The Supreme Court of Liberia Having Abdicated its Constitutional Responsibility, the Protesting Parties Must Now Seek Relief from the ECOWAS Court


The Daily Observer in its Wednesday December 20 editorial repeated on Thursday by popular demand called the public’s attention to NEC chairman Jerome Korkoya’s patent violation of the Supreme Court’s mandate that the Final Registration Roll (FRR) be cleaned up before being sent to the various polling stations and Elections Magistrates.

This newspaper had received confirmed reports that the FFR was already on display in Taneniahun Kolahun, when both the Senate and the Supreme Court were being told by Korkoya that the cleanup of the FRR was well underway although it was not yet completed.

And the question asked how was it possible that the NEC could have already sent the FRR to Elections Magistrates and polling centers when the cleanup of the FRR had not been completed as per the mandate of the Court.

We asked then what kind of FRR will it be when the same fraudulent FRR that was used during the October 10 elections which drove the Liberty Party, the Alternative National Congress, the All Liberian Party and the Unity Party into the arms of the Supreme Court to seek redress?

As it appears now, and even then, NEC chairman Korkoya had not the slightest intention to obey the mandate of the Court as evidenced by his bold-faced lies before the Senate as well as before the Court itself that the FRR was still undergoing cleanup which was far from the truth.

We rightly sounded the alarm that the elections would be imperiled and the stability of the country placed at great risk if if the Supreme Court accepted Korkoya’s recalcitrance and allow him and his fellow commissioners to conduct a fraudulent runoff in the same way they conducted the October 10 elections.

To our greatest dismay and disappointment and that of all well-meaning Liberians the Supreme Court has floundered and has once again been found wanting and fallen short of its moral duty and responsibility to uphold, defend and protect the civil liberties and rights of the Liberian People.

From all indications it has again caved in to presidential diktat, just as it did in the Code of Conduct flip flopping back and forth rendering contradictory judgments on the same issues.

We had hoped and prayed, given President Sirleaf’s blatant, manipulative and unwarranted interference with the electoral process that the Supreme Court would not abdicate its constitutional responsibility which we opined would leave the Unity Party with no other option but to run to the ECOWAS Court to seek relief.

Even after having been warned by her African Union colleagues to stay above the fray and equally so by her ECOWAS colleagues about the dangers posed to the peace and stability of the sub-region by the possible emergence to power of a  Weah-Taylor leadership, President Sirleaf has persisted in her dangerous game of brinksmanship.

From all indications, attempts by ECOWAS leaders to sway President Sirleaf from her chosen course by publicly lavishing on her praise for “excellent” example of leadership during the opening ceremonies of the just ended summit of ECOWAS Head-of States have apparently failed.

In the wake of this latest decision by the Supreme Court to turn a blind eye to Kokoya’s  recalcitrance evidenced by his blatant violation of their own mandate, This newspaper, the  Daily Observer,  call on all the protesting parties, especially the Unity Party to proceed without delay to the ECOWAS Court.

They should pray the ECOWAS Court for an injunction on the holding of a fraudulent runoff election which bodes ill for the future peace and stability of Liberia and the entire sub-region. And we must continue to remind the parties that this is the only option left open short of a return to violence.

As stated in the  Wednesday editorial of this newspaper and a repeated on Thursday when the question is asked who besides NEC and the powers that be would be responsible for leading this nation to a totally unnecessary constitutional crisis, the answer would of course be THE SUPREME COURT.



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