Saying Sorry Cannot Burst Trousers, Mr. President

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Public reaction to the deaths/murder of the two LRA employees has been swift and condemnatory. Their mysterious killing at the hands of unknown assailants, widely believed to be linked to this government, is a conspiracy theory currently making the rounds on social media.

President Weah, in his Sunday sermon at his Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church, described the killing as an act committed by wicked people but fell woefully short of extending or offering condolences to the bereaved families. Instead, President Weah threw a jibe, repeating baseless rumors that it was “boyfriend, girlfriend business”.

Truth be told, such remarks tend to portray the President as a callous and insensitive individual. That also raises questions about the quality of briefings he receives from his security chiefs. Questions are being asked if the President’s jibe is the spin security officials are putting on the killing of the LRA employees.

Questions are also being asked just where Justice Minister Musa Dean is, especially in view of revelations by Mrs. Peters that both she and her daughter overhead Mr. Peters having a heated discussion with his boss on the submission of a report for which he requested additional time to complete as he was on leave.

What was the nature of the report and what is the identity of the boss referred to? Further, upon discovery of her husband’s body in his vehicle, she observed that his arm was broken and twisted behind his back, his ear cut and his face skinned, probably due to acid burns or ritual cutting.

All of these are clear signs that the individuals were killed and it appears that motives for their killing, according to a retired homicide investigator, was driven by a desperate desire to cover-up massive fraud at the LRA involving top officials of government.

The Daily Observer urges President Weah to ensure that no stone is left unturned in a bid to find the perpetrators of such a dastardly crime. This is because the unexplained killings of two public officials which the public believes was/is the handiwork of individuals attached to state security will have negative consequences for the image of this government.

Why? It is because the unlawful and extra-judicial killings portray Liberia as a failed state where respect for the rule of is absent. Only recently, a US Embassy official revealed that as a consequence of what US companies see as the absence of the rule of law US companies were taking their investments elsewhere.

Truth be told, the public image of this government is very poor and there is a growing perception that this latest development could somehow possibly invite criminal indictments from the International Criminal Court (ICC) if such is what it will take to ensure that Liberia does not slide into renewed conflict.

More to that, the murders, if left unsolved and perpetrators are not made to account, will send a clear message that people need to acquire arms to protect themselves against predatory state security officers. That is where the danger lies.

And officials of this government, especially President Weah should know or be aware that the resolve of the people to bring down repressive leaders oppressive regimes have been tested before. Slowly but surely, this government appears to be creating more enemies for itself and needlessly so.

Justice Minister Musa Dean, whose administration of Justice has been dismally poor, needs to wake up. He has the challenge and obligation to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime will not go with impunity. He has to do something to put things in check.

Whatever secrets those who organized the crime were trying to protect shall one day become exposed. The identity of the killers will also become known. In view of an avalanche of information being received by this newspaper, some from very confidential sources, pointing to the involvement of state security agents in this latest murder, Justice Minister Dean is especially implored to act with dispatch on this matter.

In the same vein, President Weah is urged to extend condolences to the bereaved families as well as offer an apology to them for insinuating that it was “boyfriend and girlfriend business” that led to the untimely deaths of two educated, young and promising Liberians. For not to do so he will succeed in portraying himself as a very highly insensitive person of a leader. You erred on that score Mr. President, as leader of the country and all of its people not some. Say sorry to the bereaved families for your off-the-cuff remarks which, without doubt, offended their sensibilities. To say sorry will not take anything away from you. As the old adage goes, “saying sorry cannot burst trousers”, Mr. President.


  1. When you put Black Money Boys in Charge of a country, you will get Black Money Results. After giving and blessing Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf’s family with political and economic powers, all Liberia and the People of Liberia get in exchange from Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family is to heartlessly leave Liberia and its people into the hands of Black Money Boys. Certainly, Liberia and Liberians are in grave and uncontrollable trouble. But God is still sitting on the Heavenly thrown and watching over us.

    Our Condolences to the families of the Gifty A. Lama and Mr. Albert Peters. Rest in Peace our Dear Brother Albert Peters and Sister Gifty Lama. God is still in Heaven and will fight your battle.

    When you put Black Money Boys in Charge of a country, you will certainly get Black Money Results!

  2. I personal follow and listen to hear how weah would condemn this act. but he fail to.

    If it was Weah Best friend, Family member, son or his wife, maybe he would say it was a boy friend and girl friend business. what goes around, comes around. Today it is john, tomorrow it will be peter. and that’s when it will be people trying to kill him but can’t get him instead go his family member since he is the president. I am not praying for bad to happen to weah or anyone else. I said before, weah was senator and many people die during Ebola, what did he do much to sympathize with them? the man did nothing much but watch video game and stand by or even try to put some blame on the govt of the day for the way they were handling the Ebola. what even one expect weah to say good at this time? NOTHING GOOD but it was sex. God forbid even if it was sex, these people were servicing our country, if this happen, a word of sorry and going there yourself will encourage others around you, and when the fact comes that it was sex, you can condemn the act but stay say sorry for the lost, cause we lost 2-3 good or hardworking. I say this thing need further look into by outsiders and they will find out some truth behind the killing. this is not death, its killing, these people were killed. no one will brake their arm, know they have life ahead, they were killed for God seek. having sex with another person or woman or man does not require to be kill by another person, by law of Liberia its wrong. and if the president can sit and say its sex or man and woman’s business, it regretful. But yet people say weah has a good heart and love Liberians. We put him there so we have to live with it for the next 3yrs.
    making our country unsafe to live for the next 3yrs. soon Liberia will be declare unsafe than weah will be happy and have reason to say he did not do well cause the country was unsafe with too many protest because it is big to condemn killing for him in what ever form it come.

    To the bereaved families, have my sympathy for your lost. hope the Lord console you in these difficult times. Only God will bring the doer to book and very soon they will be exposed. this one will not go down just like that by God’s help. I am praying honestly for God to do something about this and I believe very soon, who ever did this to our brother and sister will come to light.

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