The Night Now Awaits the Dawn!


“The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sad to say but, President Weah has missed the boat, a golden opportunity to address the concerns of his people for JUSTICE. And gleaning from his comments referring to some protesters as people with ulterior motives, which he cited as reasons for not meeting with them (protesters) to receive their petition, it appears that President Weah has become stricken by a psychosis of fear, a fear of his own people.

The people who turned out for three (3) days protesting against the scourge of rape and its rising incidence were, in the opinion of the public and of this newspaper, doing so against not only the rising incidence of rape but also the lack of JUSTICE, both retributive and restorative, for victims in face of virtual impotence and or paralysis of state authorities to address the problem.

The people also turned out because they felt driven to desperation to act against rape and they felt and rightly so, that mass protest action intended to draw the attention of officials at the highest levels of government was the way to go. And they had hoped, but in vain, that their President would have given their action receptive attention.

Instead he snubbed them, preferring instead to dispatch surrogates as he has done on every previous occasion of such nature. President Weah is and should not be under the illusion that people are out to harm him and because of that he has sealed himself in a cocoon. We maintain this view on reliance of historical facts that bear strong semblance to today’s.

So many times, for example, was former President Ellen Sirleaf, advised by her security to avoid meeting protesters directly. But, being a leader very often implies readiness to face danger, take risks and confront one’s adversaries. Such was one distinguishing “KROBAH” like quality of former President Sirleaf that appears so glaringly lacking in President Weah.

For those readers unfamiliar with the word KROBAH, it comes from the Kru language and it is said to be a Chieftaincy title conferred on a leader possessed with warrior like qualities. And there are several examples of the former President one could cite in this regard.

The case of the AFL widows who camped with pots and cooking utensils at the Johnson and Broad Streets intersection that closed off access to Bushrod Island and paralyzed traffic in Central Monrovia is just one case in point.

Rather than dispatching the Police Riot Squad to teargas them and disperse them, she went there, met and discussed with the women and eventually persuaded them to call off their action and talk it over. She did the same when protesting students barricaded the route to her office at the Foreign Ministry.

Against the advice of security, she alighted from her vehicle and walked to the students and engaged them. This was to the consternation of security and Police officers who had previously been engaged in scuffles with the students in an attempt to remove and douse their barricades of burning tires.

What this goes to say is that President Sirleaf acted in such ways obviously she realized that people were angry and wanted JUSTICE. Moreover, they wanted to be heard by their President as the leader of the nation.

And to her credit she did give them a listening ear. Just why President George Weah, the popularly acclaimed and admired football hero will not do the same because the people want to harm him is simply unfathomable.

It was not surprising therefore that former President Sirleaf as well as former Vice President Boakai were so warmly received by the protesters when they turned up to express solidarity with them.

For goodness sake, President Weah is also a father of at least two daughters. Is this the kind of world he wants for them to grow up in, where women and girls remain at the mercies of predatory men who are out to destroy their lives, with a 95 percent chance of going scot-free? Mr. President, don’t think for once that, because your daughters live abroad and are not Liberian citizens, they may be safe from the gruesome acts of violence and abuse that women and girls endure every day in Liberia. These cases are not unique to Liberia. And God forbid that your daughters should have such gruesome experience before you are convinced that you should heed the concerns of Liberian women and girls and take appropriate action. And for a president who was overwhelmingly voted into office, why are you suddenly refusing to meet the very people who made you president?

Informed sources have told this newspaper that it is President Weah’s crop of advisors including security who are responsible for inducing such pattern of behavior by constantly reminding him that some people including opposition figures are out to get him and by meeting with them shows weakness on his part.

President Tolbert was similarly fed such lies and that can probably explain why he ignored pleas from public crusader Albert Porte who fell to his (Tolbert’s) feet pleading with him in vain to refrain from the use of force and violence against those planning to stage a public protest demonstration on April 14, 1979.

The Daily Observer has often reminded President Weah of that chapter of our history to help enable him make sense of current unfolding developments. This becomes even more compelling given what appears to be a gradual slide into our violent past. The people’s cry for JUSTICE cannot be and should not be treated lightly or with benign concern.

Given our collective experience of war and conflict, there appears to be little inclination on the part of Liberians to return to the past. However, the patience and tolerance of the people should not be taken for granted.

Violence or threats of its use will never and has never succeeded in stopping a determined people fighting for a just cause. The fight against rape and its rising incidence is a fight for a just cause. President Weah would do himself well to align with this cause and fight rather than denigrate its organizers or participants.

A great river with a mighty force has its beginnings in a tiny spring in the rocks, it is said. Now, it is just a tiny spring, some may say. But do not doubt that tomorrow it could become a great river flowing with a mighty force and sweeping downstream everything in its path.

The night now awaits the dawn!


  1. Wow! I can almost hear the author’s pen crying on behalf of the masses who protested only to be rejected by ‘”Liberia’s Best President”. Well done, Daily Observer. Keep the pen rolling, for it is mightier than the sword!

  2. Mr. Editor, there is no where in the Liberian Constitution, in international law, nor in any of ECOWAS Protocols, or Liberia´s statutory laws, mandating the President to meet protesters in person to enable them protesters present their Petition as stipulated hereunder in Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution:

    Article 17
    All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceable manner, shall have the

    right to assemble and consult upon the common good, to instruct their

    representatives, to petition the government or other functionaries for the

    redress of grievances and to associate fully with others or refuse to associate

    in political parties, trade unions and other organizations.

    Ours is a civilized nation governed by laws and not by the ulterior whims and foolishly hidden agenda caprices of leaders of protests who are actually not serious about making the menace of rape a relic of the past.

    If they were actually serious, the INDIFFERENCE AND INSENSITIVITY AND DON´T CARE ATTITUDE of corrupt Joseph Boakai and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf viz “the incidence of rape and also the lack of JUSTICE, both retributive and restorative, for victims in face of virtual impotence and or paralysis of state authorities to address the problem” during the immediate past twelve years they were in power would never be the reality! And you know it!!!

    And this unseriousness or hypocrisy and ulterior motives on their part, as is the case with their fellow other leaders or organizers of the protest is proven with overwhelming evidence and proof beyond all reasonable doubts by by all implications, insulting the President and the entire Government and violating the Constitution by such abusive and shamefully violent, narcissistic and nihilist behavior in refusing to present their petition as required and authorized by the Liberian Constitution.

  3. Mr. true Nationalist,

    You always remind me of Donald Trump, always blaming Obama and Biden whenever he is asked about ills in his government. You almost always evoke the names of EJS and JNB when the Weah’s government is blamed or accused of something it did or did not.

    EJS and JNB are no longer in power, or maybe you need to be reminded of that.

    You are a Jurist, or so you say. I am sure you can do better than that.

  4. Mr. Arthur Kimba, we are not surprised you are incapable of discerning the contradiction and disinformation of the editor extolling corrupt and inept Joseph Boakai, and the hypocrisy of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf under whose leadership “the scourge of rape and its rising incidence and the lack of JUSTICE, both retributive and restorative, for victims in face of virtual impotence and or paralysis of state authorities to address the problem” knew no bounds!!!

    The editor, Bokai, and Ellen should be ashamed of themselves that had it not been for the concern of Dr. Weah, Liberia would not have even one DNA instrument in the fight against this menace. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

    We have quoted this editor verbatim to facilitate your easy assimilation.

    • Mr. True Nationalist.

      Damn, you always angry. Who you really angry with? The Daily Observer? EJS? JNB? or your boss at your job? Be honest, and say whats really troubling you. Clearly you are an angry person.

      Since, I am incable of discerning issues, I am depending on an erudite like yourself to do that for us, especially issues put forth by the Daily Observer. I am sure that me and brother Davis can attain some of your knowledge in that light.

      But I want beg you oh, when you are enlightening me, please dont tell me what EJS and JNB did and did not know.. I am already aware of their shortcomings and faults. I reside in Liberia, you dont.

      I eagerly await my first lesson, Mr. Jurist.

  5. Mr. Arthur Kimba, from individuals (“I”) the construction of common structures takes place through an EXTERNALISATION, which results in an objective system of rules (eg.civility, accuracy, truth, etc), laws (Article 17 Lib Const etc.), norms (eg. Capital punishment), values (justice, truth, etc), and the like. Through INTERNALISATION, this system influences the individual and creates frameworks for what one can permit her or himself to do.

    In other words, human beings are divided into a “system world” and a “life world”, where the life world is our own viewpoint of the world or of a given matter, while the “system world” is the framework (or context) within which individuals act. If the the life world comes into conflict with the system world, individuals are forced to adjust to it or try to alter it – preferably in collaboration with others to succeed.

    This Editor and to some extent , this news outlet, and the minority or the opposition, after losing humiliatingly the last presidential and legislative elections, have decided to behave as PUNKS deviating from the rules, norms, laws, and values of the game via outlandish lies and disinformation as has seen recently in the LNBA/Nwabudike/Suprme Court incidence as the Daily Observer chose to conceal facts and disseminate lies which the Supreme Court debunked in no uncertain terms.

    Or as this editor has deliberately or mistakenly done here extolling Pres. Weah Predecessors who for twelve did nothing viz the intensity and frequency of the menace while condemning Pres. Weah who has taken the bull by the horns viz this menace.

    Or better still, as Mr. Arthur Kimba wants to give credence to the disinformation of the editor while at the same time wanting others to violate the sine qua non of countering claims which is: identifying the relevant actors viz the claims; even when the editor making the comparison, has mentioned the names of the relevant actors (Ellen, Joe Boakai, Pres. Weah) throughout his illogical, inaccurate, and false claims, and disinformation in toto!

  6. True Nationalist,

    First of all, I am not giving any credence to any disinformation put forth by the daily observer. Let me debunk that right away. An Editorial is the AN OPINION of a newspaper and it is just that: AN OPINION. Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so, too, are they entitled to theirs. so, dont get all WORKED UP each time the Observer pen an opinion,

    What is the sine qua non or essential factor that I am asking others here to violate? I dont come here to sway others to my way of thinking. I come here to learn, be informed and if possible, inform others.

    You are the one who comes and lash out, day in and day out, at anyone who dares say anything negative about President Weah. i voted for Weah and I know that he is not perfect and yet with all his flaws, my vote was cast in his favor because I felt that between him and his opponent, he was the better one.

    I dont judge EJS nor do I judge JNB. I will leave that to History. you always doing the judging and the name calling of these two. They are no longer on the stage. Weah is on the stage and so the spotlight will be on him while he is on stage and his every action will be scrutinized because he is the President. Would that you could accept that today.

    His actions will always be compared to that of EJS, sometimes fairly or unfairly and that is just the way it is going to be until he leaves the stage. The present is always compared with the past

    There are many here who thinks that EJS is a hero while you vilify her. One man’s villain is another man’s hero. Others here also think that Weah is a villain and yet he is your hero. That is how it works. opposites, and opposite always clash. but i am sure you already know that.

  7. Mr. Kimba, assimilate this forthwith: In as much as an editor is entitled to his opinion, that entitlement IS NOT a license nor a divine right to LIE, CONCEAL FACTS, OR DISSEMINATE INACCURATE INFORMATION. So, rescind that idea of equating lies with “opinions”.

    Judges or philosophers usually have divergent views or dissenting opinions. And none of these opposing or divergent views or dissenting opinions are ever the same as blatant lies or inaccurate information which are anathema to the ethics and core key principles of journalism!

    Just so you know to have a perfectly clear understanding and “enlightenment” of your idea of “opposites, and opposite always clash”. Have you forgotten how I debunked this very editor when he recently spewed out lies against the very former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. My friend, I am a lover of the truth and sound erudition!


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