnate and Chairman Morlu which, according to insider sources, has placed him at odds with the powerful Minister of State of Presidential Affairs.

Additionally, according to insider sources, Representative Gray’s high profile presence at the press conference held by Chairman Morlu suggests that the Representative may have felt deeply offended when he was barred recently by a powerful protocol officer from seeing President Weah.

And the press conference, according to sources may have provided a perfect forum for both individuals to air their displeasure with President Weah, who by all accounts is directly responsible for the heights they have achieved politically and the economic wherewithal they are reputed to have acquired since this government came to power.

And so the public is left wondering just what is the motive of both individuals who have in the recent past expressed very hawkish views about the planned December 30 protest? Do they have a sense of foreboding that the current economic shitshow appears headed for a total clusterfuck?

Else why would they be publicly venting criticisms of President Weah when they could have discussed the matter in their inner circle? “Sadly, this errant judgement led to the trooping, and intrusion of strange individuals lacking in the most minimal understanding of the ‘Pro-poor agenda; and even now, they continue to champion strange interests and ideas that are far removed from the vision and aspirations of the CDC,” Morlu declared in his rants before the media on last Tuesday.

But again, why would such CDC zealots sidestep party channels though which their grievances could be addressed, especially given their concerns that the President had made an error of judgment in the appointment process? Was theirs an attempt to dent possible mass public participation in the planned December 30 protests, or was it for other reasons?

Whatever the truth of the matter is, it appears from indications received by this newspaper that momentum for the December 30 protest is growing even in the face of threats of violence and confrontation by security forces. This government does indeed have a problem of monumental proportions.

The last June 7 protest, which drew the participation of thousands, clearly revealed that the level of public dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the economy was high. It also showed the weakness of the government as evidenced by the rather chaotic and knee-jerk response to demands placed by protest organizers.

Probably both individuals, as noted earlier, either have a sense of foreboding, fearing the stink from the “rotten carcass in the State of Denmark” could have a rub-off effect or that, in their quest for vengeance, they have thrown caution to the wind and taken on their standard bearer, accusing him of causing the problem through his error of judgement. Whatever the case this, is certainly not helping to address the current situation.

In any case, the public is not deceived by the remonstrances of CDC top guns Morlu and Gray. Chairman Morlu has apparently forgotten how he submitted hundreds of names of CDC supporters to various agencies for employment, which resulted in the overnight expansion of the payroll and wage bill.

Representative Gray ought to be reminded also of the many days he showed up for work fully dressed in military fatigues, while vowing to give President Sirleaf a “bitter Christmas”, whatever such provocative remarks were meant to convey.

In other words, both individuals are equally responsible for the complicated mess in which we find ourselves today and they cannot be excused, neither will the public excuse them — never mind their attempts to avoid due comeuppance for their less than worthy official conduct.


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