The Daily Observer Welcomes And Commends President Weah for His Display of True Statesmanship


The attention of the Daily Observer is drawn to a front page story carried in its April 23rd edition under the headline,”Defying Odds, Pres. Weah, Rep. Kolubah Meet”.

According to the story, Representative Yekeh Kolubah met with President Weah at his (Weah’s) house in what observers say was an attempt to calm the tension arising from threats issued by ex-generals of former rebel faction to have the Montserrado County District #10 representative arrested if he failed to turn himself over to them.

According to sources, the meeting between the two men came as the result of efforts by some legislators, key among them Jay Nagbe Sloh, to broker peace and defuse the tension which had gripped the city in recent days.

Further, according to sources, President Weah’s decision to meet with Representative Kolubah demonstrates a genuine commitment to maintaining the peace and security of the nation.

The Daily Observer welcomes this development and commends President Weah for demonstrating true statesmanship. This newspaper remains mindful of statements made by crisis and war mongers threatening the peace and swearing that President Weah would never ever meet with Representative Yekeh, as was being hinted in some circles.

But they were in for a rude awakening as President Weah remained unmoved by their pessimism and asinine heeding — a virtual slap in the face, so to speak. But no sooner had the meeting between the men been concluded, officials of this government again took to the airways and social media castigating Yekeh Kolubah, calling all sorts of names and and casting aspersions on his character. As it appears, these rogue elements have resumed the offensive in what observers say is a deliberate attempt on their part to derail future planned engagements between President Weah and Representative Yekeh Kolubah.

Once again the Daily Observer must warn of the dangers inherent to such blind pursuits of a hate agenda purposely designed to stoke the flames of conflict. This newspaper in its April 19 editorial “Is another April 6, 1996 Unfolding Before Our Eyes” spoke about omens and how “coming events cast their shadow before”.

This newspaper recounted the story of Caesar’s wife having a dream in which an owl, a nocturnal bird, sits perched in the middle of the market place in broad daylight which was considered a bad omen.

It also recounted that the month of April in Liberia is ominous because it is during this month that several disastrous events have taken place. Such disasters, the Daily Observer noted, are foretold by signs which appear in broad sight.

The April 6, 1996 bloody fracas was preceded by clear signs that things were to fall apart. Magistrate Bedell Fahn’s order to parties to appear in court on Good Friday was one such sign which went unheeded and the result was disastrous.

From the perspective of this newspaper, the sudden appearance of two black snakes in the office of the President and their subsequent but mysterious disappearance is an omen which portends danger for the country or for even the President.

Although his meeting with Representative Kolubah recently served to reduce the tension considerably, the Daily Observer notes that tension is slowly rising again as supporters as well as officials of this government are, once again, upping the ante and inciting hate on social media. The Daily Observer has received information that plans to stir up trouble by violently attacking perceived political opponents and loot the city are being hatched. And this bodes trouble — big trouble!

The meaning of the omen cast by two snakes appearing in the President’s office and then disappearing without trace should not be lost on the nation, least to mention President Weah, as tension begins to build anew.  For example, Presidential Affairs Minister Nathaniel McGill’s dalliance with ex-generals of defunct rebel factions needs to be checked forthwith by President Weah.

President Weah should refrain from heeding the advice of political rejects striving to find their place in the sun. Unfortunately President Weah finds himself surrounded by a coterie of individuals with deeply stained characters, some of who have in the past filed malicious lawsuits against the country seeking to profit from illegal arrangements concluded while they were in public service.

There are also others who, having spent decades abroad in virtual obscurity have assigned unto themselves roles as advisors on nearly every issue, especially those having to do with security. They previously served despotic governments which, like “Humpty Dumpty”, fell and could never be put together again. Yet, they have the temerity to pretend as though their advice can now make a difference.

They are indeed a desperate bunch, harried by the hardships of America and deeply longing for the opportunity to return to the master’s vomitus. And the sooner President Weah can realize that he is dealing with the likes of lapdogs and vultures, the better it will be for him.

He (President Weah) must not be discouraged and he must not falter in halting the slide of the nation back into deadly armed conflict. Indeed, the nation and this government has no need to indulge the likes of unrepentant individuals, conmen and murderers sworn to a life of violence.

The Daily Observer welcomes and commends President Weah for his display of true statesmanship.


  1. And from your April 23, 2019 , with the headline “Defying Odds , Pres. Weah and Rep. Kolubah Meet ” , and from the body language between the two, there will not be any further future meetings. They did not hit it off right away politically speaking. There is still political distrust and bad blood that exists between the two . Whatever one’s opinion is in all this, Dr. Weah, the Pastor, the celebrity and perhaps the Chosen Son of the soil has only himself to blame. After all , it was a peaceful transfer of political power recognized by the comity of nations was bestowed upon him. But before he could recognized the importance and responsibility of that transferred power, Dr. Weah, the Pastor, the celebrity and the Chosen Son of the soil had put too much unnecessary personal political agendas on his plate that is now responsible for the political tension that is now in the making. This not much of Rep. Kolubah making for him to take the political credit. It is all Dr. Weah’s fault. Donor nations on the diplomatic line of wait and see attitude concerning the direction the regime would take were shocked to observe the political wrong track that the regime has taken. Consolidation of political power outside the rule of law. Institutionalized corruptions as to provoke the public into civil rebellion against authority. Say what you want without putting the direct blame on Dr. Weah by passing the buck on his political advisors . The ” Humpty Dumpty” spoken about that the king’s men could not put together, is not the responsibility of the king’s men to put Humpty Dumpty together, but the king himself. History tells us that when President Doe could not put together the Humpty Dumpty that he created, he was told to leave. So was Charles Taylor, and so was the former Gambian President. They created for themselves a Humpty Dumpty that they could not put together and so they were forced out. It was not the king’s men, but the king himself. Your editorial should had directed that warning to the king himself. Nothing to do with Rep. Kolubah. Should the king put his Humpty Dumpty together, where will Rep. Kolubah be, and how important will he be ? Warning, one should not create a Humpty Dumpty that they (meaning) he or she can not put together politically. That’s what history tells us.


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