The Supreme Court Must Honor Its Mission as the Ultimate Guardian of Liberian Democracy and Justice


The world awaits, Africa awaits, and Liberia awaits the end of the elections imbroglio (confusion) wrought upon the nation by individuals driven by excessive greed, reckless incompetence and the overwhelming desire to maintain privilege, power and status as the “Noblesse Oblige” (born right to privilege) in a land ravaged by war, poverty and still haunted by the legacy of the killer Ebola Virus Disease.

For weeks on end since the October 10 elections, several political parties’ subsequent complaints to the Supreme Court on elections irregularities and fraud, no effort by naysayers has been spared trying to woo public support in their favor and shoot down the legal arguments put forth by the parties before the nation’s highest Court.

The NEC Board of Commissioners to whom the ruling of the NEC Hearing Officer was appealed against, has now voted to uphold decisions arrived at by NEC Hearing Officer Muanna Ville. This development, if left unchallenged, would mean that the runoff elections will be held in the absence of a credible and reliable Final Registration Roll (FRR). But whether the Unity Party is prepared to go into the runoff without their key demand being met for a competent and credible FRR is the question that remains unanswered.

And in the face of calls by highly placed paid lobbyists, as well as supporters and friends of President Sirleaf for a quick return to the election runoff, it remains to be seen whether the Supreme Court is going to relinquish its role as the ultimate “guardian of rights and democracy” in the Republic of Liberia and kowtow to unholy demands from the powers above and risk everything else by placing themselves within easy reach of the powerful kicks of a proverbial dying horse.

For now, we remain hopeful that the constitutional and legal process currently being pursued shall run its full course all the way to its logical conclusion; and that behind the scenes mediation talks involving the ECOWAS Authority and President Sirleaf, aimed at effecting structural changes at NEC and sanitizing the Final Registration Roll (FRR), shall proceed at pace. We hope further that these moves will be unfettered by signs and demonstrations of bad faith as implied by reports of alleged secret ferreting of state resources to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and calls for settlement outside the framework of the law.

In this regard we call on President Sirleaf to dip deep into her wellspring of courage and fortitude, which we all acknowledge her to possess, and face the challenge of reconciling with her estranged political bedfellow – Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who has, as the records can attest, remained faithful and loyal, and allow the legal constitutional process to continue without letup or hindrance.

And although many harbor doubts about the Supreme Court’s ability to remain unsullied and impervious to asinine heeding of wayside pessimists, paid lobbyists and Presidential diktat (decree), this newspaper maintains its strong conviction that despite the pall cast by its flip-flop decision on the Code of Conduct, this Supreme Court shall, this time around, remain faithful to its mission as the repository of unhinged justice and true Guardian of our democracy.

We pray further that the High Court will honor its role as the ultimate Protector of the rights of all Liberians as guaranteed under the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia.

All Hail Liberia Hail!


  1. The Supreme Court isn’t higher than the constitution which says that all power is inherent in the people, and all governments instituted by their authority and for their benefit; and that they have the right “To cause public servants to leave office and to fill all vacancies by regular elections”.

    This means the choreographed unnecessary feet – dragging is a violation of the people’s right, not to mention, that it also poses a threat to stability in a “fragile” factional state. Mind you, it was because of the overarching concern for societal harmony the US Supreme Court didn’t go further with the 2000 challenge of vice President Al Gore in Bush versus Gore. And what’s dismaying about the Liberian case is that Brumskine knew about pending elections since 2011, yet chose to reform NEC two weeks after the October 10, 2017 elections – yeah right.

  2. Liberian are in prayer for the 2017 election’s October 10 result. We continue to prayed peace, unity and development. We are not to go for rerun election or interim government. We need runoff election.

  3. @ SG Moses you are in error in your argument: Firstly, the 2000 Bush Vs. Gore case was heard with the SCUS even divided between five conservative justices against four liberal justices—the pendulum could have swung which ever way, but the conservatives had they day. Yes, the SCOL is not above the constitution nor the people, but the constitution grants the institution as the final arbiter of justice in the land. And in as much CDC surrogates don’t like to hear that, there is little or nothing anyone can do about that. We cried for the rule of law. Sometimes it is a bitter medicine, esp if doesn’t swing our ways. The Country BELONGS to every and all Liberians. And not a segment!!!

  4. I’m not in error.

    Notwithstanding obvious partisanship prisms of that case at both the Florida and US Supreme Courts, Vice President Al Gore and numerous opinion leaders did later say that concord was preferable to a tug – of – war over elections. The citadel of republican democratic governance wanted to send a message through example: They chose stability. Whereas you guys are bent on unnecessary delays intended to usher in a provisional government under the guise of “rule of law” and constitutional succession; it won’t fly, sir.

    And if that makes me a surrogate of an imaginary Satan, let it be.

  5. Of course, the Supreme Court is not higher than the Constitution; notwithstanding,
    it is the Constitution that empowered the Supreme Court to be the highest Decision
    making body of all cases. I think people have to be very careful in interpreting the
    Constitution and the Laws of Liberia. The Constitution is very clear of the Supreme
    Court responsibility. To try to down grade either not withstanding at all!

  6. If u have a Case with election, then fight for your family and yourself not the Liberian people, we are very sick of u politician, u have course us many problems and disgraced, u are very mee and want all for yourself, we need a leader not a ruler, u have taken away everything from us pls leave our peace, u have change all the best in the constitution just for u to always have powers not the country, because of this Liberia is getting bad and worse everyday, I know that one leader help us and He will bring proud to us.Lord Jesus Christ forgives us and pls come come back to us.


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