The Moment of Opportunity Has Come: the World Must Act Now to End IS


The world cannot afford to sit idly by and permit a group of people who call themselves a state to continue murdering innocent people anywhere it chooses.

This was what happened last Friday night, when gunmen representing the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria stormed the Bataclan Theatre and surrounding cafes in Paris and shot and killed 129 innocent people and wounded over 350, 90 of them seriously.

That is also what happened few weeks ago, when a Russian plane was brought down, killing 224 innocent Russians returning from vacation in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh resort.

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed a British intelligence report that a bomb, which IS planted on the plane, had brought it down. He has issued a US$50 million reward for information leading to the arrest of any suspects connected with that atrocity.

Meanwhile, President Francois Hollande has declared that “France is at war.”

Now that there are two major nations, each with considerable military might, which IS has viciously attacked, we feel this is a moment of opportunity to stop once and for all this blatantly bloodthirsty ‘state’ that seeks to kill people at will anywhere.

And IS is not yet done. On Tuesday it announced that its next target would be Washington, D.C., capital of the world’s most powerful nation, USA!

Well, we suppose that IS strongly believes that in as much as a few Al Qaeda operatives were able to launch such a devastating attack on the USA on 9/11, it (IS) can easily take on the USA and get away with anything. For true?

But who else is to blame for this audacity but the President of the United States himself, Barrack Obama who, despite America’s unsurpassed military might, has already demonstrated his lack of resolve to confront IS head on and save Syria and Iraq from further disintegration. So the Islamists believe that the great United States, too, is fair game.

That, of course, is clearly a grave mistake. No one can afford to take the USA for granted. It is too creative, too powerful and often too unpredictable a country for that.

But IS is also noted for recklessness. See what cultural and historical destruction they have wreaked on Syria and Iraq. See how they have indiscriminately killed innocent people from Russia and France, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. In its two latest attacks, IS has provoked two of the world’s most powerful nations; and now, has vowed to attack the U.S. capital. This callous and thoughtless sense of invincibility is mindboggling and makes one wonder, what is IS depending on?
Surely not on God, who is a God of justice.

Have they forgotten what happened to Adolf Hitler, who thought himself more powerful than anyone in the world, and his German people as “The Master Race?”

Has IS forgotten the Al Qaeda founder, Osama Bin Laden? When the US pursued him and his cohorts in Afghanistan, he fled, as all cowards do, and for a while people thought he was either dead or was in hiding somewhere. The latter was true. The Pakistani government secretly hid him within their top military compound. But for how long? American intelligence found and captured him alive, and the rest is history.

IS has now committed the fatal flaw of biting more than it can chew: Russia, France and now a promised attack on the United States.

Herein lies the moment of opportunity. We trust that during his visit to Washington next week President Hollande will convince President Obama to step up to the IS challenge and join President Putin and engage the rest of Europe and the Middle East to confront IS decisively, both in Syria and Iraq, and root it out of those beleaguered countries.

Beyond that, the US, in diplomatic collaboration with France, Russia, the rest of Europe and the Middle Eastern allies, should strive to settle once and for all the Syrian crisis and restore stability and good governance to that country.

With stability restored, the Syrian migrants who, following the Islamist massacre in Paris, are now being viewed with grave suspicion in many places, may be able to return to rebuild their lives—and their country.


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