Stand by for the Wrath of God


While our leaders grant political favors to rape convicts whose crime is legally non-bailable, our victimized daughters are left out in the cold without justice. What does that tell them? That even under the rule of a female president and female judges, their attackers and abusers can still go scot free?

What do their mothers tell them? That Ma Ellen says the man sick so he must go back to Lebanon? Oh mother of the nation! How do you treat your daughters this way?!

A slap in the faces of our young girls and their mothers, who may now never marry them off. The shame on the faces of once proud fathers, whose beautiful daughters have been violated—and by foreigners, no less. A slap in the faces of the poor, to whom the message rings loud and clears that Justice, belongs to the highest bidder.

A slap in the faces of our medical professionals, whose medical opinions are being overridden by money.

And what of the girls themselves? The stigma that may never go away. “Who will marry me? Everyone knows my story. Even if I had the money to travel, I know my story. I can never run from it.”

No counseling for them. Their faces and bodies will appear on internet pornography sites for sick-minded dogs to salivate over.

But alas! There is one court that money cannot buy. It is the High Court of Heaven. Sue them! Sue them to the High Court of Heaven. Are these people serious? Do they want dogs to eat their flesh? Despicable beings! Have they no mothers, sisters or
daughters of their own that could suffer the same fate?

Yes, forgiveness is God-like. But so is Justice. Yes, He is a God of mercy; but only to the FULLY repentant (not the case here). Let Justice fight against them. Let shame overtake them for generations to come – Those who committed the despicable acts AND those who set them free.

But may the God of Heaven restore our daughters. May He remove the shame from their faces. May He send them help from His holy place. Restoration! Restoration! Restoration! We decree restoration for our children. Vindication! Vindication!

Vindication! We decree vindication for our children. Comfort and Protection! We decree comfort and protection for our children.

Most of all, we decree and declare hope and a future for our children. A clean slate; a new start.

Have we waxed spiritual? Yes. A resounding YES! In the absence of Justice or conscience in Liberia, God is our only recourse. And a formidable Judge will He prove to be. Let the wicked stand by to taste of the cup of the wrath of God concerning the violation of His little ones. For their angels minister before Him day and night, and the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these. And whoever causes one of these little ones to sin, it would be better for him were a mill stone to be to be tied around his neck and dropped into the sea.

Those who have long been doing, aiding and abetting evil have messed with the wrong ones now – children. God is angry, and there will be no mercy.


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