Police, Immigration, Joint Security, Please Find Caroline’s Baby


Observer Correspondent Omari Jackson's sad and tragic story of the sudden disappearance of Caroline Wolo's two-day-old infant daughter has alarmed the entire nation. It calls immediate action by the Police, Immigration and the entire Joint Security to find Caroline's baby and return her safely to the mother.

It is always amazing that evil and criminally-minded people would, for reasons no one can understand, go so far to inflict distress and anguish upon other people, such as this alleged baby thief has done.

Many questions come to mind. Why did the mother and father leave their infant daughter even for one moment with someone they did not know? Who is this lady, known only as "Chantal?" If indeed she had been living in the United States, how long had she been in Liberia?  If she intends to take the infant back to the States, how will she get a passport for the child?  Tenema Sirleaf, Director of Passports, should be immediately alerted to watch out for any babies for whom passports are being sought; such persons should be extensively questioned, with birth certificates produced and rigorously authenticated.

How did the parents, especially a mother just coming from the hospital after giving birth, agree to go cook palm butter, one of the most time-consuming Liberian dishes to prepare, for someone she did not know?

Couldn't the boyfriend detect any suspicious when the woman sent him on an errand while the baby's mother was busy in the kitchen?  What time did the baby ma have to go prepare palm butter when she should have been minding her baby?

Is it possible that the baby thief plans to smuggle the infant out of the country?  That is where the Police,  Immigration and the entire Joint Security should be on the massive and widespread alert, not only at air and sea ports, but at ALL Immigration checkpoints throughout the country.  Every handbag, box, parcel, or suitcase or even kinjah should be thoroughly and rigorously checked.

In addition, ALL neighborhoods and suburbs in Greater Monrovia should be thoroughly searched to find Caroline's baby.

The mother and father should give a detailed description to the woman, Chantal, and have an artist do a sketch of her that can be posted throughout the city and at the various out of town bus and taxi stations.  The Daily Observer volunteers its Artist and Cartoonist, Leslie Lumeh, to undertake this task.  We would be willing to underwrite the cost–paper, pencils and inks–in this emergency situation.  The sketch should be placarded throughout the country to intensify the man (woman) hunt.

The issue of women looking meticulous (carefully, fussily) after their babies and even older children can never be overemphasized.  There are all kinds of reasons why evil minded people engage in such nefarious practices.  It may not be a woman looking for a baby she does not have.  It may very well be–and we desperately hope and pray that it is not–for ritualistic purposes.  Is Chantal–or whatever her name is–looking for a husband of her own and some medicine man told her to go bring an infant as sacrifice?  Or was she looking for money?  What could be the reason for her engaging in so despicable an act?

Whatever the reason, our Security forces have a major challenge on their hands, and the sooner they tackle it, with extraordinary vigilance and vigor, the better.


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