The New Central Bank Building: A Reward of Visionary, Progressive Stewardship


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf yesterday dedicated the imposing new 12- story headquarters of the Central Bank of Liberia. She declared that it was a testimony to the great leadership of Governor J. Mills Jones and his team.

Governor Jones returned the compliment by praising President Sirleaf for her determination to see the project successfully completed. He told the CBL’s crowded ground-floor auditorium that the President had frequently reminded him of her expectation that the building would be successfully completed.

The Governor said yesterday’s dedicatory ceremony was a resounding fulfillment of President Sirleaf’s Vision for the Transformation of Liberia into a middle-income nation with a vibrant economy that meets the needs of all its people.

The President said she was pleased that she stuck to her guns in insisting that the project moved forward against the advice “of some of our leading development partners.”

The Daily Observer has reliably learnt that the reluctant “development partner” is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which failed to see the need for the CBL to be in its own building.

This magnificent structure is testimony to the importance of self reliance in our national development agenda, said Governor Jones.
Indeed, there comes a time in the life of any nation when it must stand on its own feet, pull itself up by its own bootstraps in order to move forward and lift its people up from poverty, deprivation and dependency.

Many Liberians have often wondered how long will we as a nation depend on other people to determine or national agenda, and tell us what we must do and how to improve the lives of our people. This mode of development has never worked for any country and never will.

The sooner Liberians realize that no one but ourselves can develop our country, the sooner we will start taking ourselves seriously and work diligently and patriotically to achieve our national development goals.

This is precisely why we at the Daily Observer have constantly argued that the government must develop the macroeconomic policies that will ensure that our people play a far more meaningful and dynamic role in the national economy.

There are, however, a few Liberians who are convinced that their sole duty is to support, protect and defend a certain group of foreigners who are determined to continue dominating the Liberian economy.

We have always reminded the government and people that so long as Liberians are sidelined in business, so long shall Liberians remain in perpetual poverty, powerless in their own rich country.

We are grateful to President Sirleaf for standing by Governor Jones and his team to complete this great work, the new Central Bank Building. We are also grateful to Governor Jones and his team for their persistence, hard work, determination and patriotism in completing a befitting edifice for Liberia’s Central Bank that we can all take pride in.

We further applaud the Executive Governor for being resolutely consistent. His philosophy of the self reliance of Liberians have been manifested not in words only, but in concrete deeds—reaching out to the poorest of the poor and empowering them in business, in a relentless and determined bid to lift them out of poverty.

By the same token, he has used the CBL’s resources to complete the bank’s own edifice, for the first time in its 50-year history.
If the Bank and other patriotic Liberians with the power and means continue to reach out and empower their own people in business by training, nurturing and capital, one day Liberians will be able to boast that yes, they own and control Liberia, in all aspects of national life.


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