Praise God for Dr. Ireland, Pray for Doctors Borbor, Senga and All Other Ebola Patients


In our front page lead story last Tuesday, we reported that President Barrack Obama had authorized 'experimental drugs' to be used in Liberia.

Today we announce the great and welcome news that Dr. Phillip Ireland, a Liberian physician of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, who had been undergoing treatment in the quarantine center at ELWA Hospital, has been released from the center, having been cured of the Ebola virus.  We praise God for this deliverance!

We thank the United States leader and the American people for their genuine concern about the Ebola crisis in the Mano River basin.   

We pray that the ‘experimental drug’ will work, and begin to heal Ebola patients in Liberia.

We deeply regret the loss of Fr. Miguel Pajares, the Spanish Catholic priest who succumbed to the virus while serving at Monrovia's St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, and was recently  flown back home.  Our condolences go to his family, the Catholic Church of Spain and to the Spanish people.

Today we call on all Liberians and people of faith and goodwill to say special prayers for the surviving Ebola victims around the country, most especially a Ugandan physician and a Liberian one, who are struggling with the virus.  They are Dr. Omeonga Senga of Uganda, who worked both at the St. Joseph Catholic and JFK Hospitals, and Liberian Dr. Abraham Borbor of the JFK.  The two doctors have come down with the virus and are struggling for survival. Dr. Borbor, like Dr. Ireland, worked closely with the late Dr. Sam Brisbane, who lost his battle with Ebola on July 26, 2014.

Dr. Senga is the second Ugandan physician to contract the Ebola virus in Liberia. The first was Dr. Sam Muhumuza, who was treating Ebola patients at Monrovia's Redemption Hospital before he himself became fatally afflicted with the virus.  His widow, who flew in from Kampala during Liberia's Independence Day celebrations, was honored by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on July 26, 2014.

We seize this opportunity to extend thanks and appreciation to all foreign and Liberian health and medical workers who have worked and are working at great personal sacrifice to heal Ebola victims around the country; and all foreign governments, including the United States, the People's Republic of China, the World Health Organization and all international partners that are lending their generous assistance to Liberia and other affected countries. 

It is our hope that this Ebola crisis will cause Liberians to become much more serious in handling our affairs, and striving relentlessly and conscientiously to lead our country toward development and modernization. This will enable us, remembering how other nations and peoples are reaching out to us, to place ourselves in the position to reach out to others tomorrow.  Let us seize this opportunity to get serious with our selves and be determined to move Liberia forward.

Let us stop the corruption, greed, selfishness, lack of patriotism and all the other vices that many believe have brought this deadly menace upon our safe and peaceful land—safety and peace which we have enjoyed since the end of the 14-year conflict in 2003 until Ebola hit us few months ago.

We have lost several doctors, health workers and hundreds of our fellow citizens to Ebola.  Though three days of Fast and Prayer are over, let us never stop going down in sackcloth and ashes and praying that the good Lord will deliver us from our current distress, save the lives of all those currently afflicted, and heal our land,  the rest of the MRU basin and Nigeria from this deadly virus.

Let us pray for all our health and medical workers who are on the frontline in the fight vs. this virus, especially Drs. Senga and Borbor.  We once again praise God for his Dr. Ireland’s  deliverance and pray God's blessings upon his family, and all the other families.

May the Almighty grant that all the afflicted will be healed, and He will pour His blessings upon all our people in the entire nation and sub-region, so that we will speedily overcome this virus and return to the task of national and regional development.


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