The Liberian People Have Spoken: George Weah Will Be Liberia’s 25th President!


National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman, Counselor Jerome Korkoya, in a nationwide broadcast yesterday evening, gave the results of 98.1% of last Tuesday’s runoff election tally, which confirmed football superstar George Weah as the clear winner of the presidency.

According to the results announced by Chairman Korkoya, Mr. Weah, standard bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), swept the entire country, with the exception of Lofa County, from which his opponent, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, hails. This means that Weah and his CDC won all of the nation’s other 14 counties, leaving only Boakai’s beloved Lofa County to the Vice President.

What shall we say to these things?

First, the Daily Observer congratulates Senator George Weah and his CDC on this great accomplishment. We commend Mr. Weah for his patience and persistence in seeking the fulfillment of his dream of becoming Liberia’s President.

Although he has not yet told us what he will do for Liberia and Liberians, we expect Ambassador Weah soon to come out and tell us what he will to do fix Liberia’s many problems, including the desperate state of our economy, education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, including electricity and roads, restoring all the public buildings destroyed during the war, including the Ducor, the E. J. Roye, the National Housing Bank building, and the Executive Mansion, etc.

We expect him to tell us what he will do to restore Liberia’s culture and the National Cultural Center, work towards building Liberia’s tourism industry and jumpstarting Liberia’s manufacturing sector.

The Daily Observer stands ready, just as we did for President K. Samuel Doe and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to help define and advance the national development agenda and do everything possible to help the Weah government to SUCCEED.

The second thing we must say to these things is that all hullabaloos (clamor, uproar) of massive electoral irregularities and fraud, including cooked ballots and fixed election rolls that followed the October 10 elections, are now over. Mr. Boakai’s Unity Party (UP), which emerged second in the October 10 elections, was not the party that first ran to the Supreme Court seeking redress to the allegations of irregularities and fraud. It was, to his enduring credit, Counselor Charles Brumskine, standard bearer of Liberty Party (LP), who first appealed to the Supreme Court for redress against the alleged irregularities and fraud in those elections. UP, Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party (ALP) and Alex Cummings’ Alternative National Congress (ANC) later joined LP in its appeal to the High Court.

The Court acknowledged that there were irregularities and fraud in the October 10 poll, but argued that they were not widespread enough to warrant a rerun of those elections. The Court, however, mandated NEC to “cleanup” the Final Registration Roll (FRR) so that the runoff election would appear free, fair, transparent and credible.

But Chairman Korkoya apparently had no intention of doing any cleaning up. Instead, without any indication that NEC had done anything to execute that mandate, he suddenly announced that the runoff would take place the day after Christmas!

And what did UP do?

They returned to the Supreme Court simply with a “Bill of Information,” not a strong appeal to the Court to pressure Chairman Korkoya to proceed full speed with the “cleanup” exercise. Nor did UP give any hint that they would seek further redress in the Court of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The Supreme Court, to most people’s expectation, upheld Korkoya’s December 26 runoff, leaving UP and its standard bearer, Joseph N. Boakai, totally in the cold. From then on, it was an irreversible downhill for the ruling party, just as its former standard bearer, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, had intended. Remember that long before the election campaign began, she immediately began distancing herself from UP, the party that had twice ushered her into the presidency. Eventually, she unashamedly threw her weight behind Weah’s CDC, totally abandoning UP, which had come to her rescue ever since 1997.

The third thing, for now, that we must say to these things, is to appeal to ALL our people to realize that THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. In a system of one person, one vote, they have chosen the man they want to lead them for the next six years. All of us must, therefore, lay aside our misgivings, our fears and apprehensions and our political preferences, rally around our new President and do ALL we can to help him in this great, remarkable and fabulous task that lies before him.

Now is the time for every Liberian—each and every one of us—to begin to think POSITIVELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY and be SUPPORTIVE to this new government. That is the only way the Weah government will succeed. We cannot leave it to the CDCians alone. That would be a grave mistake.

Let us all RALLY to rebuild Liberia!


  1. Congratulation Mr. President-elect, George Weah, on your winning this hard fought election! The election is now over. The real task of governing, rebuilding, and reconciling our divided nation is now upon your new administration to be.

    Be mindful of political opportunists (parasites)! They will give you wrong advice, however detrimental to national unity and economic development, just to satisfy their political goals and personal aggrandizement (interest) at your expense of winning the presidency. These political opportunists brought down the Tolbert government; brought down Doe’s government; brought down Taylor’s government; and finally corrupted Sirleaf’s government.

    As I said in my previous post, this election is not about George Weah’s popularity, nor is it about the long government service of the just defeated V.P. Joe Boakai. This election is about the national welfare of Liberia and all it citizens.

    Just as the forgotten blue-collard workers and the unemployed Americans got tired of traditional politicians, they voted for a political novice and businessman called Donald Trump to be president of the United States; so as the poor masses of Liberia voted for a non-traditional politician and former soccer-star called George Weah to be president of Liberia. This is a new paradigm shift in Liberia’s political dispensation.

    George Weah put his ego aside and formed a coalition party. There were many good candidates in the race but they could not put their egos aside to form a political coalition that would have been a formidable opposition party just like that of the CDC. As a result of so many small parties, they all lost wholeheartedly in the first round. What a lesson learned from being so selfish!!!

    Secondly, many Liberians were upset when the Nov. 7th run-off was delayed because of the Constitutional challenges brought on by the LP and others: the fraud and irregularities charges. The good that came from this delay was the pressure put on NEC by the Supreme Court: for NEC to correct the many electoral problems that would have made the original Nov. 7th run-off more chaotic if not for the corrective action put in place that resulted in a more orderly and transparent Dec. 26th run-off election that just ended peacefully.

    Liberians should give themselves a pat on the back for using the legal means of resolving our electoral conflicts unlike what we witnessed in other African countries recently. We have surely come a long way from using violence and guns to resolve our national crisis. It is easy to destroy a nation than to build a nation!

    May God grant George Weah and his team the wisdom to put God and the nation first in all their deliberations! The election is over! Liberia’s peace and unity is greater than any single individual.

    Congratulation Mr. President-Elect, George Weah!!!! Make Liberia better again!!!

  2. The elections results indicate that Liberia has its own standards​ or yardstick for choosing their leaders compared to other West African countries. It also shows that a people cannot rise above their own capabilities (a typical case of a people deserving the government they get). The results reflect the time-tested paradigm that development means nothing if it does not involve qualitative change in a people’s mindset or mentality.
    With a very high and unacceptable illiteracy rate in the country, especially the majority youth population, the outcome of the elections is hardly surprising. The election of the ex-footballer and ex-wife of a jailed warlord also demonstrates the high-level selfishness and lack of sense of patriotism on the part of some of our political leaders like the Brumskines and Cummingses who selfishly and unpatriotically sat on the fence or declared so-called neutrality instead of combining efforts to ensure a more desired outcome. Well, by so doing, they can rest assured (as Brumskine already very well knows) that they have waved goodbye forever to the Presidency of Liberia.

    Mama LIB has made her revelation. May her loving spirit continue to embrace us and guide us. May all her children prosper in the coming years. I wish my entire fellow Liberians at home and in the Diaspora a healthy, joyful, God loving and prosperous New Year. It is done!

    Most importantly, thank you, fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia for a battle well fought “IN PEACE” for the presidency of our beloved native land – Mama LIB. I pray we abide by or pay heed to Mama Liberia’s cries to us, her begotten children, in the emotional and reflective presentation below.


    Mama LIB asks, “In my 170 years of political survival, when was the last time a Nyumah Boikai and an Opong Weah were the Standard Bearers of a major Liberian political party and hence, poised, through a peaceful democratic election process, to become the president of their beloved native land – The Republic of Liberia?”

    Again, it seems through this 2017 Presidential Election, like others past, Mama Liberia is speaking to us with wisdom, love, sincerity and foresight. On a spiritual realm, Mama LIB is truly sending a political message to all of us who have ascended from her heavenly womb. So, fellow Liberians, let us listen keenly with clean hearts to what Mama LIB is saying to us during this daring and anxious election season.

    As we journey along our individual political paths during this most important election period in our nation’s most recent history, let us open our piercing eyes and see clearly through the political fog that seems to blind us. If we do not, this blinding fog made ultimately lead us along the wrong political path. Let us pay heed and see clearly life’s natural pattern and understand the truism that, “FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON”.

    Sincerely, fellow Liberians, let us open our piercing eyes and see through the political dark clouds that are blinding us to the dawning realities that confront us, socially, economically and politically. Let us take off our egoistic and archaic political garbs that are preventing us from feeling the new political winds of change that is blowing through our native land. Let us move along with this positive political wind of change so that we can reach out for a better Liberia. Let us cleanse our soul and appreciate the grace of God and the indomitable spirit of our great Ancestors that Mama LIB is pouring upon us, my fellow Liberians.

    So, what is Mama Liberia really saying to her beloved children in this 2017 political season? From the emerging results of this election season, my kindred, Mama LIB is reminding us of one thing that she herself has regretted for a long time now. Mama Liberia is telling us that the time has come for her to stop neglecting her children whose forefathers and mothers helped her welcomed her long lost children back home to their mother land over 170 years ago.

    Mama LIB is saying that even though her welcoming, hospitable and compassionate children, 170 years ago, were blessed to not cross the Atlantic Ocean in chains and be enslaved in a foreign land; notwithstanding that, their children’s children too deserves the same care, attention, nurturing and uplifting spirit she has been giving to the children who’s fore-fathers were captured in war and sold as slaves by their kinsman.

    Mama LIB is also advising us that the time has come when she must now give these beloved children of hers the opportunity to also feed from her bosom. “Yes, the rest of my neglected children must now be fed from the bosom bequeathed unto me by my ancestors eons ago”, she cries.

    Finally, Mama LIB seriously reminds us, especially those who are now poised to grace the Liberian political, economic and social dining table, that the jealousy, hatred, ignorance and dis-ease demonstrated and experienced by both sets of children from her heavenly womb must no longer lingered in their words and deeds toward one another.

    In conclusion, Mama Liberia cries out, especially to her sons and daughters who are poised to grace the new Liberian political, economic and social halls as they displayed their unclean hands, words and deeds. She cries, “My begotten children, why are you not rejoicing at God’s blessings upon you? Why are you bend on doing all you can to reject my gift of love, peace and harmony to you; a gift which you rightfully deserve?”

    Mama Liberia continues, “I pray that all of you will join your kindred in the Palaver Hut or under the Kola Tree to peacefully settle your selfish quarrels and then choose the most qualified leader between these two proud sons of mine, Boi-kai and Opong. I pray, in the name of my MAKER and the indomitable and wise spirit of your Ancestor, you will make your choice with prayer, wisdom, intelligence and patriotism.

    At last, I pray that you choose the one who is prepared to take a better care of me, Mama LIB, especially in this old fragile age of mine. I pray you will choose a leader who will care for you, your brothers and sisters, their families and the least among you. This is my message to you, children of my heavenly womb, I pray.”

    Hence, I conclude with the yearning of “THE RIVERS OF OUR HEART AND SOUL”:


    Aspiring to ascend the throne of our nation,
    The throne of our ancestors and our pride,
    I pray, you safely sail many of its ancient rivers
    And sail the treacherous rivers of our hearts, too.

    Are you ready to sail upon the River Lofa?
    Sail the Cavalla, Mesurado, St. Johns and Cestors?
    Are you ready to navigate the Du and Po?
    Are you set to sail the rapids of Farmington?

    If you are ready to sail the rivers of our land,
    And reach your destination as leader of us all,
    Tell us, what hands are paddling your canoes?
    What political wind is blowing your sail?

    When rain fall the stagnant rivers of our hearts,
    Manifested in our words and deeds, will rise.
    The rivers of ignorance and poverty will flow.
    Can you overcome the tides and reach the banks?

    The devastating rivers of greed and corruption,
    Those of deprivation, nepotism and discrimination,
    And those of illiteracy and unemployment will rise.
    Can you sail these treacherous rivers of our hearts?

    Uncle Boi-kai and Brother Weah, can you sail?
    Can you safely sail the rivers of our hearts?
    Can you truly sail the rivers of our soul?
    We pray by God’s grace, you can.



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