President Weah Will Do Himself Well To Scrap The Salary Harmonization Policy


The nation is in crisis, deep crisis for nothing seems to be working and the hopes of many appear dashed as the effects of the newly introduced Salary Harmonization Policy begin to bite.

The ongoing health workers go slow is creating a crisis which, if not addressed, cold likely snowball into a much bigger crisis with a potential to further erode the legitimacy of this government.

The question weighing heavily on the minds of the public is just how all this is going to end, given what appears to be displayed gross insensitivity by officials of this government to public concerns about its performance and the backlash of public protests such is likely to trigger.

A troubling public concern is President Weah appears surrounded by a coterie of officials, deeply afflicted by a group think psychosis that militates against their ability and courage to tell him the truth for fear of falling out of step with the group of close advisors.

One such advisor, Emmanuel Shaw, is on record for suing the government of Liberia to falsely claim benefits from a deal he had criminally set up according to reliable sources. Just what added value he and others of his likes bring to national governance, especially in the areas of fiscal policy and public financial management remains to be seen.

More and more, it appears, the Liberian people are being left subject to the manipulations of a network of powerful individuals with displayed predatory interests. And more it appears President Weah is being held hostage to their nefarious designs. If these officials meant well they would have, for example, advised him against taking such a large delegation with him to the UN General Assembly in New York.

Further, they would have advised him against introducing the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) which has greatly contributed to the rise in the prices of everyday commodities which is imposing needless and unbearable hardships on the Liberian people.

More importantly, they would have advised or fully apprised him of the political risks and dangers associated with the introduction and imposition of what his officials have dubbed the “Salary Harmonization Policy”, which has now provoked a crisis replete with the potential to instigate social unrest.

And the tragedy is President Weah appears either out of touch with the reality of the situation he faces, or is simply overwhelmed by the immensity of the challenges attending national leadership.

The current go-slow by national health workers triggered by the imposition of the Salary Harmonization Plan and scenes of protesting pregnant women blocking the public roadway while President Weah is currently in New York with a large delegation serves to convey a distinct impression that he is far removed from the reality of their struggles for daily existence.

For example, rather than admitting that their decision to mass hire party CDC stalwarts and place them on official payroll was ill-conceived, irresponsible and has now sparked a crisis with growing proportions which President Weah can no longer continue to ignore, they continue to sponsor media articles intended to put a positive spin on their ill-conceived Salary Harmonization policy.

This newspaper has repeatedly call on President Weah to take charge and lead, eschewing any inclinations to allow others to lead him to an unkind and untimely fate. In this regard, President Weah will do himself well to call off the “Salary Harmonization Policy”.


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